Chapter 257: Killing Mo Cheng

Chapter 257: Killing Mo Cheng

Ge Ye’s body was like a falling leaf in the autumn breeze as he quickly shot back in a haggered manner. The tables and chairs along the way were shattered by the hidden force contained in Ge Ye when they came into contact with him.

Ge Ye’s pair of legs were dragged over the ground as he was pushed back by half the distance of the hall before his body came to a slow stop. His somewhat pale white face was covered by disbelief and shock.

“You…” Wiping off the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, Ge Ye breathed a few heavy coarse breaths. His heart was like a stormy sea. “That face… why does it appear a little familiar?”

In his mind, the tender face of the young master of the Xiao clan from three years ago, that was unyielding and stubborn, slowly surfaced from deep in his memories. When it overlapped with the face which he had just fleetingly glanced at, there was faintly quite a bit of likeness.


His heart suddenly trembled violently as Ge Ye’s chest swiftly rose and fell. He deeply inhaled a few mouthful of air and a moment later, shook his head. “I must have seen wrongly! Even if that young man had abandoned the reputation of being a cripple, it is definitely impossible for him to reach this stage only a short three years."

In three years, a person who did not have the strength of even a Dou Zhe had raised his strength to the Dou Huang class? These kinds of words were something that Ge Ye dared to pat his chest and guarantee that even in the entire Dou Qi continent, there would not be a single person who could achieve that!

As his feelings slowly became calm, Ge Ye also began to doubt the face that he had fleetingly glanced at a moment ago. After pondering a little, his heart was had come to firmly believe a fact. His vision had indeed and definitely been blurred! After believing this in his heart, the shock on Ge Ye’s face finally began to slowly recover. He held his chest and coughed a couple of times. A thread of blood once again flowed out of the corner of his mouth. The palm attack from the black robed person earlier had indeed caused him to receive quite a serious injury.

“Uncle Ge, are you alright?” From the high platform, Nalan Yanran floated down to Ge Ye’s side. Concern surfaced on her pretty face as she urgently asked.

“*Cough*, I’m fine.” Ge Ye shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Eyeing Ge Ye’s pale face, Nalan Yanran’s eyebrows were lifted vertically. This was the first time that she had witnessed someone who dared to treat members of the Misty Cloud Sect in such a manner. Immediately, her pretty face became cold as she threw her gaze toward that black robed person. She coldly said, “Sir, can your actions today be interpreted as a provocation toward the Misty Cloud Sect?”

The black robed shook slightly. Nalan Yanran appeared to be able to sense the indifferent gaze that was shot from under the black robe. Immediately, she tightly held her hand, a fury was hidden in her heart.

“Other than bringing up the Misty Cloud Sect, what can you do? I will definitely take Mo Cheng’s life today. If you want to stop me, you can take action. You don’t need to use the Misty Cloud Sect and Yun Yun to scare me. Those won’t work on me.” The black robed person patted his sleeves. His voice carried some ridicule and cold laughter.

“You...:” Hearing the ridicule of the black robed person, a fury swarmed onto Nalan Yanran’s dark eyebrow. She coldly laughed, “You are a Dou Huang, I think that you cannot be someone without any reputation in the Jia Ma Empire. Since you insist on killing Mo Cheng today, please tell me your name. In the future, my Misty Cloud Sect will find sir and reason with you.”

“Reason with me? Ke ke, it should be Yun Yun bringing a few hundred people to reason together, no?” The black robed person shook his head and laughed tauntingly.

“Since you dare to kill Mo Cheng in front of so many strengths in the north-eastern region, why do you hide your head and show only your tail? With your strength, I think that it is not that you are afraid of the revenge from the Mo clan but rather you fear the Misty Cloud Sect behind the Mo clan, right?’ Nalan Yanran coldly said.

“It is not that I don’t dare, but I don’t want to. You need not be so anxious. I will sooner or later head to the Misty Cloud Sect. When that time comes, you will naturally be clear of my identity.” The black robed person said indifferently.

Hearing that the black robed person looked down on the Misty Cloud Sect in such a manner, Nalan Yanran bit her silver teeth gently and viciously said, “Good. Since you have this kind of courage, I will want to see if you really have the boldness to charge into the Misty Cloud Sect!”

“Are you done?” The black robe shook slightly. The person inside seemed to be shrugging his shoulders, “If you have said all that you want to, then please stop making noise. I am about to strike. If you want to block me, then please do. However, I would like to remind you that I will not show any mercy because of your identity. If you don’t want the Misty Cloud Sect to lose a successor, then just stay quietly at the side.”

Hearing this, Nalan Yanran’s red and sleek small mouth was tightly pressed together. Her bountiful chest rose and fell slightly, sweeping up an angle that was filled with temptation. Even though her heart was furious, she did not have any possible solutions. In this large hall, there was no one who could contend with this mysterious strong person. Moreover, the other party did not seem to fear the Misty Cloud Sect. Therefore, other than watching Mo Cheng becoming a spirit under his palm, she did not appear to have any other option.

Ignoring Nalan Yanran’s action behind him, the black robed person slowly turned around. He coldly eyed Mo Cheng who was relying on the platform pillar to stand up. On his palm, the thick white flame soared while carrying some iciness.

“This sir…” Seeing that the black robed person was about to deal the killing blow, the face of the head of the Mo clan, Mo Lan’s face became pale. Although he wanted to go forward to stop him, he could only forcefully suppress this impulse after seeing Ge Ye’s and Nalan Yanran’s fate awhile ago. This black robed person had clearly held back because of Ge Ye’s status. However, if they were to charge forward, the interior of the hall may likely recieve a couple more ice sculptures. Therefore, Mo Lan could only stand at a somewhat safer distance away from the black robed person and speak, “Sir, nothing has happened to that little girl called Qing Lin. As long as you are willing to let the First Elder off, our Mo clan is willing to compensate you in the terms that you dictate!”

The black robed person remained impassive at the words that Mo Lan had said. Under the observation of all the leaders in the hall, he slowly walked towards Mo Cheng. A faint dark and cold killing intent caused the interior of the hall to be shrouded in an icy atmosphere.

Eyeing the black robed person who did not even bother with him, Mo Lan smiled awkwardly. Under the pressure of such absolute strength, he could only give up the thought of attempting a rescue. The him whose heart was dejected could only hope that this Dou Huang, whose actions were extremely vicious, would not begin cleaning up the Mo clan after killing Mo Cheng. Otherwise, the Mo clan would really decline from a top strength to one which would not even be ranked.

It seemed that Mo Cheng also understood that the black robed person was determined to kill him. Therefore, he did not let out any useless begging for mercy. He eyed the black robed person walking over perniciously. HIs remaining left hand suddenly wiggled slightly.

“If you want to kill me, I will also leave a few scars on you!” With a sinister smile, Mo Cheng curled his body, which abruptly trembled. A ferocious hidden force shattered his sleeves. On the hand that was naked in the air, the veins were like numerous small snakes as they repeatedly pulsed. That hand had also suddenly became strangely larger. The originally normal nails also expanded by half an inch and its color had also became incomparably and oddly black.

Currently, Mo Cheng’s hand was completely detached from the normal shape of a human being. Looking at it, the hand appeared more like the limb of a Magic Beast.

A pale-red color gradually welled up within his arm. A moment later, his entire hand actually became completely red. When one looked at it, it was like a cluster of flames shaped into an arm.

“Breaking Mountain Arm? The First Elder actually transplanted the forearms of the rank five Magic Beast, ‘Fiery Breaking Mountain Rhinoceros’, that was in our clan’s collection, onto his body?” Eyeing Mo Cheng whose hand had become extremely vast, all the upper echelons of the Mo clan could not help but exclaim out involuntarily.

Mo Lan’s expression changed drastically as he eyed Mo Cheng’s hand. The corner of his mouth could not help but twitch. This thing that was the most precious item of the clan and had actually become the private property of Mo Cheng. As the head of the clan, his heart really had some fury.

“Go and die!” Staring evily at the black robed person, Mo Cheng’s feet violently stepped off the platform pillar behind him. His knee bent slightly as his body became like a cannon ball that shot directly at the black robed person.

As he charged forward, Mo Cheng’s somewhat large hand was dragged on the ground. The sharp fingers tore out five deep gullies on the hard ground.

Eyeing Mo Cheng, whose strength had suddenly become extremely terrifying, the expression of everyone in the room changed slightly. Although they had heard that the members of the Mo clan could transplant the limbs of the Magic Beast to replace their original organs, they had never seen just how great of a change the transplantation could bring.

Standing on the spot, the black robed person eyed Mo Cheng, whose eyes had become totally red and completely stressed with blood. He softly and coldly said with a smile, “What a pitiful fellow, it appears that when you have obtained the Magic Beast strength, your mental state was gradually eroded by the beast’s nature. The most outstanding portion of your so called transplantation seems to be transforming a person into a Magic Beast which only knows how to kill, right?”

“Bastard, go and die!”

Mu Cheng widened his eyes furiously on his vicious face. His feet violently stomped on the ground and his body shot toward the top of the head of the black robed person. His enormous palm was ruthlessly swung downwards. The moment that his hand was waved, the air was actually smashed until it created an ear piercing explosion from this terrifying force.

At the feet of this black robed person, the tough ground began to crack inch by inch under the pressuring of this terrifying force in the air.

Sensing the violent attack of the force above his head, the black robed person slowly raised his head. He clearly revealed the delicate and handsome face under the black robed to the sight of Mo Cheng, whose eyes were crimson.

Even though his mind had already entered a wild state at the moment, a disbelieving shock that was difficult to hide involuntarily surfaced in Mo Cheng’s crimson eyes when he saw the young clear youth like face of the black robed person.

“It's over…” The delicate and handsome face was expressionless as he eyed the shocked Mo Cheng. He slowly lifted his palm. On it, a flame seedling of the thick white fame was writhing slightly. An instant later, it suddenly shot out as though it was shot by a flamethrower.

The ghastly thick white flame shot into midair and wrapped Mo Cheng within it. Under the view of everyone, a thick white icy layer suddenly appeared on the surface of the body of Mo Cheng who was being surrounded by the flame. In the blink of an eye, it completely wrapped him in a life-like ice sculpture.

The ‘Bone Chilling Flame’, a mixture of extreme heat and extreme cold. When it was extremely hot, it incinerates everything, when it was extremely cold, it freezes the land…

From midair, the ice sculpture weakly descended. On it, one could still see the shock and ferociousness on its face just before death.

“Ka Cha…”

The ice sculpture landed on the ground and under the observation of numerous people and burst apart. Within it, not even the corpse was left…

As everyone eyed the white colored ice gradually melting on the bright carpet, the interior of the hall was as quiet as death...

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