Chapter 296: Gathering

Chapter 296: Gathering

After walking out from the alchemist association, Xiao Yan returned directly to the inn where he was staying at. He rested a couple of hours in the inn until he had recovered to his peak before he left the inn. He then walked to the Nalan clan to begin today’s poison removing session.

Although he knew that the ‘Searing Poison’ within his body would become denser each time he helped Nalan Jie remove the poison, Xiao Yan could only continue in this manner in order to get the powerful energy contained in the ‘Searing Poison’ and the ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’. However, regardless of how abnormal the ‘Searing Poison’ was, he was not extremely concerned. After all, with the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ protecting his body, Xiao Yan believed that he could contend with the ‘Searing Poison’ even if it erupted inside him.

After these few days where Nalan Jie and Nalan Su, personally saw him off, the entire Nalan clan had all come to know Xiao Yan as a young man with a cold expression. Therefore, when they saw his figure, not only did they not step forward to block him, they also respectfully bowed and greeted him when he passed by.

Currently, the sky had already turned dark. However, the Nalan clan remained brightly lit. The members of the clan came and went on the paths, much like a marketplace.

Xiao Yan walked past a couple of small paths with great familiarity and the spacious large hall of the Nalan clan once again appeared in his sight. He slowly walked closer. Waves of noisy laughter that were mixed with some melodies were emitted from the hall. This caused Xiao Yan, who liked serenity to frown slightly.

Slowly walking into the hall, Xiao Yan lifted his eyes and glanced around. He saw that...

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