Chapter 280: Xun Er (Teaser)

Chapter 280: Xun Er

Eyeing Xiao Yan, who appeared to be in deep thought as he slowly tapped on the surface of the table, Ya Fei became somewhat nervous. Grandfather Nalan, as the person in charge of the Nalan clan, had built up quite a good relationship with the Primer clan during these years that he was in power. If he were to fall, then the collaboration arrangements between the Nalan clan and the Primer clan might descend into a period of stagnation. Such losses would be quite significant.

Of course, Ya Fei naturally did not expect that Xiao Yan would be able to expel the poison in Grandfather Nalan’s body with his strength. Although after his training, Xiao Yan was currently much stronger than before, Ya Fei still did not think that Xiao Yan would be able to possess a ‘Heavenly Flame’, which was nearly a legendary thing.

The main reason for her to care so much about Xiao Yan’s response was because she wanted to engage the mysterious teacher hiding behind Xiao Yan to act. After witnessing a small bit of the terrifying strength that the latter had revealed back at Wu Tan City, Ya Fei could sense that he was mysterious and unfathomable. Under such a situation, if he were willing to act,...

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