Chapter 276: Searching For Medicine

Chapter 276: Searching For Medicine

On the somewhat spacious staircase, Xiao Yan’s body had appeared at the side of the young man’s body in almost an instant. He abruptly tightened his fist and, with explosive force, violently smashed his fist into the young man’s face.

Although the body of the pale-faced young man was not very sturdy, his strength was not weak. At the moment when Xiao Yan had suddenly moved, he sensed something and a dark coldness immediately swarmed onto his face. His hands were crossed in front of him and the turbulent Dou Qi in his body gushed out. It formed a Dou Qi cloak on the surface of his body in an instant.

Despite being at a disadvantage from being caught off-guard, the young man was very confident in his strength. Moreover, the Xiao Yan in front of him was really too young. Therefore, he believed that the other party’s attack should have extreme difficulty breaking through his defense.

“Little Bastard. Today, even if Ya Fei wants to protect you, you can forget about smoothly leaving the auction house.” A dense thought flashed across the young man’s mind at the moment he blocked that attack. However, before the thought in his heart fell, the fist which contained a pressurizing force firmly made contact on his arm. A soft ‘crack’ sound was emitted and following which, the expression of the young man changed wildly. A mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily vomited out from his throat. His body was also thrust by the strong and vicious force, resulting in him being violently shot into the wall. Immediately, he spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. His legs knelt onto the ground while his body was curled up in pain.

Only at the moment when the young man threw up blood did Ya Fei, who was on the stairs, turn around. The cry for Xiao Yan to be careful had only left her mouth when she saw the young man curling up like a dead dog. Her exquisite face was immediately covered by shock and disbelief.

At this moment, the subordinates beside the young man finally recovered from this split second occurrence. When they eyed their master’s miserable appearance and shock first appeared on their faces before they immediately surrounded Xiao Yan angrily.

“I order all of you to withdraw!” Seeing the few guards actions, Ya Fei, who was on the stairs, finally could bear it no longer and exploded. Her almond eyes stared furiously as she cried out loud.

Hearing Ya Fei’s cry, those few guards obviously hesitated for a moment. Their master may have the courage to offend Ya Fei, but it did not mean that they also had such courage.

“If any of you dare to take a step forward, then be ready to get kicked out of the Primer Auction House. Although you are not my subordinates, I think that with my status as the Acting Supervising Elder, removing you few pieces of human scum shouldn’t be something too difficult to do.” When Ya Fei was icy, she had a different and unique majesty.

Eyeing Ya Fei, whose pretty face contained an evilness, a dread finally flashed across the faces of the guards. They looked at each other’s faces and unwillingly pulled back.

“Bring your master and return from where you came from.” Ya Fei coldly ordered with her delicate hand pointed to the staircase.

“Alright. Ya Fei, you got guts. You actually helped an outsider. Just wait!” The young man’s footsteps staggered somewhat as he was helped onto his feet by his subordinates. He rubbed off the blood stain from the corner of his mouth and angrily stared at Ya Fei. Immediately, his pupils contained a dark coldness and gloominess as he turned toward Xiao Yan by her side. His breathing was hurried as he said with a dark voice, “Good, good. Little bastard. If you have guts, just wait!”

After leaving those vicious words, the young man maliciously slapped the face of the guard by his side and angrily said, “Fool. Go!”

Standing by the stairs, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the young man slowly walking away under the support of the few guards. The fist under his sleeves was slowly opened and a few green colored flames were writhing at the tips of his fingers.

“When faced with this kind of person, you actually know how to hold yourself back? Why don’t you just kill him directly? Otherwise, he will remember this in the future.” Hai Bo Dong laughed faintly as he leaned against the stairs.

“This is someone else’s territory after all.” Xiao Yan smiled and eyed Ya Fei. He shrugged and said, “I’m sorry, I was a little impulsive. But that fellow’s mouth really stinks.”

Ya Fei shook her head and sighed. She said with a bitter smile: “I feel that it might be better for us to discuss things another day. Once that fellow returns home, he will definitely cry and complain to his grandfather. When that time comes, the old fellow, who is extremely protective of his child will definitely come here to create trouble.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xiao Yan shook his head and replied with a smile, “We really need some things. Let’s discuss it now. We will take care of those troubles by ourselves…”

“Ah, you stubborn fellow… Forget it, when that time comes I will try my best to protect you. However, that old guy is extremely supercilious. I’m afraid that even I will be reprimanded by him.” Hearing this, Ya Fei could only helplessly nod her head. She turned around and climbed the stairs. As she turned a corner, she left Xiao Yan the sight of her lovely curvy back. Xiao Yan pretended to ignore it and exchanged glances with Hai Bo Dong before following up the stairs.

Xiao Yan followed Ya Fei up a few floors before finally stopping in front of a large door. Seeing that she was extremely familiar with the route, it was clear that this was a place she frequently came to.

There were a few guards standing by the large door. Although their gazes were uncertain as they swept across Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong, the tactful guards did not open their mouth to stop them. Instead, they simply stood to the side like wooden pillars.

The door was pushed open and a spacious room was revealed. Book shelves were neatly erected within the room. There were various different kind of thick books placed on these bookshelves. Ya Fei passed through them and finally came to the front of a work desk. She then turned around and eyed Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong with a smile. Pointing at the chairs at the side, she said, “Have a seat. Now, can you tell me, just what do you need?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He randomly reached for a chair, pulled it over, and sat down. After musing for a moment, he stared at Ya Fei and said, “Did I create some trouble for you just now? I’m sorry…”

“I know that you have only acted because of me. You don’t need to apologize.” Ya Fei waved her hand. She made a detour around the table and sat behind it. Her lips slightly pouted as she said with a smile, “That guy’s name is Lei Lei. He is also a member of our Mite-er clan. His backing is also quite strong. Usually, I wouldn’t want to offend him so I can only choose to ignore him.”

“However, that fellow seemed to have some disgusting thoughts toward me. Me ignoring him had instead caused him to become angry because of the shame he feels, and thus he has decided to find trouble with me all the time. His grandfather has some importance within the House of Elders in the clan. Therefore, I am very helpless when faced with this extremely thick-faced fellow.” Ya Fei brushed over the black hair of her forehead and said somewhat tiredly. Looks like the young man called Lei Lei had really created big trouble for her.

“You should’ve know that for such a person, the more you do that, the more fierce he will become.” Xiao Yan shook his head and replied.

“Ke ke, this is of course something that I know. However, you should not overestimate the broadness of my mind. How could a little lady like me achieve such a high saint like degree… Indeed, I don’t wish to provoke him now. However, in the future, once I have the chance to take charge, this guy would be among the first garbage that I would expel. When that time comes, my revenge will cause him to feel terrified… You ought to know that women will forever be the creatures that hold the longest grudges. Otherwise, why would there be the saying that ‘a woman’s heart is a most vicious thing’?” Ya Fei laughed faintly. The current her seemed to be unintentionally revealing her ambition and might.

Hearing these words of Ya Fei, astonishment flashed across Xiao Yan’s and Hai Bo Dong’s faces. They did not expect that this lady, who appeared extremely gentle, would actually possess such tolerance and patience.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about him, it ruins my mood.” Ya Fei shook her head and a spring water like gentle smile surfaced on Ya Fei’s exquisite face. She stared at Xiao Yan and said gently, “What things do you need? Tell me. I will help you search for them.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head. He took out a white paper from the storage ring which had the medicinal ingredients need to refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ written on it. After which, he handed it over to Ya Fei in front of Hai Bo Dong and said with a smile, “Do me a favor and take a look and see if you can gather all the medicinal ingredients on here.”

Eyeing Xiao Yan’s action, the smile on Hai Bo Dong’s old face became much denser. When the former had taken out the white paper, the latter had swiftly scanned it with his sharp gaze. Written on it were the same medicinal ingredients names that Xiao Yan had told him. It caused him to feel that Xiao Yan had indeed put this matter in his heart.

“I just knew that you would definitely not come to a place like the auction house if you had nothing to do…” Ya Fei received the white paper and shook her head. Immediately, she lowered her head and roughly glanced at the medicinal ingredient names on it. A shock could not help but flash across her pretty face. She lifted her head, looked at Xiao Yan and said, “These medicinal ingredients are all not ordinary things. Among them, there are some whose name I have only heard the name of and have never seen.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly and softly asked, “Is it possible to gather all the medicinal ingredients here?”

Hearing this, Hai Bo Dong by the side also anxiously stared at Ya Fei, who was deep in thought. This was a very important thing that affects whether or not he would be able to recover his peak strength.

Ya Fei fondled her chin and thought for a moment before shaking her head. She said apologetically, “I’m afraid that it would be extremely difficult to gather all of them. After all, these medicinal ingredients are really too rare. If they were put on the market, almost each of them would be able to be sold for a high price of at least two hundred thousand gold coins. Moreover, that’s only if the ingredients are being sold, currently, I don’t think anyone is selling them…”

When Ya Fei said these words, Hai Bo Dong immediately became gloomy while Xiao Yan by the side sighed disappointedly on the surface. In his heart, he rejoiced. If they were able to gather all the medicinal ingredients here, it would become a tragedy for him.

“It would be somewhat difficult to gather all of them. However, I think that it should not be a problem gathering half of the medicinal ingredients on it.” Ya Fei voiced her thoughts.

“Half is also good. It is at least better than having nothing.” Xiao Yan nodded and sighed.

Hearing this, a saucy smile suddenly surfaced on Ya Fei’s pretty face. She smiled and said, “According to our record, our Primer Auction House should be able to take out four kinds of medicinal ingredients listed on this paper. The price of each of them is at least over two hundred thousand gold coins. I’m afraid that the total sum required for these four medicinal ingredients would be around a million gold coins. Xiao Yan di-di… are you able to hand over the money?”

“Uh…” Xiao Yan blinked his eyes and shook his head. “It seems that I cannot.”

Once these words of Xiao Yan was said, the smile on Ya Fei’s pretty face grew even greater. Her long fingers were interlocked with one another and said in a somewhat regretful voice, “Xiao Yan di-di, now we are no longer at Wu Tan City. Here, even if elder sister is willing to help you, I don’t possess the authority to do so. Moreover, such a huge sum is already far beyond jurisdiction of what I manage.”

Xiao Yan rubbed the side of his face and said: “Then what should I do?”

“Ah, although one million gold coins is not a small sum, elder sister has great confidence in you. Coincidentally, our Primer clan is recruiting an alchemist during this period. If Xiao Yan di-di is interested, you can use this to settle the bill. A tier two medicinal pill could also be sold for quite a good price. I think, with Xiao Yan di-di’s ability, it should be easy for you to settle these bills…” Ya Fei’s lotus blossom pretty eyes were curved into a shallow angle, enchanting people like a fox spirit.

TL: Fox spirit is used in chinese folklore to depict a seductress / a lady who bewitches a man

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