Chapter 306: Soul-Stirring

Chapter 306: Soul-Stirring

Xiao Yan quietly stood in front of the rock table. He quietly pushed the crimson cauldron in front of him a little further away. The current him did not immediately summon out his flame and start the refinement like the other alchemists. Instead, he quietly held the thin paper with both hands, knit his eyebrows slightly together and studied what little information was written on it in greater detail.

Before doing anything, one must first make preparations. This logic was something that Xiao Yan clearly understood. He only had two chances. Any negligence would result in failure.

This time around, the examination required one to refine a tier two medicinal pill that was called ‘Bone Growing Pill’. As the name suggests, it was a kind of medicinal pill used to cure those who were quite seriously injured. It was a medicinal pill that was of the healing category. Usually, these medicinal pills were not overly expensive. If they were placed on the market, it would likely be priced at a few hundred or a few thousand gold coins. This price appeared a little shabby compared to those medicinal pills that could raise one’s Dou Qi or have other uses.

Refining the ‘Bone Growing Pill’ needed a total of six kinds of medicinal ingredients. Among all of the tier two medicinal pills, it was not considered to be extremely complex. However, this kind of ‘Bone Growing Pill’ was clearly a new kind of healing medicine specially configured by the alchemist association. Therefore, Xiao Yan still felt that the ‘Bone Healing Pill’ was a little foreign despite having seen quite a number of healing medicines before.

Although there were many different kinds of healing medicines that were mysterious and strange, all roads lead to Rome. The rough sequences used to refine these healing medicines were very similar. It was just that the degree of complexity was different. Moreover, this medicinal pill was not extremely...

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