Chapter 247: Annex

Chapter 247: Annex

As the few Mo clan members in the hall were incinerated into nothingness, the atmosphere in the hall was suddenly one in which silence reigned.

With cold sweat slowly dripping down from his forehead, Luo Bu sat on the chair, not daring to make even the slightest movement. He stealthily glanced at the gloomy face of the young man in black clothes, and his body was once again shrouded by that thick coldness.

The body of the only man from the Mo clan stood on the spot with a stiffened body. At this moment, his face had abruptly become pale white. His mouth trembled and his eyes was filled with fear. Just now, if that white colored flame had shifted over a little more, the current him might not even leave behind ashes.

“You, you are provoking our Mo clan!” With a trembling voice, the man cried with a brave front despite feeling weak inside.

“Not only will I provoke it, I will also smash the worthless Mo clan!” Xiao Yan coldly laughed.

“Don’t be so arrogant, behind our Mo clan is the Misty Cloud Sect!” The man angrily said. His voice grew louder as though he was trying to cheer himself.

“Bring me to the Mo clan, or you can be like your companions from before. Two choices. Choose for yourself.” Xiao Yan crossed his ten fingers and placed them in front of him. He then glanced at the trembling man and said blandly.

“The Mo clan doesn’t have any trai…” The man suppressed the fear in his heart, and his mouth remained tough. However, this time around, Xiao Yan seemed to have lost his patience. He gently waved his hand, and a wisp of thing white flame seedling sprang out from the tip of his finger in a lightning like manner, incinerating the man into nothingness while the latter was wearing a completely startled expression.

“The Mo clan headquarters is located at Yan City in the eastern part of the empire. That is also the largest city in the eastern region of the empire.” Xiao Ding said softly behind Xiao Yan, “If one were to walk from the Rock Desert City to Yan City, one would need around eight days. If one were to fly, one should be able to reach it in a day.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly and turned his head around. His gaze was focused on Luo Bu as he said with a smile, “Company Leader Luo Bu. next we should have a discussion about the problem between us. Regardless of whether you were ordered by someone, the very significant damage that you have done to our ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ is a fact.”

Hearing this, cold sweat began flowing down Luo Bu’s face. Without realizing it, his face was like the color of the ground as he said in a trembling voice, “The ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ is willing to compensate your Company with one hundred thousand gold coins. Will this do?”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head.

“What about two hundred thousand?”

“Three hundred thousand?” Seeing that Xiao Yan still shook his head and that the smile on his face was growing icier, Luo Bu finally wailed, “Sir, Xiao Yan, what exactly do you want. Why don’t you tell me. With your strength, our ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ does not even have the slightest chance of resisting.”

At this moment, Luo Bu had completely given up. With Xiao Yan’s terrifying strength, the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ did not have the right to speak of conditions with him.

“Let the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ merge into the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’. Give the low-grade members some money and remove them. Members who are seven star Dou Zhes and above can remain. If he is a Dou Shi, he can retain his current position.” Xiao Yan’s finger gently knocked the back of his hand as he slowly spoke.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, everyone in the hall was at a loss. Immediately, their expressions became interesting to watch. Xiao Ding and Xiao Lu exchanged glances with one another and felt their hearts slightly move. If the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ really swallowed up the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’, then not just in the Rock Desert City, even the strengths in the cities nearby would have difficulty contending with them. When that time came, the development of the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ would definitely rise swiftly!

Although this measure had quite a great benefit, its drawbacks were also extremely obvious. The ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ was stronger than the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’. If they were to merge over, there was a hidden danger of them taking over the leadership. When that time came, the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ might end up becoming a great mess internally. If that were to be the case, then the losses would be greater than the gains.

While Xiao Ding and Xiao Li were considering the advantages and disadvantages, Luo Bu’s face became bitter. Although he did not have any great ambition to dominate, he also did not want to obey orders under someone else. Moreover, his strength far surpassed Xiao Ding and Xiao Li’s. His heart naturally felt uncomfortable if he had to listen to the orders of the two of them.

“The ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ was created by us three brothers. I can also be considered a Company leader of the Desert Metal. I don’t think you would cheapen yourself by working under me, do you?” Appearing to be clear of the discomfort in Luo Bu’s heart, Xiao Yan said with a smile.

By putting it this way, Xiao Yan caused Luo Bu and the few Dou Shi nearby to have a nicer expression. Working under someone who was perhaps a Dou Wang level would not cheapen themselves. Instead, they would feel extremely honored.

“Company Leader Luo Bu, do you want to merge, or do you want me to clean up? How do you wish to choose, you can decide for yourself.” Talking until this point, Xiao Yan paused and while smiling added, “I hope you will not disappoint me.”

Being stared at by that pair of dark black eyes, the corner of Luo Bu’s mouth twitched a few times involuntarily. He took in a deep breath as his expression repeatedly and swiftly changed.

Following Luo Bu’s silence, the interior of the hall once again fell into silence. The quiet atmosphere only had the slight sound of Xiao Yan gently knocking on the table’s surface.

The silence persisted for a long while. Just as the smile on Xiao Yan’s face was gradually being withdrawn, Luo Bu finally smiled bitterly and sighed. He raised his head and said to Xiao Yan, “Today, if I did not agree, I’m afraid that the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ would immediately be disbanded.”

Xiao Yan simply smiled and was noncommittal.

“Then do you think I even have a choice?” Luo Bu’s face was filled with bitterness as he asked.

“It seems like you don’t.” Xiao Yan said with a smile. After looking at the bitter smile on Luo Bu’s face and knowing his choice, Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. He flipped his palm and a small jade bottle appeared in his hand. His gaze swept at Luo Bu and the three Dou Shi behind him. The jade bottle slanted slightly and four red colored medicinal pills were poured out. He flicked his finger and the four medicinal pills shot into the hands of the four stunned people.

“Don’t say that I don’t trust you. Of course, even if I tell you all now that I trust you, I’m afraid that you would also not believe me.” After saying a mouthful words, Xiao Yan smiled and said, “These things cannot be considered a potent poison. However, if the poison were to erupt, I believe that other than Company Leader Luo Bu who should be able to endure for a while, I’m afraid that the remaining three would die on the spot.”

Tilting his head to Luo Bu, Xiao Yan added, “Remember, I said endure a little longer and not that you can withstand the poison.”

Seeing Luo Bu and the three others’ stiffened expressions, Xiao Yan said with a smile, “This is only some precautions that I have taken. After all, it is impossible for me to completely trust all of you. I will hand the antidote in stages to my eldest brother. As long as you don’t try anything funny, you will naturally be alright. When you have obtained true trust in the future, I will help you all remove the poison.”

“It seems that we have no choice but to eat?” Holding the red colored pill in his hand, Luo Bu was quiet for a moment before sighing. He was clear in his heart that if he did not consume the medicinal pellet, Xiao Yan would definitely not believe that they would willingly merge.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly and softly said, “Company Leader Luo Bu is an intelligent person. You naturally understand that I am doing this as an insurance.”

After bitterly laughing, Luo Bu lifted his head and stared at Xiao Yan. Although that face still carried a smile, within the pair of dark black eyes there was the usual iciness and indifferentness. Being looked at by the icy gaze, Luo Bu shuddered coldly in his heart. He believed that if he and the others refused to consume these pills, their ending would not be much different from the few people from the Mo clan earlier.

Sighing again, Luo Bu turned to the three subordinates and exchanged glances. They smiled bitterly and shook their heads before helplessly swallowing the red colored medicinal pellet. Regardless of the situation, their lives today had at least been preserved.

Eyeing the four people who consumed the pills, Xiao Yan nodded his head. He slowly stood up and said, “You should first prepare the matter about the merger. Some of the worms in the Company should be cleaned up. Remember, the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ doesn’t want any garbage who only know how to bully others by exploiting the company’s power.”

After saying this, Xiao Yan turned around and walked out of the hall. Xiao Ding glanced at the despondent looking Luo Bu before following closely behind Xiao Yan.

Following behind Xiao Yan, the group of members of the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ eyed the skinny figure in front of them. Their minds felt somewhat giddy. In only half a day, the largest strength in the Rock Desert City had actually been forcefully merged into the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’? This comedic scene really caused everyone to feel as though they were dreaming.

Seated dispiritedly on the chair, Luo Bu eyed the group of people who left in a single file and sighed. He weakly waved his hand and said, “Prepare to clear up all the useless people.”

“Company Leader, are we just going to be included into the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ like that?” Behind him, a Dou Shi smiled bitterly and said.

“If we don’t do this, then what else can we do? Xiao Yan’s strength is something that you have clearly seen. If he really wanted to annihilate our ‘Sand Mercenary Company’, it is something that can be done with just a flip of his hand. Moreover, following a mercenary company who had a Dou Wang as an umbrella would be somewhat safer than in the past.” Luo Bu rubbed his forehead and said.

Hearing this, the three Dou Shi could only smile bitterly at each other, feeling dejected and speechless.

Walking out of the hall, Xiao Yan’s group slowly headed toward the outside. They turned at a corner on the street before Xiao Yan’s footsteps slowed. Turning his head towards Xiao Ding and Xiao Li, he said with a smile, “Although forcefully merging the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ into the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’ has some dangers with Big Brother and Second Brother’s abilities, I think that you two should be able to settle them perfectly.

“It is indeed slightly troublesome. However, with your actions just now, I believe that Luo Bu has been suppressed so much that he will dare not do anything reckless. As for the mercenaries that have been transferred from the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’, there is no need to be overly worried. I have a plan to handle them.” Xiao Ding said with a grin.

“That’s good.” Seeing that Xiao Ding did not hesitate, Xiao Yan sighed in relief. He then said, “Next, I will go to the city where the Mo clan is at. The matters here will have to be dealt with by you all.”

“Going to the Mo clan?” Hearing this, Xiao Ding by the side frowned. A long while later, he finally nodded and reminded, “Be careful. The Mo clan is after all the overlord of the Yan City. Moreover, their relationship with the Misty Cloud Sect is quite good.”


Xiao Yan smiled slightly and nodded his head. He waved toward Hai Bo Dong by the side. After which, his back trembled slightly and the Purple Cloud Wings were extended. He rose slowly into the air, waved his hand with a smile at the stunned Xiao Ding’s group below before rising into midair with Hai Bo Dong. As they flapped their wings, their bodies transformed into two rays of light and swiftly disappeared into the horizon.

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