Chapter 258: The Mysterious Green Clothed Lady

Chapter 258: The Mysterious Green Clothed Lady

The black robed person eyed the white colored ice that was melting apart indifferently. He raised his head slowly and his gaze passed through the black colored Doupeng and slowly swept through the deadly quiet hall.

TL: Doupeng - a conical straw hat with a long cloth fixed on the tip. The cloth hides the person’s face.

Although his sight was isolated by the black colored Doupeng, everyone at any spot that his gaze faced would change their expression drastically and contract their neck. Many gazes were shifted away while being filled with horror as they roamed around without a target. They no longer dared to look at the black robed person.

Nalan Yanran tightly held her hand. Her pretty face was slightly pale as she stared at the gradually melting ice on the carpet. The lovely body of hers trembled slightly. This Mo clan’s First Elder, who was still planning his ambitious plans just an hour ago, currently did not even have a corpse remaining right in front of her. These two vastly different scenes really caused people to have difficulty believing what had actually happened.

Nalan Yanran took in a deep breath of icy air. She slowly calmed the undulations in her heart. No matter how one put it, she was far from being that sentimental young girl after three years of training. The pale-whiteness on her pretty face was gradually withdrawn. Her pretty eyes stared at the black robed person and said, “Regardless of who you are, a grudge between you and the Misty Cloud Sect has been created. Mo Cheng might not have had the qualification to cause the Misty Cloud Sect to have a conflict with a Dou Huang, but the Misty Cloud Sect’s reputation is worth the price!”

“Today, you have killed Mo Cheng in front of so many leaders of the north-eastern strengths as well as us. If we, the Misty Cloud Sect, do not do anything about it, those other strengths that rely on the Misty Cloud Sect would be very disappointed.”

The gaze under the black robe quietly observed Nalan Yanran who could actually dismiss the pressure of his force. A long while later, he shook his head slightly and softly said, “Your Misty Cloud Sect and I will sooner or later stand on opposing grounds. Even if today I hadn't killed Mo Cheng, I still would have headed to the Misty Cloud Sect in the future. When that time comes, our grudge will likely become even more severe. Therefore, these words of yours have no impact on me.”

“Who are you?” Hearing the words of the black robed man, Nalan Yanran’s eyebrows were gently pressed together as she cried out involuntarily.

“You will know in the future.” The black robed person indifferently responded. Immediately, he ignored Nalan Yanran, turned around and slowly walked toward the members of the Mo clan who had grieving expressions.

“Hand the person over!” The black robed person stopped his footsteps two meters from Mo Lan. His voice was as indifferent as ice. Within it contained some killing intent that had yet to disappear, causing Mo Lan’s heart to clearly understand the implications behind the words as it trembled slightly. If he and the others were to delay any longer, the next person who turned into ice would likely be themselves.

“Sir… the person will immediately be here.” Mo Lan’s voice trembled slightly as he replied. His footsteps shivered as he took two steps back before he quietly felt at ease.

“Five minutes.”

The black robed person ignored Mo Ran’s withdrawal. His voice was filled with iciness as he spat out the two words. After which, he was like a wooden pillar, standing in the hall quietly.

Hearing these two words, the corner of Mo Lan’s mouth twisted a few times. After which, he hurriedly waved a member of the Mo clan over and with an anxious face, asked him to quickly go and hasten the process.

In the spacious large hall, there were red colored calligraphy that represented festivity that still hung on the huge pillars. However, at this moment, these festive red color caused everyone in the hall looking at it to smile bitterly. It was likely that once the day was over, the Mo clan who had just celebrated a happy event would have to prepare for a funeral.

Numerous gazes swept around the large hall. When the gazes carelessly swept over the black robed person standing in the middle of the hall, their hearts would violently trembled. The Mo clan First Elder who had suppressed them until they had no temper was much like a cluster of soft mud when he ended up in the hands of this even more terrifying existence. If the latter wanted to knead, he kneaded. The First Elder did not have any ability to resist.

This kind of strong person was clearly not someone people of their class could come into contact with. Currently, they were all quietly guessing in their hearts just how much dog poo this Mo Cheng must have stepped on in order to attract this strong person who stood at the peak of the Jia Ma Empire and get killed by him.

TL: Bad luck

In the hall, the human heads were all stirred up, but there was not the slightest sound. The strange scene caused the large hall to be filled with an extremely intimidating atmosphere.

Standing on the spot, the head of the black robed person was twisted slightly. The remanent light from the corner of his eye passed through the Doupeng and finally swept toward the vague black shadow standing on the roof beam. He nodded toward the latter, indicating that all was proceeding smoothly.

Hai Bo Dong stood at the roof beam and sensed the veiled gaze of the black robed person from below. He hesitated for a moment and also nodded. However, when he nodded, the old face under the black robed was ignorant and uncertain. This was because, a moment ago, he appeared to have faintly sensed an extremely obscured Qi hidden in the hall below. However, this feeling was an extremely vague sense. The extent of the vagueness was such that even Hai Bo Dong himself could not draw a conclusion.

The black robed person did not discover the uncertain expression of Hai Bo Dong under the other black robe. As he was quietly waiting for a few minutes, the dark black ring on his hand suddenly trembled slightly.

The ring’s vibration may be very slight but it did not escape the black robed person’s notice. He immediately questioned in a stunned and soft voice, “Teacher, what is it?”

“Be careful. For some unknown reason, I seem to faintly sense a somewhat familiar scent.” Yao Lao’s old voice was somewhat grave and uncertain as it sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Uh? What do you mean?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was momentarily blank. He said in a stunned manner, “A familiar scent?”

“At the moment when you had borrowed my Spiritual Strength and erupted, that scent which was originally perfectly hidden had some movement. Otherwise, I’m afraid that even I could not discover it.” Yao Lao’s deep voice said, “Moreover, this scent gives me a familiar feeling… it may be that whoever it was may have made contact with the me in the past.”

Hearing Yao Lao’s words, Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly trembled. Some shock surfaced on the face under the black robe. Xiao Yan was not certain about the strength Yao Lao had in the past. However, he was at least certain that the Yao Lao back then was a strong person at the peak of the pyramid of the Dou Qi continent. In order to be in contact with the Yao Lao back then, the person’s strength was definitely not something that could be underestimated.

“Back then, I seldom came into contact with the strong people of the Jia Ma Empire. Therefore, I think that this person of unknown background should belong to a strong person who wanders the Dou Qi continent. But for some unknown reason, he had actually come to this Jia Ma Empire and concealed himself in this Mo clan. What exactly is he after?” Yao Lao mused.

“What is his strength like?” Xiao Yan pressed his eyebrows tightly together as he asked the most important question in his heart.

“I’m not certain. Now, I can only vaguely sense him. I am not even able to identify who exactly he is.” Yao Lao had a slight headache as he replied.

“No matter what happens, be careful. Wait for Qing Lin to appear and quickly bring her away.”

“Okay.” Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. Some seriousness surfaced on his face. The remnant glint from the corner of his eyes, with the help from the cover of the black robe, indistinctly swept across the hall that was filled with people. However, he did not gain anything from it. Instantly, the alertness in his heart gradually rose.

The five minutes swiftly past by. At the last moment, the anxious faced Mo Lan eyed the human figure that had appeared at the edge of his sight and heaved a sigh of relief.

The few human figures quickly dashed into the hall. On the back of the three Mo clan’s members, a little girl wearing a green colored clothes was opening her shocked watery eyes as she timidly sized up this foreign environment.

In the large hall, everyone’s gaze were staring at this pitiful green clothed little girl. Their hearts were somewhat stunned. They did not expect that the reason for this Dou Huang to start a fight was actually this little girl whose appearance was quite pretty.

Eyeing Qing Lin who was a little thin and pallid but otherwise had no serious problems, Xiao Yan let out a long sigh of relief. His tightly clenched fists under his sleeves had become much more relaxed.

“Sir, this is the little girl that the First Elder had captured from the Rock Desert City. During this period of time, we did not harm her.” Mo Ran carefully carried Qing Lin down and walked to Xiao Yan uneasily as he said.

The current Qing Lin did not recognize Xiao Yan. Therefore, when she saw Mo Ran carrying her to the black robed person, an anxiousness immediately surfaced on her small face. She struggled for a moment, but failed to even slightly shake Mo Ran’s hand.

Eyeing Qing Lin who was being carried over, Xiao Yan heaved a sigh of relief. He extended his hand and wanted to receive Qing Lin when a change soared in the calm hall.


When Xiao Yan extended his hand, a clear voice suddenly sounded by his side. Immediately, the hard ground abruptly burst apart. Countless spacious green colored tree branches soared out from below the ground. After which, they twined together in a lightning like manner. In the blink of an eye, they formed a wooden cage, tightly locking Xiao Yan within it.

The sudden change caused everyone in the large hall including Nalan Yanran to all be at a loss. They did not expect that there was someone who would take the initiative to attack this Dou Huang.

During the time when everyone was at a loss, a pale-green colored human figure who was standing by a pillar like a servant in the hall, where everyone heads were moving, suddenly shot out. The green colored human figure’s speed was so fast to the point of terrifying. In the blink of an eye, she flashed to the front of the startled Mo Ran, extended her hands and pulled it back, scooping Qing Lin into his chest.

“You want to flee?” The green colored human figure grabbed Qing Lin. The tip of her foot pressed on the ground and swiftly left this place. However, a thick white flame raged out from within the wooden cage. In an instant, it completely incinerated the cage. With a soft cry, Xiao Yan’s feet that contained a ferocious force violently kicked at the green colored human figure’s head.

Sensing Xiao Yan’s ferocious attack, the green colored human figure waved his hand. An enormous wooden pillar suddenly soared from the ground. As sawdust flew everywhere, it successfully blocked Xiao Yan’s attack.

After blocking Xiao Yan, the body of the green colored figure twisted strangely in midair and shot toward the exterior of the hall.

“Old Hai, stop him!”

“Hei, there really was someone!” Just as the green colored human figure was about to exit the door, cold air swelled at the main entrance. In an instant, it agglomerated into a thick ice shield that completely blocked the main door.

The toe of the green colored human figure gently pressed on the ice shield before she pulled back somewhat helplessly. Her body leaped onto the top of a pillar and her gaze drifted toward Hai Bo Dong on a roof beam above. He laughed in a tender voice, “Ge ge (giggle), two Dou Huangs. I really did not expect that this Jia Ma Empire had so many hidden strong people. However, I am extremely interested in this little girl and will not casually let go.”

In the large hall, Xiao Yan leaped onto the top of another pillar in a lightning like manner. He coldly eyed the green clothed lady that was hiding her appearance. Between both his palms, thick white flames were swiftly rising.

Within the spacious hall, three majestic forces surged violently. As everyone in the hall lifted their heads to watched the three people on the roof beams, their faces were stunned...

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