Chapter 285: Unexpected Surprise, Black Finger (Teaser)

Chapter 285: Unexpected Surprise, Black Finger

Xiao Yan slowly walked past a few streets before stopping outside an inn. After which, he entered and climbed to the second story. He walked toward the area outside the quiet room, knocked gently on the door and directly entered.

Hai Bo Dong was seated cross-legged on a chair in the spacious room. He had his eyes closed and a faint white colored cold mist was hovering over his body. As he inhaled and exhaled, the cold mist moved along the gap on his nose and entered his body. With his body being filled with energy, a faint layer of warm jade like glow seeped out of his old face.

“He really deserves to be a Dou Huang. Although his age is much older than Nalan Jie, looking at his vitality, he would likely at least be able to live for another fifty years if no accidents happen. If he is lucky enough to break through and become a Dou Zong, he would likely enter the old monster like category.” Xiao Yan closely closed the door and gently walked into the room. He glanced at the bright and energetic face of Hai Bo Dong. When he compared it with Nalan Jie, whose entire body was shrouded by a deathly aura he could not help but sigh emotionally in his heart.

Although the noise that Xiao Yan made was extremely slight, it was undoubtedly as clear as thunder for a strong person like Hai Bo Dong. Immediately, the icy cold air around his body was swiftly absorbed into his body to be stored. Hai Bo Dong then opened his eyes and swiftly looked around the room while carrying a coldness. Only when his gaze shifted over Xiao Yan’s body did the cold air finally began to gradually withdraw. At the same time, the sharp and imposing manner surrounding the exterior of his body also quietly...

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