Chapter 283: Stubborn Bone, Clenching Teeth, Enduring Humiliation

Chapter 283: Stubborn Bone, Clenching Teeth, Enduring Humiliation

Eyeing the young alchemist who slowly walked out from the corner, everyone’s expression in the hall became blank. A ridicule immediately surfaced on the few tier three alchemists from before who could do nothing. Even a tier three alchemist could do nothing. What ability did a tier two alchemist like him have?

Nalan Su stared at the young man who had walked forward. He turned around and exchanged glances with Nalan Yanran. Each of them saw shock within the other person’s eyes. Clearly, the action of this young tier two alchemist had fallen out of their expectations. The reason for them not sending him out before was because they gave Ya Fei face. Honestly speaking, they did not have any expectation for this young alchemist.

Although one should not be judged by their appearance, but the other party was after all only a tier two alchemist. This kind of level was only at the initial stage of the alchemist skill. Could they rely on a beginner to expel the ‘Searing Poison’ that even Pill-King Gu He could do nothing about?

“This Little Brother, you…” Nalan Su stood up. Although he did not think that the young man in front of him had any hidden ability but out of habit, he still said cautiously, “Do you have the confidence to cure my father?”

Xiao Yan slowly walked to the center of the room. He glanced at Nalan Su and said indifferently, “May I ask, does Pill-King Gu He have the confidence to cure him?”

“Uh…” Hearing this, Nalan Su became sluggish for a moment. Immediately he shook his head with embarrassment. “If Pill-King Gu He was able to cure him, why would we need to spend such great effort to seek medical treatment from all over the place?”

“Since even Pill-King Gu He doesn’t have absolute confidence, then isn’t the words that Nalan clan head said to me a little…” Xiao Yan hoarse voice carried a little ridicule as he coldly said.

Nalan Su opened his mouth slightly. His original intention was to investigate the foundation of the young man in front of him. He did not expect that the other party...

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