Chapter 302: Linen Robe Jia Lao

Chapter 302: Linen Robe Jia Lao

In the dark, night sky, two flashes flew past, much like falling stars.

Nalan Jie and Primer Tengshan had faces that were as deep as water. Their gazes stared directly in the distant north-west direction. That place appeared to belong to the tomb of the Imperial Family within the capital. Usually, it was extremely remote. It was entirely unexpected that two Dou Huang would suddenly appear tonight.

“Huh?” During the flight, Primer Tengshan’s expression suddenly changed. His flying speed gradually slowed down. He eyed the flying human figure a short distance away who was following closely behind. With a stunned voice, he said, “This is… Yan Xiao? How can he transform Dou Qi into wings?”

At the time Primer Tengshan turned his head around, Nalan Jie by the side also sensed the movement in the air. When he turned his head around to take a look, shock also surfaced on his old face.

Of course, their hearts may be shocked, but the two of them were after all not of the younger generation like Mu Zhan and the others. Being well informed, they did not forget themselves. Although there was a pair of wings present behind Xiao Yan at the moment, they saw that his Qi still remained merely at the Dou Shi class.

“Old fellow, do you still recall that there was a special kind of Dou Technique that had been lost over the ages?” Tengshan slowed down his speed and eyed Xiao Yan who was swiftly flying over. He then suddenly spoke to Nalan Jie.

“You are saying.. a flying type Dou Technique right?” Nalan Jie was momentarily at a loss before he replied with a sudden understanding.

“Ah, I did not expect that young friend Yan Xiao had such a strong backing. He is even able to...

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