Chapter 281: Secretly Hiding and Protecting

Chapter 281: Secretly Hiding and Protecting

On the lush green mountain peak, the young lady slowly turned her body. She watched the green colored shadow with one knee on the ground. A long while later, a somewhat gentle smile appeared on her exquisite face. She said softly, “It has been over a year. Xiao Yan ge-ge finally arrived at that place…”

TL: ge-ge - means older brother (more intimate)

Eyeing the gentle pretty face of the young lady, the green colored shadow had wisely remained silent. He waited for a long while before the sight of the former was once again focused on his body. Only then did he slowly and roughly speak about some of the experiences that Xiao Yan had during this period of time.

Standing by the side of the cliff, Xun Er quietly heard the many soul stirring things that had popped out from the shadow’s mouth. When she heard that Xiao Yan was seriously injured after fighting with two Dou Huang, some heartache and surprise flashed across her autumn water, gentle eyes.

“Snake Spirit Ranked Lui Man, ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’. The members of the Heaven Snake House have really become increasingly domineering during these few years…” Xun Er’s long delicate hand gently caught a piece of leaf that had fallen from above her head...

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