Chapter 273: Arriving At The Capital

Chapter 273: Arriving At The Capital

The darkness of night arrived and covered the land. A silver moon hung high in the sky. Its faint moonlight shone down weakly, slowly expelling some of the darkness.

In the quiet courtyard, three brothers were lying on comfortable, soft chairs, raising their heads to watch the stars that filled the sky. Occasionally, they would lift the winecup beside them and pour wine for each other and drink together.

Drinking all the wine in his winecup in one gulp, Xiao Yan turned around and eyed his two elder brothers who were faintly tipsy. He slowly stood up, took out two scrolls whose covers were extremely old, and gently placed them on a small table beside Xiao Ding and Xiao Li. Seeing their questioning gazes, he said with a smile, “These are two Xuan Class High Level Qi Methods. One is a wood affinity and the other is a lightning affinity. Their affinities exactly match the two of you. Within each Qi Method, there is also a Xuan Class High Level Dou Technique that matches the method. With coordination between the two, their strengths cannot be underestimated.”

Hearing this, Xiao Ding’s and Xiao Li’s somewhat tipsy eyes suddenly brightened. Just a Xuan Class High Level Qi Method alone was viewed as a treasure in the Jia Ma Empire where one would not find it in the market even if one had the money. Moreover,...

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