Chapter 304: Fa Ma, Yao Ye. The Grand Meeting Begins!

Chapter 304: Fa Ma, Yao Ye. The Grand Meeting Begins!

The next day, there were no clouds in the blue sky for tens of thousands of kilometers. The sunlight was warm, yet not overbearing. The occasional breeze that brushed past carried away the noise within the city, causing one to feel very refreshed.

Today there was a great event within the Jia Ma Empire. The Alchemist Grand Meeting would begin today.

The moment the first rays of sunlight broke through the boundary of the land and shone upon the city that had a rich history, groups of human figures in long alchemist robes began to appear on the quiet streets.

These people who had an occupation that was highly regarded were usually seldomly seen en masse. Due to their great strength and their incomparable importance, alchemists appeared to be somewhat mysterious and revered in ordinary people’s hearts. Today, these alchemists of high status were like ants leaving their nest, repeatedly swarming out from the various resting places in the capital. Although the paths they took differed, their final destination was that ancient looking alchemist association that stood in the center of the city.

Today, all the shops within the Jia Ma Sacred City were opened much earlier than usual. Countless people climbed out of their warm beds, stood at the door and eyed the large group of alchemists bustling through the streets. Their gazes were filled with heat and respect.

The Alchemist Grand Meeting during these few days would be the Jia Ma Sacred City’s most lively and fiery period of the entire year…

The alchemists that were usually rarely seen, came out from all directions today and appeared at a scale similar to a military unit. This kind of majestic scene was something that people only had the luck to see during the Alchemist Grand Meeting...

On this special day, Xiao Yan had also woken up very early. He sat cross legged on the bed and quietly readjusted his condition for an hour. When his body had achieved its peak condition, he finally slowly opened his eyes.

Xiao Yan lazily twisted his body. He heard some crackling sounds within his body. With a slight smile, he came down from the bed and walked out of the inner hall. At one glance, he saw Hai Bo Dong who was by the window side.

“You’re awake? Today the number of alchemists appearing in the Jia Ma Sacred City will likely reach a frightening number. It is indeed worthy of being the Alchemist Grand Meeting. Only this kind of great event can summon all of the alchemists within the empire.” Hai Bo Dong’s gaze eyed the street where alchemists were repeatedly flashing past. He could not help but click his tongue and praise.

“Alchemists are also people. They also need the honor and approval… this Alchemist Grand Meeting will be their best stage.” Xiao Yan poured a cup of tea for himself, sipped a little and said with a faint smile.

Hai Bo Dong turned his body around, stared at Xiao Yan, with a smile he asked, “Actually, I am very curious. With your ability, you would actually be thinking of participating in the Alchemist Grand Meeting. Although this kind of Grand Meeting is rarely seen, it does not quite suit your ability, does it?”

Xiao Yan smiled, lifted his teacup with both hands and said softly, “I don’t have a choice. Who asked this Grand Meeting’s Champion prize to be something that interests me. That ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’ medicinal formula will be very useful to me…”

“Although you are not an alchemist, I think you should also know what kind of alluring ability a medicinal formula has toward an alchemist. That tier six medicinal formula has an...

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