Chapter 261: The Huge Fight In the Sky

Chapter 261: The Huge Fight In the Sky

In the distant skyline, four imposing presences of the Dou Huang class spread across the sky. The surrounding space seemed to tremble slightly at this moment. The lazy white clouds in the blue sky were torn into pieces by the domineering forces in the sky.

In Yan City, everyone repeatedly trembled under these four interacting vast and mighty forces. That terrifying pressure caused people to feel as though they were each carrying a five hundred kilograms heavy stone. Their breathing became somewhat deep and heavy.

“Lu Man, ha ha, it’s unexpected that you would actually be forced into scurrying around randomly. If this was to be conveyed back, you would likely be ridiculed to death by them!” The enormous triangular shaped eyes stared at Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong opposite him. The huge mouth of the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ opened and closed, emitting a deafeningly loud laughter.

“You bastard Bai Ya. I am carrying someone with me and also don’t wish to wind up fighting them. If I don’t run, should I just foolishly stand there and wait for them to attack?” When the green clothed lady whose body was suspended beside the head of the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’ heard his mocking laughter, she could not help but yell ...

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