Chapter 251: Hiring A Long Time Fighter

Chapter 251: Hiring A Long Time Fighter

As first rays of the morning sun leaked through the patterned window, speckles of light could be seen illuminated on the floor boards, forming an image just like a blooming flower, warm and beautiful.

In the room, Xiao Yan, who was seated in a crossed-legged position on the green lotus, slowly opened his eyes. A faint green glow that was emitted from the pitch black pupil suddenly flashed, and disappeared in seconds.

Stretching his body, Xiao Yan took in a light breath of the cool morning air, a comfortable feeling surged in between his heart and lungs which gradually spread through his whole body.

After a night’s rest, the exhaustion on Xiao Yan’s face has completely disappeared, he gently came down from the Green Lotus Seat. With a wave of his palm, the Green Lotus Seat turned into a blur of green light and was sucked back into the storage ring.

Straightening his clothes, Xiao Yan opened the door and entered the living room. Sweeping his eyes, he discovered that Hai Bo Dong had already woken up and was standing at the window, quietly staring out the window at the noisy street with his arms held behind his back.

Aware that Xiao Yan had come out, Hai Bo Dong turned around showing his teeth and smiled, saying: “Seeing your current state, you seem to have adjusted well, haven’t you?”

Nodding his head with a smile, Xiao Yan flicked out a wide black robe, and said while smiling: “Come on, lets take advantage of the Mo clan being busy today. We will first go in to look for Qing Ling, then we will give the old guy from the Mo clan a good birthday celebration…”

“Looking at the murderous expression on your face, it seems like the Mo clan’s happy occasion would quickly change into a funeral arrangement.” Hai Bo Dong looked at the cold expression on Xiao Yan’s face and raised an eyebrow as he joked.

“Since he can order people to obliterate the Desert Metal Mercenary Company, he naturally must have some preparations in case of revenge. Although I am not willing to exterminate his family at this moment, there is no reason to hesitate about killing the old man.” Xiao Yan put both of his hands into his sleeves, smiled and said: “In addition, with the Mo clan losing their main support, I’m afraid that the position of their clan will rapidly decline. At that time, the three large clans of the Eastern Province would not give up trying to gobble up the territory of the Mo clan.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the Misty Cloud Sect would come to help him take revenge?”

“Old man Hai, do you think that the Misty Cloud Sect would come to kill two Dou Huang practitioners just because of the death of a minor minister?” Xiao Yan smiled.

“Two Dou Huang practitioners?” Hai Bo Dong blinked. After a long while, he rolled his eyes and said: "I have already mentioned that I do not want you to drag me into it; this is a matter between you and them, and I am not related."

“Is the old man Hai scared of the Misty Cloud Sect?” Xiao yan said while smiling.

“Sigh, don’t use such lowly methods to goad me and fight. Although I am wary of the Misty Cloud Sect, it’s a long way from me being scared. I just do not want to anger them with no reason but because of you. Once my debt to you is over, I will regain my freedom and leave to the high skies and wide land.” Hai Bo Dong threw out words of withdrawal.

Playing around with a exquisite wooden table cup, Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before sweeping his eyes up and down Hai Bo Dong, smiling authentically: "Old man Hai, what starred Dou Huang are you right now?"

“Two stars. Why do you ask?" when faced with this question, Hai Bo Dong’s face turned stiff and bitterly replied.

"Oh, then could I ask how many stars did you have before you were sealed?" Xiao Yan had a treacherous smile on his face, like a fox staring at a coveted rabbit.

"Five Star." Hai Bo Dong said, while glancing at Xiao Yan.

"Five star Dou Huang......, So it seems, although the old man Hai’s seal had been broken, he still cannot return to his previous peak." Xiao Yan said with some regret.

Pouting his mouth, Hai Bo Dong waved his sleeve at Xiao Yan and said: “I have been sealed for decades, it is impossible for my strength to revert in an instant. I will only need… maybe four to five years before my strength will return to it’s peak.”

“Ha ha, I am scared that Old Mister Hai himself isn’t too sure about his words. As we all know that sometimes, recovering one’s strength after losing it may take longer than the time needed for promotion. Who knows how long it will take?” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head.

"Xiao Yan, what are you trying to say?" Hai Bo Dong asked as he glanced and scowled at the strange smile on Xiao Yan face.

I just want to say, I might be able to let the Old Mister Hai recover his lost strength from the seal within a year's time and with no significant side effects. "Xiao Yan fingers gently tapped the cup on the wood, chuckling.

Hai Bo Dong’s old face slightly changed as he heard what Xiao Yan had just said. His murky pupils showed a hint of surprise but rapidly returned to normal after a short moment. Prudently staring at green flames, he hesitated and asked: "What way?”

"Have you ever heard of the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill'?" Xiao Yan asked as his slender fingers gently tapped. Looking at Hai Bo Dong’s slightly dazed look, he couldn’t help but laugh. “This is a kind of tier 5 pill, although it isn’t of a very high tier, the materials needed for concocting the pill is quite hard to find. Its role is to be able to cause seals, or recession of strength of the body caused by injuries to be completely repaired. This type of pill is very appropriate for Old Mister Hai.”

"Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill? " Hai Bo Dong muttered several times with a special look of joy on his face. His eyes firmly fixed on Xiao Yan, licked his lips and said:" Well, what you need as payment? "Hai Bo Dong could not believe that Xiao Yan, a person who wouldn’t wake up early unless there was a profit to be made, would be so kind and help him with no reason.

"He he ......" after he heard this, Xiao Yan smiled just like a cunning fox: "Since the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill herbs are quite difficult to put together, it takes a lot of time to collect these herbs. I will take care of the herbs needed for the pill, however, before I refine the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill, Old Minster Hai must stay by my side ...... "

"...... What are you looking for is a long term fighter, right?" Hy Bo Dong said with his eyes twitching, immediately guessing the purpose of Xian Yan.

Xiao Yan had a smile on his face and did not deny Hai Bo Dong’s words.

Looking at Xiao Yan’s smiling face, Hai Bo Dong, frowned, his face showing unhappiness. No matter what, Hai Bo Dong was a strong Dou Huang and he naturally did not feel very pleased when letting Xiao Yan use him as a fighter.

“Old Mister Hai, you should know, rely on your own strength. If not for some special luck, I fear that it is extremely difficult for you to return to your peak within a decade. As long as you stay by my side as a guard for a small duration, you can save a decade. This deal looks really good, do you know the amount of things you can do in a decade? "Xiao Yan teasingly said, continuing to hit the weak last defense in Hai Bo Dong’s heart.

Wearing a calm expression, Hai Bo Dong’s heart continued to struggle. Xiao Yan did not bother to speak again, quietly sitting in a chair, waiting for Hai Bo Dong’s reply.

The spacious living room had a slightly dull and silent atmosphere. After a good long while, Hai Bo Dong reluctantly sighed and looked up staring at Xiao Yan. With a low voice, he said: "I do not care exactly how rare those herbs are, I'll give you a year. Within this year, I will guard you and protect your safety. However, you have to bring those herbs together and then help me refine the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill in this period of time! Otherwise, if you spend several years collecting herbs, doesn’t that mean that I have to keep on staying on your side for several years?"

"Oh, no problem!" Hearing this, Xiao Yan slightly waved and replied. Smiling and nodding his head, he thought: a Dou Huang level bodyguard, this could be counted as a rare occurrence. In the future, he may offend the monstrous and tyrannical Misty Cloud Sect and to have such a strong and experienced person by his side would save him a lot of strength.

Although Yao Lao and Xiao Yan secretly put something into Hai Bo Dongs’s body, Xiao Yan didn’t dare to say such things out loud. No matter what, Hai Bo Dong was still a Dou Huang practitioner with extremely high dignity. He could make transactions with others but absolutely would not tolerate threats.

If Xiao Yan really insisted on using this thing within Hai Bo Dong’s body to stress him and force him to become his guardian. The instant he hears it, the once reputed Jia Ma Empire Ice Emperor, would disregard his own life and immediately attack in fury. From a fight with a Dou Huang gone mad, even with Yao Lao’s protection, would definitely not end in a good outcome.

Therefore, if it was possible to use mutually satisfactory conditions to solve this problem, it was naturally the best outcome.

Looking at Hai Bo Dong’s slightly helpless face, Xiao Yan’s palm gently stroked the Heavy Xuan Ruler that hid under his black robes, his face showing a proud smile.

After a thinking about the bitter tasks he would face in this year, Hai Bo Dong took out a piece of parchment from his spatial ring and threw onto the table, helplessly saying: “This is the fruit of going out to the streets while you were practicing last night. This is a rough map of the Mo clan, with this map you should have success in finding the little girl called Qing Ling.”

Hearing this, a touch of surprise surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. He grabbed the map and looked at it carefully. He could not help but shake his head and exclaim: "It seems like hiring Mister Hai as a bodyguard was an extremely wise decision.”

Faced with Xiao Yan's praise, Hai Bo Dong’s mouth twitched a bit, not bothering too much.

After sizing up the map, Xiao Yan carefully put the map away and stood up. The hood of his large black cloak was put down, which made Xiao Yan suddenly look like he was being shrouded in shadows.

"Lets go, towards the Mo clan." With his body wrapped tightly, Xiao Yan smiled at Hai Bo Dong and turned to the door of the room to leave. Behind him, Hai Bo Dong also reluctantly put on the black robe, following Xiao Yan out of the room.

Once out of the room, Xiao Yan closed the door behind him, then walked down the corridor, followed by the stairs.

Near the door of the inn, a delicate woman dressed in a tight-fitting gown that had the color of the moon was quietly standing. Her exquisitely seductive figure, wrapped in the moon robe, had a unique charm.

At this moment, she was smiling and was beside Ling Lin happily chatting. At the hall, several fiery gazes were quietly focused on that gracefully tender body.

After the slow descent down the last flight of stairs, Xiao Yan suddenly raised his head slightly, looking casually down the front door at the moment. When his eyes swept across, he saw a faint trace of a woman with unattainable temperament in the moon robe. Suddenly, his moving feet became frozen. It was as if Xiao Yan had been struck by lightning and was stiff on the spot!

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