Chapter 248: Yan City

Chapter 248: Yan City

The two faint rays of light flew past the skyline like falling stars. In an instant, they disappeared over the horizon.

Flying by Xiao Yan’s side, Hai Bo Dong tilted his head and used the moonlight to eye the young man. At the moment, the foreign terrifying Qi in his body had already completely disappeared. Replacing it was still that Dou Shi level Qi.

Sizing Xiao Yan’s two drastic changes up with turbid old eyes, Hai Bo Dong mused for a long time with his eyebrows pressed together. A moment later, he suddenly said, “Little Brother Xiao Yan, that foreign Qi that can be compared to a Dou Huang is not really emitted by you, no?”

Hai Bo Dong’s sudden words caused Xiao Yan’s flying speed to be slightly reduced. The latter turned around, eyed Hai Bo Dong and said with a faint smile, “Old Mister Hai, why would you say this?”

“Although I do not deny Little Brother Xiao Yan’s outstanding training talent, honestly speaking, after roaming around for so many years, I have seen people with similar training talent as you, but they at most possess a Dou Shi or a Da Dou Shi strength at your age. As for Dou Huang, that’s definitely impossible.” Hai Bo Dong replied with a smile,...

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