Chapter 257: Killing Mo Cheng

Chapter 257: Killing Mo Cheng

Ge Ye’s body was like a falling leaf in the autumn breeze as he quickly shot back in a haggered manner. The tables and chairs along the way were shattered by the hidden force contained in Ge Ye when they came into contact with him.

Ge Ye’s pair of legs were dragged over the ground as he was pushed back by half the distance of the hall before his body came to a slow stop. His somewhat pale white face was covered by disbelief and shock.

“You…” Wiping off the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, Ge Ye breathed a few heavy coarse breaths. His heart was like a stormy sea. “That face… why does it appear a little familiar?”

In his mind, the tender face of the young master of the Xiao clan from three years ago, that was unyielding and stubborn, slowly surfaced from deep in his memories. When it overlapped with the face which he had just fleetingly glanced at, there was faintly quite a bit of likeness.


His heart suddenly trembled violently as Ge Ye’s chest swiftly rose and fell. He deeply inhaled a few mouthful of air and a moment later, shook his head. “I must have seen wrongly! Even if that young man had abandoned the reputation of being a cripple, it is definitely impossible for him to reach...

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