Chapter 295: Black Horse

Chapter 295: Black Horse

As Xiao Yan walked out of the test ground, Ao Tuo caught up with him from behind and walked side by side with Xiao Yan. Occasionally, Ao Tuo would tilt his head and glance at the calm faced young man who was smiling. His gaze was somewhat strange.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” After walking for some distance, Xiao Yan could not endure Ao Tuo’s gaze. Finally, he helplessly shook his head and asked.

“Ke ke, I am just trying to figure out how many things you, little fellow, are hiding. You are actually able to cause everyone to be so shocked…” Ao Tuo said with a smile.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan could only helplessly shrug his shoulders.

“With your performance being so eye catching this time around, I think that old fellow, Qi Mi Er, will definitely come to me to inquire about your background pretty soon. Although he does not know your actual ability, just being able to refine the ‘Black Iron Spiritual Leaf’ eight times when you are only around twenty years old is something that could be counted with one hand since the association was founded.” Ao Tuo said.

“I know…” As Xiao Yan slowly walked, he nodded his head. During the refining of the ‘Black Iron Spiritual Leaf’, he had also considered all of this. However, the Grand Meeting was about to begin. Revealing his...

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