Chapter 249: Nalan!

Chapter 249: Nalan!

After passing through the somewhat deep and dark tunnel under the city wall, a piercing sunlight suddenly shined down, causing Xiao Yan to squint.

A moment later, when his eyes adjusted to the sunlight, Xiao Yan’s eyes widened. Bustling and seething sounds also began to fill his ears.

Once he had widened his eyes, the enormous interior of the city suddenly appeared in his sight. Standing at the exit of the city wall, Xiao Yan lifted his head and eyed the packed and luxurious looking shops by the two sides of the streets, as well as the flow of people coming and going. He could not help but praise the size of the city. This city was worthy of being the largest city in the eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire. This kind of crowd numbers and the extent of luxury could be compared to the numbers of the Black Rock City that Xiao Yan had previously visited.

Standing on the street, Xiao Yan rubbed his ears, which had swollen painfully because of the sudden explosion of noise. A tiredness that was difficult to hide rose in his eyes. He rubbed his temples, turned his head around and said with a smile to Hai Bo Dong at his side, “We have continuously rushed toward here for nearly two days. Shall we first find a place to rest for a while and inquire about information on the Mo clan?”

“Ok, it’s just as well.” Hearing this, Hai Bo Dong nodded his head slightly. Although his ability to withstand tiredness far exceeded ordinary people after he had entered the realm of a Dou Huang, the two days of non-stop flying had largely exhausted his Dou Qi. He would naturally not disagree with being able to rest for a moment.

Seeing Hai Bo Dong nodding his head, Xiao Yan smiled and led the way into the streets. After which, they followed the flow of people and slowly walked forward.

Along the way, the complicated shops around Xiao Yan that caused people to be dazzled only caused Xiao Yan to feel a little surprised. After walking to the end...

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