Chapter 288: Participate

Chapter 288: Participate

The weak, enchanting voice resounded within Xiao Yan’s mind, causing his body to feel an icy chill. The hand in his sleeves trembled slightly without being noticed. Xiao Yan slowly let out a breath and did his best to prevent the startled expression from surfacing on his face. He lowered his head slightly. A long while later, he gradually calmed down and calmly asked in his heart, “You want the medicinal formula?”

After the words were throught, however, all remained quiet. Queen Medusa did not give any response.

Xiao Yan slowly frowned. He once again shouted a couple of times in his heart. However, it was like a rock sinking into the ocean. After trying like this for a few times, he could only choose to give up. His fingers curled and flicked on the table surface as a thought began to rotate in his heart. The effect of the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’ was to let the spirit and the physical body merge together. The reason for Queen Medusa to be so concerned was naturally because of her and the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. This was something Xiao Yan was clear of.

However… if Queen Medusa was really allowed to obtain the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’, wouldn’t she be able to control the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ body? When that time comes… perhaps only with Yao Lao protecting him could Xiao Yan have some chance of escaping from a Dou Zong class legendary strong person. Although she said that she would not kill him, Xiao Yan still did not quite believe her.

However, if Xiao Yan did not comply with Queen Medusa’s request, his relationship with her may well grow even worse. During the initial...

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