Chapter 280: Xun Er

Chapter 280: Xun Er

Eyeing Xiao Yan, who appeared to be in deep thought as he slowly tapped on the surface of the table, Ya Fei became somewhat nervous. Grandfather Nalan, as the person in charge of the Nalan clan, had built up quite a good relationship with the Primer clan during these years that he was in power. If he were to fall, then the collaboration arrangements between the Nalan clan and the Primer clan might descend into a period of stagnation. Such losses would be quite significant.

Of course, Ya Fei naturally did not expect that Xiao Yan would be able to expel the poison in Grandfather Nalan’s body with his strength. Although after his training, Xiao Yan was currently much stronger than before, Ya Fei still did not think that Xiao Yan would be able to possess a ‘Heavenly Flame’, which was nearly a legendary thing.

The main reason for her to care so much about Xiao Yan’s response was because she wanted to engage the mysterious teacher hiding behind Xiao Yan to act. After witnessing a small bit of the terrifying strength that the latter had revealed back at Wu Tan City, Ya Fei could sense that he was mysterious and unfathomable. Under such a situation, if he were willing to act, the life of Grandfather Nalan, which was hanging by a thread, may be truly pulled back…

“Although I have never tried it, just hearing the method that Gu He described, I think that this should be an extremely risky procedure, no? Inserting the ‘Heavenly Flame’ into another person’s body. As long as the the person releasing the flame had the slightest killing intent or even negligence, Grandfather Nalan might in an instant, be incinerated into a pile of ashes from within… Even though it is like that, you are still suggesting that I go and try? You should know that I am uncertain if I am able to control my emotions properly in a situation when Nalan Yanran is present.” After being silent for a long while, Xiao Yan finally spoke slowly.

Ya Fei smiled bitterly, nodded and said, “This is indeed a very dangerous thing. However, the Nalan clan also has no choice. If they don’t even dare to take this risk, then Grandfather Nalan might really have no hope.

Do you want to go and try?”

As she watched Xiao Yan, some joy appeared in Ya Fei’s eyes. As long as Xiao Yan agreed, it was likely that the mysterious teacher hiding behind him would at least secretly give some pointers even if he did not personally act to save Grandfather Nalan. If that were the case, the chances of curing Grandfather Nalan would be raised by quite a lot.

“I need to get ahold of that ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’. This is a must!”

Xiao Yan pressed his lips together. A moment later, he frowned slightly and said in a soft voice, “Do you have those special tools that can help me change my appearance? You should know of my grudge with the Nalan clan. If they recognize my identity, I’m afraid that they would definitely not let me perform such an extremely dangerous poison expelling procedure on Grandfather Nalan… Ah. How troublesome.”

Seeing the frowning Xiao Yan who appeared somewhat impatient, Ya Fei swiftly thought for a moment before nodding her head. She said with a smile, “The special items required to modify one’s expression may be extremely rare but our auction house does have one remaining…” As she said that, she waved over a female servant and whispered into her ear.

Hearing Yan Fei’s order, the female servant respectfully nodded her head and swiftly exited. A few minutes later, she held an exquisite wooden box and entered with hurried footsteps. She then placed it onto the table’s surface.

Xiao Yan received the exquisite wooden box and slowly opened it. Immediately, it revealed a thin mask that looked like human skin. With some curiosity in his heart, Xiao Yan’s finger carefully touched it and placed it gently onto his palm. The spot where it entered his hand was completely cold. It as thin as a cicada’s wings, as though it did not exist.

“This is made using the ice silk that was taken from an ‘Ice Mountain Silkworm’. After being carved by a high-grade craftsman, an outline of the shape of a human face has been formed. As long as you cover your face with it, it should be able to hide your facial features.

Ya Fei smiled and said, “This ice silk mask can be said to be a high-grade item in our Primer Auction House. If we were to take it out and sell it, it would have a price of at least three hundred thousand gold coins. This time around, I will give it to you for free… You don’t need to hurry to reject me. If you can really cure Grandfather Nalan, the benefits that our Primer Auction House would get would far exceed this three hundred thousand gold coins. Consider this our hidden investment.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan mused for a moment before nodding slightly. He did not open his mouth to reject. Raising his head, his hand pulled open the ice silk dough and gently pasted it to his face. Immediately, an icy cold feeling slowly seeped through his skin and entered his body. Xiao Yan could even vaguely sense that even his features began to wiggle at this moment.

Standing at one side, Ya Fei eyed the face that was gradually becoming ordinary. She pursed his lips up and smiled gently, taking out a crystal mirror. Putting it front of Xiao Yan, she smiled and said, “The effect is quite good, no?”

Opening his eyes, Xiao Yan eyed his ordinary face which was totally different from what it was in the past. He was momentarily at a loss. Immediately, he nodded his head with satisfaction while carrying some curiosity.

“Although strong people rely on the other party’s Qi to identify each other, you have seldom come into contact with the Nalan clan. Back then, Nalan Yanran left in a rush. Three years later, it would not be possible for her to identify your Qi… Therefore, with this ice silk mask, as long as you are not scrutinised in extreme detail, it would be difficult to discover your identity.” Ya Fei said with a smile.

Xiao Yan nodded his head. His palm slowly fondled the face that was covered by the ice silk mask. A long while later, he lazily said, “Then, I shall go and try. If I am able to help him expel his poison, I will do my best. Although I have already said, this is something extremely dangerous. If at any time my emotions are not smooth and if my hand were to tremble, I will not take responsibility should I turn the old fellow into ashes.”

Hearing the last sentence, Ya Fei helplessly shook her head. She said, “I will help write a recommendation letter for you. When you go to the Nalan clan later, having the letter should help reduce some strict checks.”

“Yes, I will trouble you then.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

Ya Fei turned around and took out an exquisitely made piece of paper. Her hand supported the ink pen as she bent slightly. Her body was tightly curled into an attractive curve as her pretty face concentrated on seriously and slowly writing on the paper. A moment later, she sighed gently and folded this recommendation letter properly before handing it to Xiao Yan. She smiled and said, “Xiao Yan di-di. Don’t cause jie-jie to lose face. This is the first time that I have recommended someone.”

“Hopefully.” Xiao Yan was noncommittal as he smiled. He received the recommendation letter and said smiling to Ya Fei, “I’ve troubled you. Just leave the remaining matters to me.”

“Yes, there are many eyes in the auction house. In order to keep your identity a secret, I will not personally see you off. If you need any help, you are free to come and find me at the Primer Auction House. I will do my best to help you.” Ya Fei smiled and said.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He no longer hesitated as he waved his hand at Hai Bo Dong by the side. After which, he lead the way and walked to the door.

“Little girl. If Primer Tengshan, that useless fellow, asks about me, tell him that once I have the time, I will go and visit him. Tell him not to act like a crazy fellow and go all over the place to search for traces of me.” Hai Bo Dong lazily stood up, glanced at Ya Fei at the side and said blandly.

“Uh… yes, Old Sir.” Hearing these words, Ya Fei was at a loss. Immediately, he smiled bitterly and nodded. Before she could gain a full understanding of the other party’s relationship with the First Elder, she could only obediently reply.

Eyeing the two backs that disappeared through the door, Ya Fei mused for a moment. After which, she walked out from another side door. A Dou Huang appearing at the Primer Auction House was a big thing and she had to report to the interior of the clan. Of course, besides reporting, she would naturally complain a lot about Lei Ou and Lei Lei…

At the door of the Primer Auction House, Xiao Yan stood at the junction of the street. As he eyed the human flow moving up and down, he slowly sighed. He raised his head and eyed the center position of the city. At that spot was where one of the three largest clans in the Jia Ma Empire, the Nalan clan, was located.

“Let’s go…” Xiao Yan inserted both his hands into his sleeves and softly said. Immediately, his expression calmed and he slowly walked toward the huge clan which once would have been his other home.

On the edge of the Jia Ma Empire and the two other large empires, stood a famed old academy. It released an ancient aura that was filled with great experience. Although the academy did not have an exterior that caused people to be shocked and awestruck, its renowned reputation and deep, incomparable strength caused even the three large empires to have no choice but to be courteous to it. They did not dare to show the slightest disrespect or to provoke it in any way.

Within the old academy, there were students gathered from everywhere. In their home territory, where their clans were in charge, there people may be the top talents or geniuses in their subject’s mouths. However, geniuses appeared to be packaged in dozens here. Therefore, the people who possessed training talent that they could be proud of in their hometown were merely people who were barely qualified here…

During the entrance ceremony for all the new students, the old man who appeared extremely drowsy as though he was about to step into his coffin had only said two short sentences, “Regardless of the status you have had in the past, you are all merely the students of the Jia Nan Academy here and share the same status as each other. If you fight in this academy, I will not care as long as there are no deaths. However, if anyone dares to use their clan’s strength to exact revenge, the Jia Nan Academy will take care of everyone regardless of how many people come…”

The vast and imposing presence that the old man suddenly emitted caused these short few sentences to be firmly imprinted in all the students’ heart.

“In this place, if you are a dragon, you will coil up, if you are a tiger, you will crouch down!”

On a remote mountain peak in this ancient academy, a young lady wearing a pale-green dress stood elegantly by the side of a cliff. The gentle breeze that struck her front blew her black long hair that extended to her waist until it danced slowly in the wind. As the corner of her skirt skimmed by, it faintly revealed the perfect outline of the young lady’s curves.

The young lady’s eyes calmly eyed the distant eastern sky. She was quiet and did not speak, much like a secular lotus that was spotlessly clean.

After being silent for a long while, the young lady suddenly opened her mouth. Her ethereal sweet voice caused people’s spirits to feel a strange feeling of being washed.

“Come out…”

As the young lady’s voice fell, a green colored shadow suddenly and strangely separated from a large tree from behind the young lady. The shadow respectfully eyed the young lady whose back was facing him. With a knee kneeling on the ground, he said respectfully, “My Lady.”

The young lady slowly turned around and revealed a side of an exquisite and peerless face. It was actually Xun Er who had entered the Jia Nan Academy…

“My lady, Young Master Xiao Yan has arrived at the Jia Ma Empire capital!”

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