Chapter 275: Vicious

Chapter 275: Vicious

When Ya Fei raised her head, she coincidentally saw Xiao Yan’s face appearing somewhat red. At that moment, amusement and shock flashed across her exquisite and pretty face. She then covered her mouth immediately and laughed in a tender voice, “Xiao Yan di-di, after not seeing you for three years, not only have you become mature, you have also become much more shy.”

“I have always been very shy.” Xiao Yan nodded his head and said seriously.

“You weren’t like this three years ago. Has Xiao Yan di-di forgotten? Back then when I recognized your identity you were extremely boorish.” A smile flashed across Ya Fei’s beautiful peach blossom eyes as she said.

Eyeing Ya Fei who was emitting an enchanting temptation between her smile and frown, Xiao Yan felt somewhat helpless. After three years of training, this matured woman appeared to have become increasingly enchanting. Perhaps it was because of her different status now, but when she spoke to him, she did not have the cautiousness back then. Instead, having met as old friends, their relationship became somewhat more affectionate.

“Your intention for coming to the Jia Ma Sacred City… should be due to that agreement, right?” The smile on Ya Fei’s smile was slowly withdrawn as she stared at Xiao Yan in front of her and inquired softly.

Xiao Yan smiled...

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