Chapter 258: The Mysterious Green Clothed Lady

Chapter 258: The Mysterious Green Clothed Lady

The black robed person eyed the white colored ice that was melting apart indifferently. He raised his head slowly and his gaze passed through the black colored Doupeng and slowly swept through the deadly quiet hall.

TL: Doupeng - a conical straw hat with a long cloth fixed on the tip. The cloth hides the person’s face.

Although his sight was isolated by the black colored Doupeng, everyone at any spot that his gaze faced would change their expression drastically and contract their neck. Many gazes were shifted away while being filled with horror as they roamed around without a target. They no longer dared to look at the black robed person.

Nalan Yanran tightly held her hand. Her pretty face was slightly pale as she stared at the gradually melting ice on the carpet. The lovely body of hers trembled slightly. This Mo clan’s First Elder, who was still planning his ambitious plans just an hour ago, currently did not even have a corpse remaining right in front of her. These two vastly different scenes really caused people to have difficulty believing what had actually happened.

Nalan Yanran took in a deep breath of icy air. She slowly calmed the undulations in her heart. No matter how one put it, she was far from being that...

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