Chapter 279: Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva

Chapter 279: Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva

Hearing the notification of the female servant, Ya Fei became slightly blank. She immediately turned her head to see Xiao Yan’s expression which had instantly become gloomy. Helplessly shaking her head, she softly inquired, “Nalan Yanran?”

“Yes.” The female servant respectfully replied.

“Why is she looking for me?” Ya Fei knit her eyebrows together slightly and mumbled softly. She sighed and eyed Xiao Yan, apologizing, “I’m sorry…”

“Go. This is your job. It’s not like I will blame you.” Xiao Yan smiled. Some of the darkness on his face disappeared as he waved his hand and said.

“You may not want to meet her now, so wait here for a while. After I ask for the reason for her to come, I will see the both of you out.” Ya Fei pretty eyes swept across Xiao Yan and the quiet, indifferent Hai Bo Dong and said in a probing manner.

“It’s just as well…” After musing for a moment, Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. The current him indeed did not want to meet that woman so early. Therefore, he did not reject Ya Fei’s suggestion at that moment.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had agreed, Ya Fei sighed in relief. Passing by the female servant’s side, Ya...

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