Chapter 266: Recuperating and Flame Manipulation Ability (Teaser)

Chapter 266: Recuperating and Flame Manipulation Ability

In the spacious and clean room, a faint fog was emanated and rose into the air, covering the entire room until it was somewhat distorted.

A large wooden basin was placed in the middle of the room.The basin was filled with an emerald green colored liquid. Within it, a young man’s naked body was seated cross legged. His eyes were closed and his hands displayed the seal for training. He allowed the gentle energy within the emerald colored medicinal liquid to slowly enter the interior of his body a little bit at a time to repair those nearly dilapidated Qi Paths in his body.

As the training dragged on, the emerald colored liquid in the wooden basin slowly became more clear. Finally, the emerald color completely disappeared and was replaced by clean water where one could see the bottom of the basin through it.

“Plop!” A small snake’s head suddenly rose up from under the water. Its tail repeatedly splashed the water’s surface. Joy filled its pale purple snake eyes.

Sensing that the energy in the liquid which he was soaking in had been exhausted, Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes. He eyed the happy ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ beside his body and smiled. In a careful manner, he twisted his body before slowly letting out a mouthful of coarse air...

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