Chapter 276: Searching For Medicine (Teaser)

Chapter 276: Searching For Medicine

On the somewhat spacious staircase, Xiao Yan’s body had appeared at the side of the young man’s body in almost an instant. He abruptly tightened his fist and, with explosive force, violently smashed his fist into the young man’s face.

Although the body of the pale-faced young man was not very sturdy, his strength was not weak. At the moment when Xiao Yan had suddenly moved, he sensed something and a dark coldness immediately swarmed onto his face. His hands were crossed in front of him and the turbulent Dou Qi in his body gushed out. It formed a Dou Qi cloak on the surface of his body in an instant.

Despite being at a disadvantage from being caught off-guard, the young man was very confident in his strength. Moreover, the Xiao Yan in front of him was really too young. Therefore, he believed that the other party’s attack should have extreme difficulty breaking through his defense.

“Little Bastard. Today, even if Ya Fei wants to protect you, you can forget about smoothly leaving the auction house.” A dense thought flashed across the young man’s mind at the moment he blocked that attack. However, before the thought in his heart fell, the fist which contained a pressurizing force firmly made contact on his arm. A soft ‘crack’ sound was emitted and following...

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