Chapter 269: Sharp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility

Chapter 269: Sharp Rise in the Degree of Compatibility

Sitting on the ground with perspiration covering his body, Xiao Yan intensely and roughly gasped for air. His sleeves rubbed the perspiration on his forehead and he shook his head with a bitter smile. These few minutes of facing off in such a manner actually caused more fatigue than his fight with a Da Dou Shi. Luckily for him, Queen Medusa’s strength was much weaker for some unknown reason. Otherwise, he may really have been killed by her today.

Xiao Yan still had some palpitations remaining in his heart as he sighed. He slowly stood up, shifted his gaze and suddenly stopped at the green colored flame which was like a flame snake, moving up and down his body as it danced. Immediately, he was at a loss and his mouth opened slightly.

This green colored flame shaped like a long whip was the one randomly pulled together by Xiao Yan when he had quickly jumped back from the bed. His relaxed manner in pulling it out appeared to have not caused him to use much effort.

After the long flame whip was pulled out, it separated from Xiao Yan’s palm. After which, it automatically moved along Xiao Yan’s body and rotated. That posture of it was as though it was a divine artifact, which possessed...

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