Chapter 302: Linen Robe Jia Lao

Chapter 302: Linen Robe Jia Lao

In the dark, night sky, two flashes flew past, much like falling stars.

Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan had faces that were as deep as water. Their gazes stared directly in the distant north-west direction. That place appeared to belong to the tomb of the Imperial Family within the capital. Usually, it was extremely remote. It was entirely unexpected that two Dou Huang would suddenly appear tonight.

“Huh?” During the flight, Primer Tengshan’s expression suddenly changed. His flying speed gradually slowed down. He eyed the flying human figure a short distance away who was following closely behind. With a stunned voice, he said, “This is… Yan Xiao? How can he transform Dou Qi into wings?”

At the time Primer Tengshan turned his head around, Nalan Jie by the side also sensed the movement in the air. When he turned his head around to take a look, shock also surfaced on his old face.

Of course, their hearts may be shocked, but the two of them were after all not of the younger generation like Mu Zhan and the others. Being well informed, they did not forget themselves. Although there was a pair of wings present behind Xiao Yan at the moment, they saw that his Qi still remained merely at the Dou Shi class.

“Old fellow, do you still recall that there was a special kind of Dou Technique that had been lost over the ages?” Tengshan slowed down his speed and eyed Xiao Yan who was swiftly flying over. He then suddenly spoke to Nalan Jie.

“You are saying.. a flying type Dou Technique right?” Nalan Jie was momentarily at a loss before he replied with a sudden understanding.

“Ah, I did not expect that young friend Yan Xiao had such a strong backing. He is even able to get his hands on the long lost flying Dou Technique. Looks like… the teacher or strength behind him has quite a great ability…” Tengshan said with a deeper meaning.

“Yes…” Nalan Jie nodded slightly. The importance that he attached to Xiao Yan could not help but increase greatly.

“Two old sirs, with this slow speed of yours, the fight might be over by the time we arrive.” Xiao Yan flapped his wings and appeared behind the two people in the front as he smiled and said.

“Ke ke, young friend Yan Xiao, you keep causing me to feel surprised. This flying Dou Technique is so rare, yet you are able to get your hands on it. Tsk tsk, you really shock people.” Tengshan laughed.

Hearing that Tengshan had revealed the origin of the wings on his back when he spoke, Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment. He then became at ease. These old fellows had lived for a very long. What they had seen and heard were naturally not something that he, as someone of the younger generation, could compare with. It was natural that they were able to recognize the flying Dou Technique at a glance.

“I had only obtained it coincidentally. It was purely luck.” Xiao Yan smiled. He immediately fondled his chin while facing the north-west direction and said with a smile, “Two sirs, let’s go.” Once he said those words, he flapped his wings slightly, took the lead and charged over.

“Ke ke, alright.” Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan smiled and nodded. The wings on their backs were flapped as they closely followed behind Xiao Yan.

Not long after the three of them disappeared into the night sky, Mu Zhan and the others far behind finally appeared feeling a little out of breath. They watched the three blurry lights on the horizon and could not help but shake their heads. The speed of those who possessed a pair of wings was really unmatchable.

As they grew increasingly close to the place where the breaths had erupted, Primer Tengshan frowned slightly. A long while later, he suddenly asked with hesitation to Xiao Yan, “This Qi... why does it appear a little like Old Hai’s?”

Hai Bo Dong had lived in isolation for decades and had only recently returned to the capital. Due to being far away earlier, Primer Tengshan had not been able to immediately identify it. Now that they were closer, he finally realized that this Qi was a little familiar.

“Haha, yes, it is indeed Old Hai.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

“Old Hai?” Hearing the conversation of the two of them, Nalan Jie’s shrivelled face could not help but twitch slightly. A moment later, he finally could not resist and he asked Primer Tengshan, “Old fellow, you recognize one of these two Dou Huangs’ presence?”

Hearing this, a pleased expression appeared on Primer Tengshan’s face. He mysteriously said, “Hee hee. you’ll know about it in a little while…” Once he said it, he smiled at Xiao Yan. The speed of the two of them rose once again. After which, they moved toward the spot where the Qis erupted.

Nalan Jie anxiously watched the two people in front of him. His eyebrows were knit together slightly as he muttered, “What is that fellow doing? Is he really acquainted with the owner of that Qi?”

After muttering doubtfully for a moment, Nalan Jie, who learned nothing, could only helplessly shake his head. He flapped his wings and hurriedly followed.

As they gradually drew closer to the spot where the breath was erupted from, Xiao Yan’s three man group also reduced their speeds. They looked at each other before stopping in the sky outside the huge tomb. Their expressions were serious as they eyed the two large clusters of light in the middle of the tomb.

The two clusters of light were white and yellow respectively. Those two terrifying Qis were also emitted from these two clusters of light. The two clusters of light flashed and soared in an agile manner. At the middle of the cluster of light, two human figures appeared and disappeared.

Each time the two light clusters made contact, they would emit a incomparably ferocious energy ripple. Under this energy ripple, even Xiao Yan’s three man group some distance away could not help but feel a stuffiness in their hearts.

The dark black night appeared to have been expelled from this region in the air above the tombs. The bright manner was like daytime.

The white colored light cluster carried an icy cold force that was unmatched. Each time the energy fluctuated, the water vapor in the surrounding air around the cluster of white colored light would instantly agglomerate into cold ice.

The yellow colored cluster of light was different from the white colored cluster of light. It faintly had a thick sturdy feeling like that of the land. Although the attacks from the white colored light cluster were extremely sharp, they were completely and easily dodged by him. Seeing the movement which had not sign of hesitation, it was obvious that the attack of the other party did not pose much of a threat to him.

“Ha ha, old man ice. I didn’t expect that after not seeing you for decades, your strength had decreased instead of increased. Back then, even I had to fear your ice cold attacks a little. But now, the threat has been greatly reduced.” There was a violent collision once again and an old loud laughter was emitted from within the yellow colored cluster of light.

“Humph. Old Demon. You have also not made much progress during these years. If you were to count your age, you appear to have reached your limit. If you cannot break through, I’m afraid that your end is coming. When that time comes, the Jia Ma Empire royalty which has lost your protection will no longer be this comfortable!” From within the white cluster of light, a snort that Xiao Yan was familiar with was emitted.

“Hee hee… the old me still has a very long time to live… why would I so easily… fall.” The old voice faintly laughed from within the yellow colored light cluster. Although these words were calm, it was not difficult for Xiao Yan and the others to hear some seriousness from within it.

“Che, I don’t think you believe those words of yours…”

“Ice Emperor?” Hearing this title that was once extremely prominent within the Jia Ma Empire, Nalan Jie was blank for a moment. He immediately widened his eyes, watched that Primer Tengshan who was smiling proudly and let out an involuntary cry, “Ice Emperor? That is Hai Bo Dong? He is actually still alive?”

“Hee hee, why would Old Hai fall so easily? It is just that he lived outside in isolation for a few decades.” Primer Tengshan smiled and said. The shocked manner of Nalan Jie caused him to feel extremely pleased.

Hearing the words of Primer Tengshan that did not deny his hypothesis, Nalan Jie’s expression immediately became a little volatile. He was naturally extremely clear of the relationship between Hai Bo Dong and the Primer clan. Back then, when the position of the head of the Primer clan was empty for a long while, it was Hai Bo Dong who had been supporting this clan which had a long history. Under his management, this clan, did not end up declining at a time when it had no leader.

Currently, the strength of the three large clans were not far apart from each other. This, however, was excluding the Hai Bo Dong factor. A strong person of the Dou Huang class was sufficient to instantly raise the entire clan’s strength by a couple of times. The Primer clan which possessed a Dou Huang would not only be able to easily surpass the other two clans, but would also be able to alarm the Jia Ma Empire’s imperial family with its strength...

This was because the last time there was a political change in the Jia Ma Empire, the Jia Ma Empire imperial family back then was coincidentally also a huge clan within the last empire. Therefore, the imperial family had always been extremely alert within the shadows when it came to these large clans within the empire.

“This time around, things are a little troublesome…” Nalan Jie bitterly laughed as he muttered before finally sighing. He then shifted his gaze toward the tomb. Although things had become a little troublesome, Nalan Jie was not overly worried about this. There were always policies and measures to counter any issue. Even if Hai Bo Dong had once again returned to the Primer clan, the Nalan clan also had quite a good relationship with the Misty Cloud Sect due to Nalan Yanran. If they found themselves on opposing ends over a matter, even Hai Bo Dong would definitely not dare to randomly offend the Nalan clan and the Misty Cloud Sect.

This matter was also something that Primer Tengshan also understood. Therefore, he had only appeared pleased on the surface. He really did not have the boldness to do anything to the Nalan clan.

“Hearing their conversation, within that yellow colored light cluster should be the imperial family’s Jia Lao, right?” Nalan Jie voiced his thoughts.

“Yes. Other than that old fellow, there should not be anyone else who would dare to speak in such a manner to Old Hai.” Primer Tengshan smiled and nodded.

“After all the hassle, it seems that they are only sparring… they really made us worry over nothing.” Seeing that there was no struggle to the death as he had expected, Xiao Yan sighed in relief and helplessly said with a bitter smile.

“Young friend Yan Xiao, do you also know Old Hai?” Nalan Jie saw Xiao Yan’s expression and could not help but ask.

“Hee hee, it was really thanks to little brother Yan Xiao that Old Hai can return. Therefore, young friend Yan Xiao is also our Primer clan benefactor.” On one side, Primer Tengshan smiled and interrupted. His words purposefully described the relationship between Xiao Yan and the Primer clan as being very close.

Hearing this, Nalan Jie’s expression changed slightly, but it quickly recovered to its natural state. He went along with the situation and smiled again. The more he looked at Xiao Yan, the more he realized that this fellow was a mystery. This fellow was even able to come into contact with a Dou Huang. “What exactly is his identity?”

During the time that the three of them were conversing, the fight in the tomb area had also reached the end. Mu Zhan and the others were also panting as they appeared outside the tomb area. All of them were like monkeys as they leaped to the top of the trees. They watched Xiao Yan’s three man group which had stopped in the air with envy, After which, their gazes paused on the interior of the tomb area.

“This Qi… it seems to be great-grandfather’s...” Little Princess said in a stunned voice as she frowned slightly and eyed that cluster of yellow colored light.

“Who is the other person? Within the Jia Ma Empire, Dou Huangs can be counted with one’s hands. The only Dou Huang around the capital should only be Sect Leader Yun Yun.” Mu Zhan said with a frown.

“That person isn’t Teacher…” Nalan Yanran took a few breaths to calm down, shook her head and said.

“Then who would it be?” Everyone looked at each other, feeling utterly confused. A strong person of such a class should not have appeared out of nowhere.


Within the tomb area, the two clusters of light violently clashed. During this clash, the white colored light cluster was clearly at a disadvantage and was forced back for a long distance before coming to a stop.

“Ah, forget it. Let’s stop. Currently, I am indeed no match for you…” Hai Bo Dong admitted defeat somewhat helplessly within the cluster of white light.

“Ke ke, old man ice, your strength has really greatly declined…” The yellow colored cluster of light trembled slightly and the glow was slowly withdrawn. Finally, it revealed a white haired old man wearing a plain linen robe. He eyed Hai Bo Dong with a smile, who had similarly withdraw his aura, and said.

Hai Bo Dong rolled his eyes. He skimmed his lips and said, “Wait for some time. My strength will naturally recover, you need not be overly worried… Additionally, you can cast aside the thing that you are worried about. I have no intention of continuing to manage the Primer clan after my return this time around. Those people in the younger generation will settle everything properly.”

“He he, we are all old already. Why do we want to get involved with matters that give people a headache. If we have time, we can sip tea and roam around. How comfortable.” Hearing Hai Bo Dong’s words, the face of the linen robed old man became much gentler as he smiled and said.

“Che, don’t think that I don’t know what you are worried about…” Hai Bo Dong coldly smiled and said.

The linen robe old man smiled and appeared not to be concerned. He turned his head and threw his sight to Xiao Yan’s group outside the tomb area. With a smile, he said, “Looks like we have disturbed quite a number of spectators tonight.”

The gaze of the linen robe old man swept through the crowd and finally stopped on the Little Princess who was trying to hide herself. He could not help but be stunned. Immediately, he shook his head helplessly.

“He he, Jia Lao, after not seeing you for a few years, you appear to be growing stronger in your old age.” Seeing the linen robe old man looking over, Primer Tengshan and Nalan Jie hurriedly greeted.

“I didn’t expect that I would have alarmed both of you and caused you to hurry over. I’m really sorry. Being older, it seems that I have become more and more willful…” The linen robe old man smiled and nodded.

“Jia Lao really knows how to joke.” Hearing this, Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan hurriedly accompanied him in laughing.

The old man who was addressed as Jia Lao, swept his gaze across them and finally stopped on Xiao Yan. When his muddled gaze swept across the pair of wings on his back, he was momentarily blank. He then said with surprise, “Eh, this is? Flying Dou Technique? Who is this young fellow?”

“The little me is Yan Xiao. It’s an honor to meet you, Jia Lao…” Xiao Yan bowed his body slightly and smiled softly.

“Tsk tsk, you’re quite good. Being able to possess such a rare Dou Technique at such a young age. Little fellow, you don’t appear to be someone simple.” Jia Lao warmly said with a smile.

“Huh, you have also run over here?” With a flash of white light, Hai Bo Dong appeared in front of Xiao Yan and said with a smile.

“You have been missing for two days. I thought that you had run away…” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and said.

“Hee hee, how can it be… it is just that this old demon saw me. He was afraid that I would do something that would damage the stability of the empire. After which, he pulled me aside and taught me a lesson.” Hai Bo Dong ridiculed.

“You, this fellow…” Hearing these words, Jia Lao could only helplessly shake his head.

“Old man ice, this little friend, is he your disciple? It seems that his talent is quite good.” Jia Lao’s old experienced gaze watched Xiao Yan. When he saw the tone that the two used to converse with each other, Jia Lao smiled and asked.

Hearing this, not only did Mu Zhan and the rest instantly straighten their ears, even Nalan Jie also secretly threw his gaze over. He also really wanted to know what exactly the relationship between Xiao Yan and this person who was formerly the Ice Emperor.

Hearing Jia Lao’s words, Hai Bo Dong was at a loss. Immediately, he laughed out loud and patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders. However, the words he said caused the faces of everyone, including that Jia Lao, to be completely stunned.

“My disciple? Ha ha, I also want it to be so. Unfortunately, I don’t have that qualification…”

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