Chapter 278: Cheap Bastard

Chapter 278: Cheap Bastard

Hearing the words of Xiao Yan, Ya Fei behind him also ceased her struggling. Her gaze stared at the old man who had been playing with his teacup. Recalling the purple-gold card from earlier, she slowly calmed down.

On the opposite side, Lei Ou also shifted his gaze toward Hai Bo Dong after Xiao Yan spoke. Seeing Hai Bo Dong’s indifferent expression, Lei Ou’s eyes shrunk. His head felt slightly uneasy as he asked in a soft and low voice, “You are?”

Hai Bo Dong slowly shook his head before looking up. His gaze was as indifferent as a ten thousand year ice glacier as he randomly glanced over Lei Bo. Immediately, he lowered his head to watch the teacup which had also been frozen over. After a brief silence, he said, “Primer Tengshan. That piece of trash is still alive, right?”

The calm and indifferent voice was undoubtedly like thunder, violent and abrupt, making it’s presence known next to the ears of those in the room excluding Xiao Yan and Ya Fei; shaking them until they became as dull as a wooden pillar.

“Oh god! He… he actually speaks of the First Elder in such a manner? The First Elder is one of the Ten...

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