Chapter 254: Mo Alliance

Chapter 254: Mo Alliance

The spacious large hall was overcrowded with people and was extremely lively. A joyous atmosphere permeated within it.

On the special seats that had been arranged in the hall, many leaders or representatives that came from the eastern regions of the Jia Ma Empire were seated. Although many people were anxious for the Mo clan’s downfall, they still needed to perform these surface actions properly when faced with the strongest strength in the Jia Ma Empire’s eastern region.

On the leader’s seat in of the hall, a white-haired old man in finery was cupping his hands together and greeting the guests who were coming and going below him. He seemed to be greatly enjoying being the focus of countless envious gazes. The joy on the old man’s face was accompanied by a proud smile that had never been interrupted.

The old man was the Mo clan’s first elder, Mo Cheng. At the same time, he was also a pillar of the Mo clan. He took most of the credit for the Mo clan being able to have its current status.

“The arrival of the Yan city governor, Lord Bo Er!”

A loud and clear notice from the main door was transmitted into the hall, causing the noisy hall to become slightly quiet. Numerous bizarre gazes were swept towards the main door. Usually, the officials from the empire would not take the initiative to join the celebration of the local strengths. However, this governor of the Yan...

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