Chapter 250: Rest

Chapter 250: Rest

Eyeing the lady who was leaping over with a face filled with joy, the moon robed lady laughed softly. Her smile was reserved, holding a hidden nobility. It did not cause people to feel that it was cold but rather, it possessed an aloofness that gave people a superficial feeling. Regardless of everything, the three years had caused the immature young lady to become much more mature.

Everyone in the hall swept their eyes over the smile that had surfaced on the moon robed lady’s beautiful face. All of them could not help but be dazzled.

After the moon robed woman entered, an old man in the same clothes also walked in, smiling. He stood behind the young lady. As his old eyes opened and closed, there would occasionally be a brilliant light flashing past. The shrivelled hand that was stretched outside his sleeves wiggled without any rhythm, much like sharp eagle claws.

Once Ling Lin had greeted the moon robed lady, she smiled and said sweetly to the old man behind, “Old Mister Ge Ye.”

“Ke ke, after not seeing you for a few years, Ling Lin is really becoming more and more beautiful.” The old man who was addressed as Ge Ye laughed and nodded.

A crimson color surfaced on...

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