Chapter 282: Let Me Try

Chapter 282: Let Me Try

On a street that was next to the Nalan clan, Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong separated. Only then did Xiao Yan slowly walk toward the huge compound not far away.

As he walked closer to the house which was filled with a majestic and imposing aura, Xiao Yan was stunned to see that the entrance was actually clustered by quite a number of people. Moreover, these people were all wearing the alchemist robes and the few bright silver colored ripples on their chests proudly revealed their status and tier.

Anyone who walked down this street, where people come and go, would throw envious and respectful glances at the group of alchemists who were whispering amongst themselves. In their hearts, alchemy was an occupation which was so elevated that they were like nobility.

When faced with this considerably large powered alchemists, the Nalan clan clearly did not dare to easily slight them. Some servants were explaining something to the alchemists waiting at the entrance in a reverent and respectful manner. Only when they discovered that the other party had the qualification to enter did they let them through. Some of the alchemists whose ability had some problem could only be rejected by the smiling faced servants. Although such an action caused those alchemists that were blocked to feel dissatisfied,...

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