Chapter 268: Contest

Chapter 268: Contest

At the moment, Xiao Yan and Queen Medusa below him, who was rumored to have an extremely fierce reputation, had an extremely enchanting posture. Not only was her body completely pressed down by Xiao Yan but her red sleek small mouth also had a finger of Xiao Yan’s in it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes watched the face in his immediate vicinity dully. This appearance that was called bewitching was like the masterpiece of the heavens. Even though this pair of bright eyes contained an evilness, it was still difficult for them to hide her enchanting charm.

This woman was a stunning creature straight from almost every man’s dream.

Although the soft and lovely body under him gave Xiao Yan an incomparable pleasure, his face did not dare to express even the slightest bit of it at this moment. His gaze contained some horror as he stared blankly at Queen Medusa. A moment later, the corner of his mouth twitched once and revealed an extremely ugly smile, “Hel… Hello.”

As he said the words, the finger of Xiao Yan’s which was extended into Queen Medusa’s mouth involuntarily stretched out a little. Immediately, he touched the delicate and moist little tongue. At that moment, Xiao Yan’s body abruptly trembled. A numb feeling spread out from his heart, almost giving him...

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