Chapter 255: Smashing the Scene

Chapter 255: Smashing the Scene

The sudden appearance of the black robed human figure abruptly attracted all the gazes over. After everyone felt somewhat stunned, they immediately eyed Mo Cheng, whose expression had suddenly become dark. At the moment, everyone mourned for that black robed person in their hearts. With Mo Cheng who was extremely particular about his reputation, finding fault with him on such a place and occasion was undoubtedly touching a taboo.

The black robed person who had suddenly appeared also caused Nalan Yanran and Ge Ye to be shocked as they exchanged glances. They had recognized this black robed person to be the one they had met at the inn today. Their eyebrows were pressed together. Clearly, this mysterious black robed person did not come with good intention.

“Who are you?” Mo Cheng’s gaze coldly and darkly glanced at the black robed person below before asking in a deep voice as he frowned.

“You should be Mo Cheng, no? I have been looking for you to inquire about some things.” The voice that was emitted under the black robe was young and smooth. It did not have any change because of the biting expression of Mo Cheng.

“Today is a joyous day in our Mo clan, could you please give us some respite. If you have anything, we can discuss...

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