Chapter 299: Nalan Yanran Intervenes

Chapter 299: Nalan Yanran Intervenes

Within the large all, everyone was eyeing Xiao Yan with astonished faces. They had never thought that this young man who appeared to specialize in refining medicine would not be any worse than Mu Zhan in terms of combat. The lightning like exchange from before may have lasted for only a short moment, but everyone knew the danger involved.

Among the younger generation within the capital, Mu Zhan’s combat talent could be described as being among the top. There was hardly anyone of the same age group within the Jia Ma Sacred Empire who could fight neck to neck with him. This was especially so after he had trained for two years at the military barracks. The current Mu Zhan had undoubtedly become much stronger and fiercer compared to before. However, in that fight earlier, he did not appear to have much of an advantage.

Although, it could be said that Mu Zhan had yet to use all his strength in this exchange. Not even a Dou Technique had been displayed but no one forgot that the young man who had an ordinary appearance had similarly relied entirely on his body’s ability to fight.

“It is really unexpected that Yan Xiao’s combat ability is actually this...

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