Chapter 286: To Scour For Treasure

Chapter 286: To Scour For Treasure

At the place where two streets intersected, stood a very large building, which was perpetually shrouded by a faint medicinal pill-like fragrance. Above the towering main door was a plaque with ‘The Alchemist Association’, three ancient looking flamboyant large words. It twinkled with a pale-silver glow that caused the passersby to involuntarily throw it a respectful gaze.

Being the headquarters of the Jia Ma Empire Alchemist Association, even the emperor would have to be modest and courteous when he came to this place. After all, the people that lived within this building could create a force that was sufficient enough to shake the entire empire. They belonged to the most respected occupation in the entire Dou Qi continent.

At the large door of the Alchemist Association, numerous alchemists who were usually rarely seen were entering with hurried footsteps. Their bodies had different colored alchemist robes which proudly represented their tier.

Standing by the large door, Xiao Yan raised his head to look at the extremely majestic and imposing looking Alchemist Association Headquarters. He could not help but praise and shake his head. Such an imposing presence really lived up to its position as the head of the dragon for the alchemists in the Jia Ma Empire.

“Are you planning on participating in the Alchemist Grand Meeting?” Hai Bo Dong, who stood beside Xiao Yan raised his head and also looked at the Alchemist Association which was even more crowded and lively than usual before tilting his head as he inquired.

“We’ll see. If there is a reward that can move me, I may participate. If there isn’t…”...

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