Chapter 303: Jia Lao’s Strength

Chapter 303: Jia Lao’s Strength

“Not qualified?”

Some shock surfaced on Jia Lao’s gentle old face. He immediately turned a strange gaze toward Xiao Yan. With Hai Bo Dong’s Dou Huang class strength, he actually said that he was not qualified to be this little fellow’s teacher? Did he really have such great potential?

Under the night sky, Nalan Yanran and the others could only speechlessly watch the laughing Hai Bo Dong. After they were dumbstruck for a while, they treated these words of Hai Bo Dong as a joke. In this Jia Ma Empire, if a Dou Huang were to release news that he wanted to accept disciples, there would be an unknown number of people with outstanding talent swarming over quickly to fight for the spot. Being able to become the disciple of a Dou Huang basically represented that one possessed the capability to become a strong person.

“Haha, Old Hai is just joking. Jia Lao, please don’t mind him. It’s just that the little me already has a teacher and naturally cannot switch to someone else so carelessly.” Xiao Yan shook his head as he said with a smile.

By his side, Hai Bo Dong was silent. Back then, despite having recovered his Dou Huang strength, Xiao Yan still gave him an extremely...

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