Chapter 254: Mo Alliance

Chapter 254: Mo Alliance

The spacious large hall was overcrowded with people and was extremely lively. A joyous atmosphere permeated within it.

On the special seats that had been arranged in the hall, many leaders or representatives that came from the eastern regions of the Jia Ma Empire were seated. Although many people were anxious for the Mo clan’s downfall, they still needed to perform these surface actions properly when faced with the strongest strength in the Jia Ma Empire’s eastern region.

On the leader’s seat in of the hall, a white-haired old man in finery was cupping his hands together and greeting the guests who were coming and going below him. He seemed to be greatly enjoying being the focus of countless envious gazes. The joy on the old man’s face was accompanied by a proud smile that had never been interrupted.

The old man was the Mo clan’s first elder, Mo Cheng. At the same time, he was also a pillar of the Mo clan. He took most of the credit for the Mo clan being able to have its current status.

“The arrival of the Yan city governor, Lord Bo Er!”

A loud and clear notice from the main door was transmitted into the hall, causing the noisy hall to become slightly quiet. Numerous bizarre gazes were swept towards the main door. Usually, the officials from the empire would not take the initiative to join the celebration of the local strengths. However, this governor of the Yan city had come to congratulate in front of a large crowd. This action caused everyone to understand in their hearts that this Mo clan had already opened up all the joints within the Yan city.

TL: opened up all the joints - establish good relationships through bribery

Having obtained the support from the officials as well as possessing the backing of the Misty Cloud Sect, it was little wonder why the Mo clan’s strength had soared during these last few years. They even faintly held the feeling of becoming the only head of all the strengths in the eastern region. “Ke ke, First Elder Mo Cheng, congratulations.” At the main door, a group of people were clustered around a middle-aged fat man who was dressed with splendor. With a face that was full of smiles, the latter said warmly to Mo Cheng on the platform.

“Ke ke, Lord Bo Er, I have troubled you to have come personally. Please come in.” Mo Cheng smiled at this fat person who had fished a large amount of wealth from the Mo clan in these few years. An icy killing intent flashed in Mo Cheng’s heart. However, his face carried a smile as his humble hand pointed to a special seat on the platform beside him.

After having a smiling conversation with this governor of Yan city, another loud and clear notice sounded from the main door.

“The arrival of the head of the Ye clan, Mister Ye Cong!”

Hearing this name, Mo Cheng was momentarily stunned. Immediately, an expression that was between smiling and not smiling surfaced on his face. This Ye clan was one of the other three large clans in the north-eastern region. Although its strength was slightly weaker than the flourishing Mo clan, after many years of accumulation, the Ye clan’s strength could not be underestimated. The reason for Mo Cheng to display this kind of expression was naturally due to the head of the Ye clan personally coming to congratulate him. Under normal circumstances, the relationship between the four large clans of the north-eastern region was like fire and water. A thing like celebrating for the other party was something they would definitely not do. However, the Ye clan’s current somewhat unexpected action obviously implied that they wanted to curry favor and to submit. Clearly, as the strength of the Mo clan soared, this Ye clan’s feeling of enmity had also been shaken significantly.

“Ha ha, Old Lord Mo Cheng has really maintained his health and strength in old age. This north-eastern territory will soon be completely eaten by Old Lord.” A middle aged man who was skinny looking laughed loudly as he walked into the hall before facing Mo Cheng on the platform and said.

“Ke ke, it’s really unexpected that Clan Head Ye Cong had also hurried over. The old me is really honored.” Mo Cheng laughed as he conversed with Ye Cong with a superficial smile before leading him to a higher seat.

Following which, a large number of leaders with high statuses from different strengths in the north-eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire came one after another. In only a short while, this noisy hall had actually gathered around seventy to eighty percent of the strengths in this north-eastern region. This could be considered a rare grand event.

Eyeing the hall that was filled with important guests, the smile on Mo Cheng’s face also became increasingly dense. In the north-eastern region, other than their Mo clan, there were no other clans which had this kind of gathering ability.

The smile on Mo Cheng’s face finally became like a Chrysanthemum blooming after hearing another notice. He personally descended from the platform and took hurried steps to the main door.

Being the focal point of the entire place, Mo Cheng’s action was naturally noticed by everyone. When they saw that he actually personally went out to greet, everyone felt stunned. They could not help but whisper privately amongst themselves. In this eastern region, there were not many who could cause the First Elder of the Mo clan to provide such earnest treatment.

At the main door, a group of people were clustered together. The leader of the group was a lady wearing a moon-colored dress, taking fine steps as she slowly entered the main door. Her beautiful and moving face carried a faint smile. The occasional people around who recognized her identity could not help but adopt a shock-filled face.

“Ha ha, Niece Nalan, I did not expect that you would personally come. Your presence really brings light to all of our Mo clan.” Eyeing the moon-robed young lady, the smile on Mo Cheng’s face flourished. He moved closer as his address was extremely affectionate.

TL: The niece here is an affectionate term, they are not blood related

“It actually is the personal disciple of the Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Nalan Yanran? Hei, no wonder this Mo Cheng is so excited.”

“This old fellow would likely flaunt this event for god knows how long.”

“Ugh, looks like the Misty Cloud Sect view the Mo clan with increasing importance. This time around, even the future leader of the Misty Cloud Sect has hurried over.”

After recognizing the identity of the moon-robed beautiful lady, everyone in the large hall had envy-filled faces as they quietly sighed. The Misty Cloud Sect, this enormous being that stood at the peak of the Jia Ma Empire, undoubtedly possessed a great pressurizing force, like a tall mountain peak that was too high to reach, in the hearts of these middle-to-lower level strengths. The ability of the Mo clan to be tied to them had caused an unknown number of people’s jealous eyes to redden.

“Elder Mo Cheng is too polite, Yanran is only following Teacher’s orders.” Nalan Yanran’s gaze swept once around the interior of the hall. She saw that these people included the leaders of seventy to eighty percent of the strengths in the eastern regions. An unknown and surprised feeling flashed across the deep regions of her pretty eyes as she lowered her head and said with a reserved smile.

“Ke ke, Niece Yanran, Elder Ge Ye, please come in!” After laughing loudly toward Nalan Yanran and Ge Ye behind her, Mo Cheng turned around and personally led the way. He led the two of them all the way to the leader’s seat before sitting down beside the two. He laughed loudly as he continued to converse with the two of them.

In the noisy large hall, numerous obscured gazes repeatedly swept over Nalan Yanran’s pretty body. This lady who is said to be able to become the person in charge of the Misty Cloud Sect in the future had undoubtedly become the focal point of the large hall.

The head of the Ye clan, Ye Cong, on the other side had a face filled with envy as he eyed Mo Cheng who was affectionately conversing and laughing with Nalan Yanran. A long while later, his heart helplessly sighed as his face was filled with bitterness. Although he wanted to thicken his skin and move closer to the future Misty Cloud Sect Leader to pull their relationship closer together, he could only smile bitterly and shake his head after weighing both of their statuses. He lifted the tea cup by his side and violently poured it into his mouth. In his heart, he was already calculating if he should collaborate with the Mo clan as soon as possible to prevent being suddenly and totally finished off by the Mo clan, whose strength will being soaring in the future.

When everyone in the hall was having different thoughts in their hearts, two black robed human figures arrived over everyone. They mysteriously appeared and their feet faintly stepped on the crossbeam. Their gazes swept through the hall, paused at Nalan Yanran for a moment before shifting to Mo Cheng by the side…

“Is that person the First Elder of the Mo clan, Mo Cheng, also called Executioner Mo by people?” Xiao Yan asked faintly as his gaze swept across the smiling-faced, skinny old man.

“Yes.” Hai Bo Dong nodded his head slightly. He turned it to face Xiao Yan and said, “What do you intend to do next?”

“Smash the place apart… According to what you have said, we will first beat that old bastard until he is seriously wounded and then let them hand the person over. Mo Cheng is almost like a pillar that cannot fall in the Mo clan. Therefore, I think his life should have some value.” Xiao Yan’s palm was inserted in his sleeves as he coldly spoke. His gaze was like that of a poisonous snake as he stared intently at Mo Cheng.

“What an unlucky guy. He actually met Xiao Yan, this fiend, on such a day.” Hearing this, Hai Bo Dong nodded his head as he took a few minutes to silently pity Mo Cheng below who was flushed with success.

In the large hall, Mo Cheng finally stopped his conversation and slowly stood up. His gaze looked around at the strengths from different places in the hall. He smiled and pressed his hands together. Instantly, the noisy atmosphere gradually began to quiet down. Numerous gazes were turned to him.

“Ke ke, I am extremely thankful that all of you are able to attend the banquet of these old bones of mine. I think it is written clearly in the invitation cards that each of you have: the main purpose of the gathering this time around is to discuss an important thing with everyone.” Seeing that the atmosphere had gradually calmed down, Mo Cheng smiled and said.

Hearing these words of Mo Cheng, the ears of everyone in the hall immediately became vertical.

“Recently, after a discussion within our Mo clan, we are preparing to form a Mo Alliance… This alliance is not any strict organization. It only intends to let some strengths with good relations gather together and then work together to obtain some extremely good benefits for everyone. After all, one person’s strength could not be compared with the strength of a few clans… Moreover, I will promise everyone here that as long as you join the Mo Alliance, you will be an ally of the Mo clan and would be able to enjoy the Mo clan’s information network and fighting assistance… What do all of you think? If you are interested in the Mo Alliance, we can all work together.” Mo Cheng said with a smile.

Hearing Mo Cheng’s words, everyone in the hall had different expressions. Although Mo Cheng may say that it was not a strict organization, it was clear that once they joined this so-called Mo Alliance, it would be like having the symbol of the Mo clan stamped on them. They may be able to obtain the protection from the Mo clan but this was not much different from being incorporated into the Mo clan.

The interior of the hall entered into a short silence. A long while later, there were finally some weak and small strengths who said they were willing to join the Mo Alliance one after another. There were many among them who had already made up their minds to depend on the Mo clan before coming to this celebration.

With someone taking the lead, some of the middle-sized strengths who feared the Mo clan and were afraid that they would enter its blacklist chose to join after hesitating for a while.

Seated on the leader’s chair, Nalan Yanran eyed the strengths that were continuously pouring over to the Mo clan and her eyebrows were knit together without anyone noticing. She tilted her head gently and exchanged glances with Ge Ye. An unknown meaning flashed in their eyes.

With a smile filled face, Mo Cheng eyed those strengths that had chosen to join. Although their current numbers were not very big, Mo Cheng did not feel anxious. This was only his initial plan. When the Mo clan began to display its strength in the future, he believed that everyone seated here would know how to choose.

Laughing somewhat proudly in his heart, Mo Cheng smiled and said, “Although the Mo Alliance is quite loose, it still needs a person in charge…”

“Naturally, First Elder Mo Cheng is most suitable to be the one in charge.” Before Mo Cheng had completed what he wanted to say, there was a flattering voice that sounded in the hall. There were also a large number of people echoing the same thoughts.

“Ke ke, thank you everyone for your kindness. The old me shall be a little disrespectful then. I will temporarily take charge of this Mo Alliance.” Without caring if there was anyone who had an opposing view, Mo Cheng waved his hand and decided it in this manner.

Watching this Mo Cheng who appeared to be directing and acting by himself, some people in the hall was speechless. Was this old person not too thick-skinned?

“I’m sorry, First Elder Mo. I think that you will temporarily not have the time to manage being the Mo Alliance’s person in charge…”

In the quiet hall, a faint voice suddenly sounded inappropriately. A black robed strangely flashed into the middle of the hall. Under the black robe, a pair of dark and cold eyes glanced at Mo Cheng who had a gloomy expression on the high platform.

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