Chapter 272: Resolving The Hidden Danger Before Leaving

Chapter 272: Resolving The Hidden Danger Before Leaving

The sudden explosion resounded throughout the training ground. The thunderous blast caused everyone to involuntarily cover their ears. A long while later, they finally looked at each other with some palpitations remaining in their hearts before shifting their gazes to the training ground where dust blocked their view.

Within the training ground, Xiao Yan slowly calmed his rapid breath. His face was somewhat pale. The imitation of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ earlier had a Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength requirement that should not be underestimated even though it required less this time and was not as terrifying as last time.

“With this amount of Dou Qi being required, it is likely that I can only use it three times before the Dou Qi in my body is completely exhausted.” Xiao Yan muttered softly as he sensed the Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength in his body had sharply dropped. He immediately lifted his head and watched the opposite side which was shrouded by dust. As he waved his sleeves, a gentle breeze appeared and surged out, blowing away the suffused yellow dust.

As the dust cloud settled, an eye-piercing enormous and deep pit immediately appeared within everyone’s sight. Instantly, the corner of everyone’s...

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