Chapter 298: A Brief Fight

Chapter 298: A Brief Fight

The ferocious force that had suddenly burst forth in the large hall swiftly drew the gazes of those around. When these gazes saw the fierce and brutal faced young man, they were all momentarily stunned. Immediately, they turned their gloating faces toward Xiao Yan, whom the young man was facing. Clearly, they had all recognized this young man who possessed a very well known name in the capital.

“Have they finally started fighting….” In the large hall, Little Princess smiled and shook the red wine in her transparent cup as she laughed softly.

“Uh… that is… Mu Zhan?” Most of the people surrounding the Little Princess were children of aristocrats. Therefore, they could identify the young man with a face filled with fierceness and brutality. Immediately, their expressions changed as they let out an involuntary cry. Many of them had suffered under this fellow back then.

“No wonder you said that something interesting would happen tonight. I see that you are talking about this fellow…” Eyeing the green clothed Mu Zhan, Liu Ling was momentarily stunned before he immediately laughed softly with understanding.

“Many people in the capital know that Mu Zhan is extremely infatuated with Ya Fei from the Primer clan. Back then, before he left, he had even arrogantly expressed that...

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