Chapter 278: Cheap Bastard

Chapter 278: Cheap Bastard

Hearing the words of Xiao Yan, Ya Fei behind him also ceased her struggling. Her gaze stared at the old man who had been playing with his teacup. Recalling the purple-gold card from earlier, she slowly calmed down.

On the opposite side, Lei Ou also shifted his gaze toward Hai Bo Dong after Xiao Yan spoke. Seeing Hai Bo Dong’s indifferent expression, Lei Ou’s eyes shrunk. His head felt slightly uneasy as he asked in a soft and low voice, “You are?”

Hai Bo Dong slowly shook his head before looking up. His gaze was as indifferent as a ten thousand year ice glacier as he randomly glanced over Lei Bo. Immediately, he lowered his head to watch the teacup which had also been frozen over. After a brief silence, he said, “Primer Tengshan. That piece of trash is still alive, right?”

The calm and indifferent voice was undoubtedly like thunder, violent and abrupt, making it’s presence known next to the ears of those in the room excluding Xiao Yan and Ya Fei; shaking them until they became as dull as a wooden pillar.

“Oh god! He… he actually speaks of the First Elder in such a manner? The First Elder is one of the Ten Strong in the Jia Ma Empire. Xiao Yan di-di, what exactly is the identity of this Old Sir?” Opening her small mouth slightly, Ya Fei foolishly stared at Hai Bo Dong, who was seated in a chair. The First Elder who was viewed like a god in the Primer clan had actually became a piece of trash by his mouth… if these words were to be spread to the rest of the Primer clan, it would likely cause a fury.

On the opposite side, Lei Ou and Lei Lei beside him were similarly stunned by these words of Hai Bo Dong. The corner of their mouths twitched slightly. Clearly, the impact these words had on them were far too great.

“Cluck…” After being dull for a long while, Lei Ou finally began to gradually recover. He involuntarily swallowed his saliva. His eyes contained surprise and bewilderment as he stared at Hai Bo Dong. The tone he used to speak was clearly more polite, “You…”

“You don’t have the right to address me like that.” Hai Bo Dong gently blew at the teacup which had turned into ice as he said blandly without even lifting his eyes.

These extremely harsh words caused Lei Ou to be at a momentary loss. A lividness immediately surfaced on his old face. In the many years since he had become an elder, he had not had someone speak to him in such a manner.

“In ten minutes, those medicinal ingredients that the girl had ordered earlier must appear in front of me. Otherwise, I don’t mind having the Primer clan lose an elder.” Hai Bo Dong ignored the livid faced Lei Ou. His tone was still as indifferent as it was at the beginning. At the same time, he did not leave any face for the other party.

“You...your tone is far too arrogant! Do you know who my grandfather is?”

Seeing Lei Ou being rebuked in such a manner, a fury swarmed onto the pale-white face of Lei Lei beside him, who had never seen anyone dare to speak in such a manner to his grandfather. His anger had also suppressed the shock created by Hai Bo Dong a moment ago, and he could not help but neer coldly.

Quickly after Lei Lei’s words fell, a cold smile appeared on Xiao Yan’s face. He softly said, “Reckless fellow…”

The teacup that was swaying slightly in Hai Bo Dong’s hand slowly stopped. He lifted his head and shot his icy cold gaze at Lei Lei until the latter’s face turned completely white. Being observed by everyone, Lei Lei was intending to stiffen his neck and speak again when he abruptly realized that Hai Bo Dong’s body moved slightly.

“Be careful!”

The moment that Hai Bo Dong’s body moved, Lei Ou’s eyes suddenly shrunk. His body moved horizontally and swiftly stopped in front of Lei Lei. After which, the Dou Qi in his body surged wildly before breaking free of his body and covering him.

When Lei Ou’s Dou Qi was summoned out, a white figure appeared to have teleported and appeared in front of him. That terrifying speed caused the former’s eyes to shrink.

The human figure stood still and a floating palm that carried an icy cold bone chilling force carelessly patted Lei Ou on the chest where his Dou Qi was amassing.


It may have appeared like a seemingly careless pat, but it caused Lei Ou’s expression to instantly become pale. A mouthful of fresh blood was wildly vomited. Immediately, the blood was agglomerated into a blood red icicle in midair and landed on the ground with a clear sound.

The ferocious force caused Lei Ou’s body to be shot backward. Instantly, he and Lei Lei heavily smashed into the wall. In seconds, the two of them were emitting waves of painful moans.

The guards behind Lei Ou were stunned as they eyed Lei Ou who had been seriously injured with only one strike. Their hands which were holding onto their weapons trembled in fear. They actually forgotten their duty to protect their master.

“Grandpa! Are you alright?” Due to being protected by Lei Ou, Lei Lei did not receive very serious injuries. He climbed up with great difficulty. When he saw that Lei Ou’s expression was even paler than his, he hurriedly called out.

“Dou… Dou Huang?” The cold Qi in his body caused Lei Ou’s hair to actually be covered in thin frost layers. His mouth trembled as he suddenly stared at Hai Bo Dong and said with shock. A strong person who was able to cause Lei Ou serious injury without him being able to see the former’s shadow. Lei Ou’s heart clearly knew that only a Dou Huang was able to do such a thing.

Hearing these few words, Lei Lei’s body suddenly trembled intensely. A terror appeared on his face as he watched Hai Bo Dong. He did not expect that this humble looking old man would actually be a Dou Huang.

“The ten minutes have already begun. I will definitely not take back the words that I have said. Ten minutes later, the medicinal ingredients must appear in front of me. Otherwise, even if Primer Tengshan appeared, you will die today!” Hai Bo Dong glanced at the two of them as he indifferently and slowly said.

“Quick, quickly. Quickly go and bring the medicinal ingredients.” Hearing those words, a terror flashed across Lei Ou’s face. He hurriedly shouted angrily at Lei Lei by his side.

“Yes, yes…” The equally extremely frightened Lei Lei hurriedly stood up, crawling and stumbling out of the room.

Watching Lei Ou who had become extremely obedient in the blink of an eye, Ya Fei smiled bitterly and shook her head. This old fellow was really a… cheap bastard…

“Ah, Dou Huang… god. This Xiao Yan is actually acquainted with such an extremely strong person. No wonder he has the courage to come to the capital…” Ya Fei eyed the well built back in front of her. She increasingly felt that this fellow was more and more difficult to see through.

Standing up from her seat, Ya Fei respectfully watched Hai Bo Dong as she timidly asked, “Is Old Sir acquainted with our First Elder?”

“That useless fellow still hasn’t died?” Hai Bo Dong slowly returned to his seat and once again spoke a bold sentence that caused Lei Ou’s body, which was lying on the ground, to twitch.

This bold words of Hai Bo Dong similarly caused Ya Fei to be a little embarrassed. She softly said, “All is well with the First Elder. May I ask Old Sir’s name?”

“When you see that useless fellow, just tell him that I, Hai Bo Dong, haven’t died. He will naturally know.” Hai Bo Dong said faintly.

“Yes.” Hearing those words, Ya Fei could only respectfully respond. Her hands crossed each other, appearing to be at a loss. The corner of her eyes suddenly drifted to the purple-gold card on the table and hurriedly picked it up, intending to return it to him. According to the rules, a Dou Huang could enjoy such a lavish treatment.

“You don’t need to return it. He won’t take it.” Seeing Ya Fei’s action, Xiao Yan smiled and turned his gaze toward Hai Bo Dong and asked, “Am I right, Old Hai?”

“You, this fellow. This little girl isn’t even your lover. Do you need to help her save this bit of money?” Hai Bo Dong skimmed his lips and helplessly said.

When Hai Bo Dong’s words left his mouth, Ya Fei’s pretty face became slightly red. She held the purple-gold card and hesitated for a moment before calling over a female servant and ordering her to take out some of the money in it. However, before the female servant left, she instructed her to cut the price by half.

“Hei, little girl really knows how to conduct herself…” Although Ya Fei’s voice was very soft, it still reached Hai Bo Dong’s ears. At that moment, he smiled and nodded, clearly having a good impression because of this action of hers.

Xiao Yan smiled, turned around and stared at Ya Fei, who had an exquisite, pretty face. He suddenly asked, “That’s right, can you help me check if there is anything in the auction house which can recover Spiritual Strength?”

“Recover Spiritual Strength?” Hearing this Ya Fei was momentarily at a loss. Immediately, she frowned and said, “Those things are definitely unique things…. I will search for you.” As she said that , she turned around and went to a bookshelf. After she searched for a moment, she finally hugged a thick book and walked out. She carefully searched through it before shaking her head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. The things that can help recover Spiritual Strength are really far too rare. I have searched the records of the auction house for the past year and it seems we didn’t collect any treasures of that kind.”

Disappointment flashed across his face as Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. His spirit was somewhat dispirited as he returned to his seat.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s disappointed manner, Ya Fei helplessly shook her head, but did not have the ability to help even though she wanted to.

Time slowly flowed by. Just as the ten minutes were about to pass, Lei Lei’s panicked shadow finally rushed in from the door. He stumbled and scrambled before he carefully placed a few jade boxes on the table and said in a trembling voice, “Sir, the medicinal ingredients that you need are all placed here. None of them are even slightly damaged…”

Seeing the jade boxes, a joy appeared on Hai Bo Dong’s face. He carefully opened them and smiled as he handed them over to Xiao Yan and said anxiously, “Check them and see if they are the right medicinal ingredients.”

Xiao Yan received the jade box and carefully observed them. After which, he nodded under the anxious and alarmed gazes of Lei Ou and Lei Lei. “Yes, They're fine. The medicinal ingredients are preserved quite well and their ages are sufficient.”

“That’s good…” Hearing Xiao Yan confirmation, Hai Bo Dong let out a long sigh. He turned around and spoke coldly toward Lei Ou, “Get lost. And… this girl is extremely pleasing to my eye. Go back and tell Primer Tengshan that the first word of the ‘Acting Supervising Elder’ can be dropped…”

Hearing this, the corner of of Lei Ou’s mouth convulsed. He hurriedly nodded and with the support of Lei Lei, left in a humiliated state.

“Since we managed to obtain the things, shall we leave?” After storing the jade box properly, Hai Bo Dong said with a smile.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He was about to bid Ya Fei goodbye when a female servant strode into the room and said respectfully to Ya Fei, “Ya Fei xiao-jie, Nalan xiao-jie wishes to see you regarding something...:”

“Nalan? Nalan Yanran?” These two words, which were pretty much forbidden words in Xiao Yan’s heart, caused him to be briefly at a loss. Quickly following that, his expression became instantly dark.

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