Chapter 305: First Round, Begin!

Chapter 305: First Round, Begin!

Fa Ma stood in front of the VIP seats and eyed the bustling plaza. A while later, he softly said, “Now, I would like to invite all the competitors to move to their assigned positions.”

Although the plaza was currently bustling about to the point that the ring of the bell could hardly be heard, Fa Ma’s voice managed to still sound in everyone’s ears. From this, it could be seen that this dying old man possessed extremely extraordinary strength.

Hearing Fa Ma’s words, many alchemists in the VIP seats immediately stood up. There, the alchemists were mostly groomed by or roped into some of the more powerful groups. Due to having a powerhouse to support them, the tier of these alchemists was slightly higher as a whole compared to those “free” alchemists.

The high platform was tens of meters higher than the open ground below. With such a height, these young people, many of them whose strength was merely that of a Dou Shi or perhaps even a Dou Zhe, would naturally not dare leap down. Therefore, on the walkway by the two sides of the VIP seats, there were staircases that exclusively led to the open ground below. Currently, they were successively walking down under countless gazes.

“Ke ke, Liu Ling, Little Yue Er, Yan Xiao, you should also go to your respective positions… as your results in the internal test were the most outstanding, the stations over there belong to the three of you. Those three seats will make you the focus of the crowd’s attention.” Fa Ma’s finger pointed at a place located in the middle of the open ground. That place had over ten huge green tables and not only were these green tables larger than the others, they also seemed to be elevated higher...

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