Chapter 251: Hiring A Long Time Fighter

Chapter 251: Hiring A Long Time Fighter

As first rays of the morning sun leaked through the patterned window, speckles of light could be seen illuminated on the floor boards, forming an image just like a blooming flower, warm and beautiful.

In the room, Xiao Yan, who was seated in a crossed-legged position on the green lotus, slowly opened his eyes. A faint green glow that was emitted from the pitch black pupil suddenly flashed, and disappeared in seconds.

Stretching his body, Xiao Yan took in a light breath of the cool morning air, a comfortable feeling surged in between his heart and lungs which gradually spread through his whole body.

After a night’s rest, the exhaustion on Xiao Yan’s face has completely disappeared, he gently came down from the Green Lotus Seat. With a wave of his palm, the Green Lotus Seat turned into a blur of green light and was sucked back into the storage ring.

Straightening his clothes, Xiao Yan opened the door and entered the living room. Sweeping his eyes, he discovered that Hai Bo Dong had already woken up and was standing at the window, quietly staring out the window at the noisy street with his...

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