Chapter 290: Hidden Opponent

Chapter 290: Hidden Opponent

Within the quiet room, Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged on the bed. slowly opened his eyes. A glint flashed across his dark eyes. Turbid air moved along his throat as he exhaled. Xiao Yan’s face faintly emitted a weak glow. Clearly, the Dou Qi in his body had greatly increased after this training session.

“The energy contained within this ‘Searing Poison’ is indeed very large. Even though I have refined it a number of times, it still possesses such substantial energy.” As he sensed his Dou Qi that was becoming more thicker and more powerful, Xiao Yan could not help but mutter softly.

“The energy may be substantial, but… it also has a price.” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He shook his right hand and a cluster of green colored flame rose. On the outer surface of the flame, vague black colored marks were writhing slightly. Finally, it was completely suppressed to Xiao Yan’s middle finger. Immediately, his long finger turned as black as ink, appearing extremely strange.

“Ah, the ‘Searing Poison’ is increasingly dense…” Eyeing the color of his finger, which had turned darker, Xiao Yan shook his head. He pressed his finger on the bed pillar by the side. The tough wooden pillar was instantly corroded and an empty hole was formed.

“Forget it. As long as I get hold of the ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’, I will be able to wake Teacher. When that time comes, there should be a solution that solves these problems.” Xiao Yan stared at his finger for a long while as he muttered, “Although this thing is very dangerous, I have absorbed quite a lot of energy from this ‘Searing Poison’ during the last two days. According to the energy level, it will likely be sufficient for me to advance from a six star Dou Shi to a seven star Dou Shi by the time I completely absorb all the ‘Searing Poison’ in Nalan Jie’s body.”

Xiao Yan shook his head and curled his finger slightly. The dark black color on it was withdrawn and a moment later, returned to its normal color.


As Xiao Yan was withdrawing his hand, the tightly shut door was gently pushed opened. Hai Bo Dong walked in lazily. He glanced at Xiao Yan in the room saw his slightly ugly expression and could not help but ask with a smile. “What? Have you suffered some wrong at the Nalan clan? Do you want me to accompany you next time?”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He leaped down from the bed and said “It is still the matter of the ‘Searing Poison’. My ‘Heavenly Flame’ seems to be unable to do anything to it. Each time I help Nalan Jie remove the poison, the ‘Searing Poison’ in my body becomes increasingly dense.”

“Increasingly dense?” Hai Bo Dong was startled upon hearing this. He immediately frowned and said, “Since it is like this, then why are you still helping him remove the poison? I don’t believe you are one of those good people who try to help everyone. Moreover, you seem to have some grudges with Nalan Yanran of the Nalan clan.”

“I want that ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’. Don’t tell me we should go and steal it?” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and replied faintly.

“That won’t do. Due to Nalan Yanran, the Nalan clan and the Misty Cloud Sect have an extremely good relationship. Moreover, the clan also possesses some weight in the empire’s government. I think that old demon from the royalty would also act. Do you think that our ability would be able to contend with these two large strengths?” Hai Bo Dong smiled awkwardly as he replied to Xiao Yan.

“Then what is there to say? For now, if I want to obtain the ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’, I can only help cure Nalan Jie. Although this ‘Searing Poison’ is extremely dangerous, at the very least it currently does not appear to hurt me in any way.” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. After this analysis by Hai Bo Dong, his heart became a little more serious. This Nalan clan indeed lived up to its reputation as one of the three large clans of the empire. There were far too many strengths behind them that would be dragged into the matter.

“Do what you want as long as you don’t end up causing yourself to sink into it. I am still waiting for you to help me refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill.” Hai Bo Dong waved his hand and said.

“Relax. As soon as you can gather all the medicinal ingredients, I will help you refine it. Although my Spiritual Strength was slightly damaged because of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’, refining the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ should not be something too difficult.” Xiao Yan slowly walked toward the side of the table. He removed all the clutter of things on it, took out a medicinal cauldron from within the storage ring and randomly said superficially,

“Ke ke, I naturally have confidence in you.” Hai Bo Dong smiled and nodded. He eyed Xiao Yan’s action and inquired in a stunned manner, “What are you doing?”

“I think that you should continue to wander around outside. I am about to train my refining skills.” Xiao Yan removed numerous medicinal ingredients from the storage ring and said with as smile to Hai Bo Dong.

“Uh… I haven’t been back that long.” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Hai Bo Dong smiled bitterly and shook his head. A moment later, he noticed Xiao Yan staring at him with a tilted head and could only helplessly smack his lips. He said, “Forget it. You can train. I will go out for a stroll…”

As he spoke, Hai Bo Dong turned around and opened the door unsteadily before reluctantly walking out. He knew that an alchemist did not like their surroundings to be disturbed by anyone while they were refining medicinal pills

Xiao Yan eyed the door which slowly closed before turning his gaze to the medicinal cauldron in front of him. His palm slowly caressed some of the medicinal ingredients on the table as he knit his eyebrows together and thought deeply. After around a year of tough training in the desert and especially after having consumed the Fire Lotus Seed recently which resulted in his compatibility with the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to soar, Xiao Yan was extremely confident that it would not be something overly difficult to pass the test for a tier three alchemist. This was because the most important thing for a tier three alchemist was the flame controlling ability. On this aspect, Xiao Yan even had the confidence to compare with a tier four alchemist.

“Ugh but even if it is like this, it would not be an easy thing for me to successfully obtain the champion spot in the Alchemist Grand Meeting. Those opponents aren’t ordinary people…” Xiao Yan sighed and shook his head. He recalled Gu He’s disciple, Liu Ling, whom he had met today. Although he had not personally seen the other party refining, it was only natural that with Pill King Gu He’s ability, the disciple that he taught would not be someone useless. Moreover when they were facing each other, Xiao Yan had also sensed the confidence contained within the other person’s action and voice. This confidence was not a forceful act. This was something that a person was only able to have when he really possessed some ability.

Xiao Yan’s palm rubbed the icy cold medicinal cauldron. He suddenly shrugged his shoulders and laughed softly, “Of course, I am not an ordinary person either. If I were to lose to Liu Ling in the Alchemist Grand Meeting, won’t it mean that Teacher cannot be compared to Gu He?”

“That won’t do…” Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air. He pursed up his lips slightly. A long while later, he faintly smiled. His finger gently flicked at the flame outlet of the medicinal cauldron and a wisp of green colored flame was swiftly inserted in. Following a soft muffled sound, a green colored flame immediately rose and burned within the medicinal cauldron.

“I will first try to refine a tier three medicinal pill…” Xiao Yan’s palm slowly moved over the medicinal ingredients on the table.After which, it stopped at a few medicinal plants. His palm curled slightly and a subtle absorption force pulled them into his palm and randomly threw them into the medicinal cauldron.

Watching those medicinal ingredients that were separated and wrapped by the green colored flame, Xiao Yan nodded slightly. A medicinal formula for a tier three medicinal pill automatically surfaced in his mind. During his training, Yao Lao would occasionally use his Spiritual Strength to pour all these medicinal formulas into Xiao Yan. It was naturally extremely easy for him to be able to use them now.

“‘Refreshing Pill’, tier three medicinal pill. It is able to let the senses of person who consumes it to be even more sensitive to the exterior natural energy in the outside world while in one’s training mode, increasing the speed at which one absorbs energy. The quantity of it would also increase significantly. The ingredients needed to refine it are: a thirty year old ‘Pure Heart Three Leaves Grass’, a ripe ‘Buddha Heart Fruit’, a ten year old ‘Spirit Absorption Tree’... a rank three monster core.”

Xiao Yan’s mind slowly recalled the medicinal ingredients recorded in the medicinal formula. A long while later, his ten long fingers gently flicked. Immediately, the flame in the medicinal cauldron burned turbulently.

As Xiao Yan began to refine the medicine, the temperature in the room also gradually increased. A faint smoke seeped out from the cauldron. After which, it lingered within the room, causing the place to be shrouded by fog.

Due to this being his first time refining such a medicinal pill, Xiao Yan expectedly incinerated the medicinal ingredients during his first two tries. However, this did not cause him to feel any disappointment. After all, failures when refining medicinal pills were difficult to avoid even if it was Yao Lao who personally performing the refining.

Therefore, after ceasing the flame and summarizing the failure experiences, Xiao Yan swiftly grasped the necessary flame temperature, etc. During his third refinement, a round, shiny ‘Refreshing Pill’ was finally freshly created after two hours of refining…

Eyeing the ‘Refreshing Pill’ that was quietly lying in the jade bottle, Xiao Yan wiped the perspiration on his forehead. He smiled with satisfaction. After which, he once again raise the flame and continued to refine…

By consuming the entire afternoon, the success rate for Xiao Yan refining the ‘Refreshing Pill’ had increased at a joyfully swift pace. When the medicinal ingredients on the table were about to be exhausted, three ‘Refreshing Pills’ had already appeared in the jade bottle.

Xiao Yan stored the jade bottle containing the three ‘Refreshing Pills’ carefully into his storage ring. The tired expression on his face was difficult to hide. Once he cleaned up the table, he took a few weak footsteps and planted his head onto the bed.


By the time Xiao Yan woke up from his deep sleep, he realized that it was already the morning of the next day. He shook his somewhat drowsy head as he climbed out of his bed. He watched the empty room and shook his head with a bitter smile. Refining medicinal pills was indeed very tiring work. The loss experienced by his spirit strength was really too large.

Xiao Yan climbed out of his bed and cleaned himself up in a simple fashion. Once he was wide awake, he walked out of the room and headed toward the Nalan clan to begin today's poison removing session for Nalan Jie.

Although he had not seen Hai Bo Dong for a day, Xiao Yan was not very concerned. With the old man’s strength, other than those old fellows and the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, it was likely that no one in this Jia Ma Empire could pose any big trouble to him.


The poison removing session today was about the same as the last time. During the session, there was nothing special that happened. Once Xiao Yan had helped Nalan Jie removed the poison, he was also invited to sit in the Nalan clan for a while. For some unknown reason, Nalan Yanran had come forward with great interest during the time that they were seated and inquired about some things related to Xiao Yan. However, these questions were all vaguely withstood and dealt with using Xiao Yan’s indifferent expression and tone. Although the current her appeared to have changed a lot compared to back then, it was really difficult for Xiao Yan to form any good opinions of this woman.

Anywhere that Nalan Yanran was present, that Liu Ling would naturally also follow closely behind. Xiao Yan could sense the peripheral vision of that fellow repeatedly drifting over during the times when he was conversing with Nalan Yanran. Although Liu Ling’s face still maintained a smile without speaking, Xiao Yan was able to sense that the former was in some sort of a bad mood and had also formed a faint enmity against him. However, Xiao Yan merely shrugged his shoulders in response to this. “It is not my concern if you are unhappy… I even dared to snatch the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that Gu He had his eyes on. In what way can you, as a disciple that has not graduated, frighten me?”

Under Liu Ling’s slightly cold gaze, Xiao Yan sat in the living room for nearly half an hour. Only then did he stand up and bid them goodbye. After which, he was sent off by Nalan Jie and the others as he walked out of the Nalan clan and slowly disappeared from their sight.

Looking at Xiao Yan, who had disappeared, with narrow eyes, Liu Ling turned his head around and suddenly laughed, “Grandfather, do you know the background of this alchemist called Yan Xiao?”

“Why?” Hearing the question, Nalan Jie was distracted and he immediately said with a frown, “Mister Yan Xiao is a distinguished guest of our Nalan clan. I only care about whether he can help me expel the ‘Searing Poison’. I am not concerned about his exact identity.”

“Young people should have wider hearts. Don’t feel enmity over some little things. You may be Gu He’s disciple, but I dare to say that the Teacher behind Yan Xiao would likely not be any weaker than Gu He. Becoming an enemy with such a person is not going to be a good thing…” Nalan Jie glanced at the smiling Liu Ling and spoke meaningfully with a soft voice. With his old and sharp gaze, he could naturally sense the thoughts Liu Ling had about Xiao Yan.

“Ha ha, Grandfather must be joking. Mister Yan Xiao and I have never met. Why would I have any enmity toward him?” Liu Ling’s expression changed slightly. However, he was not an ordinary person. He swiftly withdrew his expression, drifted his gaze toward the slightly frowning Nalan Yanran and laughed.

“It would naturally be best if it is like this. That Yan Xiao may not be able to compare with you now, but his potential is extremely great. If I have the chance, I really want to pull him into our Nalan clan.” Nalan Jie faintly smiled. Without looking at the stiffened expression of Liu Ling, he turned around and walked through the main door.

Nalan Yanran glance at Liu Ling who was helplessly shrugging his shoulders and said softly, “You better not try anything stupid. My grandfather has already said that he is a distinguished guest of the Nalan clan.” Once she said those words, her hand pulled aside the black hair in front of her forehead and slowly followed Nalan Jie in front of her.

“Yanran, after so many years, you should know how I…”

Watching the enchantingly graceful back, Liu Ling could not help but say those words. However, before he managed to say all that he wanted to, Nalan Yanran, who had her back facing him, randomly waved her delicate, white jade-like smooth hand under the sunlight. She sighed, “You should know that I don’t wish to discuss about these matters now. You are one of the few men who was able to become my friend during all these years. Perhaps you might be able to move me in the future, but at least for now, I merely treat you as an ordinary friend. I do not deny that you are outstanding. However, you have not met my requirements. My man will definitely not be a mediocre person.” Once she said these words, she did not linger any longer. She moved with successive footsteps and walked through the main door.

“I know that you have high expectations. This time around I will take the throne at the Grand Meeting to prove that I, Liu Ling, am a good match for you.” As he watched that enchanting back, a fanatical emotion flashed across Liu Ling’s eyes. Being the future leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Nalan Yanran’s status in the Jia Ma Empire was nearly even more distinguished than the empire’s princess. With the haughtiness in Liu Ling’s heart, he would naturally need to subdue such a woman in order to prove how outstanding he was.

“Wait until you become the champion before discussing it.” A faint moving voice moved through the door and slowly transmitted over.

“Just wait…” Liu Ling shrugged his shoulders, turned around and stared at the spot where Xiao Yan had been seated earlier. He gave a shady soft laughter as he softly muttered, “I will let him be ashamed of his foul appearance in the Grand Meeting. The disciple of Pill-King Gu He is without a doubt, the most outstanding person in the Jia Ma Empire.”

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