Chapter 301: Sudden Appearance of a Dou Huang’s Presence

Chapter 301: Sudden Appearance of a Dou Huang’s Presence

“Did you purposefully act so intimate with me to turn me into a shield to block that fellow?” Xiao Yan suddenly said with a faint smile as he and Ya Fei came to a stop near the entrance to the hall.

“I’m sorry…” Having her intention exposed by Xiao Yan, Ya Fei’s pretty face became bright red as she softly apologized, “I have really become afraid of his pestering. He won’t leave when he is beaten up, he won’t listen when I lecture him, so I can only do it this way…”

“You… you aren’t angry, are you?” Ya Fei looked at Xiao Yan and timidly asked. Although acting like this could help her extricate herself, it ended up resulting in the innocent Xiao Yan being hated by Mu Zhan without reason.

“Anyways, it’s not the first time that I experienced this…” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Hearing this, Yan Fei pursed up her red lips and smiled gently. However, she did not dare to speak, resulting in the atmosphere between the two of them to pleasantly become silent.

“*Cough*... why don’t you go and walk around. I need to go and help Grandfather Nalan to complete today’s poison removing session.” A long while later, Xiao Yan coughed softly and in an offhanded manner,...

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