Chapter 248: Yan City

Chapter 248: Yan City

The two faint rays of light flew past the skyline like falling stars. In an instant, they disappeared over the horizon.

Flying by Xiao Yan’s side, Hai Bo Dong tilted his head and used the moonlight to eye the young man. At the moment, the foreign terrifying Qi in his body had already completely disappeared. Replacing it was still that Dou Shi level Qi.

Sizing Xiao Yan’s two drastic changes up with turbid old eyes, Hai Bo Dong mused for a long time with his eyebrows pressed together. A moment later, he suddenly said, “Little Brother Xiao Yan, that foreign Qi that can be compared to a Dou Huang is not really emitted by you, no?”

Hai Bo Dong’s sudden words caused Xiao Yan’s flying speed to be slightly reduced. The latter turned around, eyed Hai Bo Dong and said with a faint smile, “Old Mister Hai, why would you say this?”

“Although I do not deny Little Brother Xiao Yan’s outstanding training talent, honestly speaking, after roaming around for so many years, I have seen people with similar training talent as you, but they at most possess a Dou Shi or a Da Dou Shi strength at your age. As for Dou Huang, that’s definitely impossible.” Hai Bo Dong replied with a smile, “Therefore, after sensing the foreign Qi in your body, I think that you have activated something that no one knows about. Ke ke, in other words, that strength does not actually belong to you.”

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows raised slightly. He glanced at Hai Bo Dong, and a moment later, he responded with a smile, “Old Mister Hai really lives up to his reputation as a Dou Huang. Your eyes are indeed sharp.”

Regarding this point, Xiao Yan did not directly deny anything. He clearly understood that the strong people at the Dou Huang class would already be able to sense the difference between his own Qi and Yao Lao’s Qi. However, it was fortunate that Hai Bo Dong was not an alchemist. Otherwise, with the enormous strong Spiritual Perception of a Dou Huang class alchemist, Yao Lao’s spirit would have nowhere to hide and would be discovered by the person. This was also the reason why Yao Lao had adopted a careful silence back in the desert when Pill-King Gu He appeared. Although Gu He may not be able to completely sense Ya Lao existence, but by relying on his enormously strong Spiritual Perception, he would be able to know that the strength was definitely not owned by Xiao Yan.

Hearing that Xiao Yan had no intention of denying what he said, shock clearly flashed over Hai Bo Dong’s face. However, he knew better than to continue inquiring.

“Ke ke, that strength may indeed not belong to me, but Old Mister Hai just needs to know that I am able to control it to contend with a Dou Huang.” Xiao Yan smiled and said with a deep meaning.

Hai Bo Dong smiled and nodded his head. Indeed, regardless of the origin of that strength, Xiao Yan was at least able to control it. In that case, he was a strong person who could contend with a Dou Huang. As long as one’s hand held strength, all doubt and provocations would collapse on themselves without a need to attack.

Seeing that Hai Bo Dong did not say anything else, Xiao Yan smiled slightly. The other party was a smart person. He knew that something like strength was not divided by origin. Whoever possessed it would have the right to speak.

“Let’s go. We shall try to hurry to Yan City before daylight. However, I am not very certain about the path to Yan City. Therefore, I will have to rely on Old Mister Hai.” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“Ke ke, although I have stayed in Desert City for decades, I have been manufacturing maps everyday. I am extremely familiar with these routes. Follow me.” Hai Bo Dong smiled and flapped his pair of icy cold wings. His speed soared.

Eyeing Hai Bo Dong who had suddenly raised his speed, Xiao Yan nodded his head. His Purple Cloud Wings flapped, and he hurried to catch up.

In the night sky, two rays of light flashed by. The silver moon high in the sky gradually descended.

Yan City was seated on the eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire. The spacious large roads that led to and from it caused it to become a place one must pass through in order to head to the eastern region of the empire from its central region. The position that it occupied was quite fortunate. Therefore, this city that was known as the largest one in the eastern region of the Jia Ma Empire was heavily guarded by the empire all year round.

Within Yan City, other than the empire’s strengths, the strongest one was naturally the destination of Xiao Yan’s and Hai Bo Dong’s journey, the Mo clan!

Due to the overbearing monopoly of the Mo clan, nearly sixty percent of the property in Yan City belonged to the Mo clan. The profits from each year, even after deducting the large wealth needed to pay the necessary taxes and those needed to ease relationships, were enough to make the Mo Clan increasingly fat.

A large tree was prone to the wind but with the backing of the enormous monster called Misty Cloud Sect, even the Jia Ma Empire royalty would not easily find trouble with the Mo clan. Therefore, by developing on like this without any worries, the strength known as the Mo clan seemed to have become the overlord of Yan City. Were it not for the three other large clans in the eastern region keeping it in check, the strength of the Mo clan would have expanded to the other big cities.

Even with the other three clans hindering its development, these few years, the Mo clan had been able begin to steadily suppress the other three large clans relying on its strong backing, just like an overlord being at the top.

After a day of non-stop hurrying through their journey, Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong gradually approached the territory of Yan City. When the silver moon in the sky changed into a hot sun, the outline of a large city emitting a tread of ferociousness finally appeared at the edge of their vision. Under the sunlight from the sky, the distant huge city was like an ancient fierce beast that was creeping on the ground.

Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong landed a few hundred meters from Yan City. They rested for a moment before they each put on a huge long black colored cloaks. The spacious long cloaks completely covered the two people’s bodies within them. A black cloth that was lowered from the top of their heads prevented people from clearly seeing their faces.

Although Xiao Yan did not fear the Mo clan, being able settle the matter perfectly while concealing his identity was naturally for the best. Moreover, Hai Bo Dong had also said that he did not want to overtly offend the Misty Cloud Sect. Clearly this enormous monster that had dominated the Jia Ma Empire was something that even this person once known as the Ice Emperor feared.

After changing their attire, the two people followed along the spacious main road and walked slowly toward the towering huge city that was not far away.

As they neared the city gate, Xiao Yan was somewhat stunned to see tens of fully armed soldiers at the city’s entrance. They stood at the two sides of the city wall and their sharp gazes continued to sweep across the passersby coming and going.

Seeing the seemingly tight security, Xiao Yan’s eyebrows were pressed slightly together. This place could be considered to be quite far from the Jia Ma Empire border. Why was the defence here even tighter than that of Desert City?

Shaking their heads somewhat doubtfully, Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong exchanged glances. They pulled aside the black colored ‘Doupeng’ and quietly queued behind, following the queue as they slowly headed into the interior of the city.

TL: Doupeng - a conical straw hat with a long cloth fixed on the tip. The cloth hides the person face - it’s like a cloak.

“Ugh, what grandeur. The Mo clan is indeed the largest clan in Yan City.” While they were queuing, the few men wearing mercenary uniforms in front of Xiao Yan began to converse amongst themselves, perhaps as a result as of boredom.

“Hee hee, today appears to be the birthday of the First Elder of the Mo clan, Mo Cheng. I heard that not only did the many strengths in this eastern region hurry over to congratulate him, but the Misty Cloud Sect had also sent someone over.”

“Oh? The Misty Cloud Sect has also sent someone over? This Mo Cheng has great prestige.”

“Qi, the Mo clan may be large but in the eyes of the Misty Cloud Sect, what are they? If it were not for the Mo clan paying that large tribute to the Misty Cloud Sect every year, the Misty Cloud Sect with their horizon would never lower themselves to be in contact with the Mo clan.” One of the mercenaries skimmed his mouth in disdain as he talked.

“Hee hee, that’s also true.” Those few mercenaries did not seem to have a good liking toward Mo Clan, and they all echoed with soft laughter.

Standing behind that group, Xiao Yan heard the few mercenaries’ conversation and narrowed his eyes. He laughed softly, “We have really arrived at such a fashionable time. That old bastard is actually celebrating his birthday.”

“Since so many strengths have arrived, it looks like it will not be easy for us to take action.” Hai Bo Dong frowned and said with some hesitation.

“Ke ke, Old Mister Hai, with our combined strength, forget about the Mo clan, we need not fear even the Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, do you really think that the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect would personally come to congratulate him?” Xiao Yan laughed blandly.

“If that were the case, they would be overly flattering Mo Cheng.” Hai Bo Dong smiled and shook his head. As the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, an extremely strong person for this huge being, how many people in the Jia Ma Empire had the qualifications to let her personally come to congratulate them?”

“Uh, I don’t think I have promised to act together with you?” After laughing for a while. Hai Bo Dong suddenly stilled and suddenly said.

“Hee hee, Old Mister Hai, when that time comes and I need you, just act. I know it is very expensive to get you to act, but I think I should be able to afford it.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied.

“An alchemist who can refine a tier six medicinal pill. I really hope that you would owe me a favor.” Hai Bo Dong patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and said softly.

With a smile, Xiao Yan raised his head and watched the queue which was about to reach him. He was about to walk forward when waves of horse trotting sounds were emitted not far behind him. He turned his head over and saw that a short distance away, a few men and women riding on horses were galloping over. The dust that they lifted along the way infuriated everyone in the queue. However, when their furious gazes eyed the leading human figure who was riding a horse, the anger in their hearts was immediately forcefully swallowed.

The leader who was riding a horse was a young lady. The lady was wearing tight red colored clothes which thoroughly wrapped her exquisite figure. Her face was very beautiful, and she wore a small crystal ornament on her clean and bright forehead. As she swayed slightly, that face which carried some aura of being spoiled had some extra cleverness.

The red dressed lady’s sight did not pause because of the trouble her riding had brought to the people queuing up. She merely glanced back once and rode on, leading the group of people to recklessly rush into the city under the helpless gazes of the soldiers guarding the city.

The trotting horses’ footsteps gradually became distant. Only then did some dissatisfied scolding sound from the people queuing.

“Dammit. All she relies on is her identity as the second young lady of the Mo clan. Arrogant my a*s. Your Mo clan has been like a pet to the Misty Cloud Sect in order to have today’s position. Any moment they don’t like your service, they will sooner or later kick your Mo clan out.”

Hearing the soft curses sounding behind him, Xiao Yan smiled faintly. His narrowed gaze was shifted to the dark city gate pathway. After which, he rearranged his black robe and slowly walked in under the observation of the surrounding soldiers.

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