Chapter 246: Mo Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 246: Mo Clan

Under the numerous dull gazes in the hall, Xiao Yan randomly drew a chair and sat down with a big action. He glanced at the pale faced Luo Bu, gently picked at his fingernail and said indifferently, “Tell me. What happened to you recently? With your character, you don’t appear to have the boldness to sweep away all the strengths in Rock Desert City.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s slightly belittling words, Luo Bu could only smile awkwardly. He was quiet for a moment before laughing bitterly, “Indeed, I have never thought of dominating the territory of Rock Desert City. Moreover, the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ does not possess the strength to remove all the other groups within the Rock Desert City.”

“All of this may have started because of the little girl called Qing Lin from the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’.” Luo Bu’s expression was somewhat regretful.

“Luo Bu, you better be careful about what you are saying! Our clan can help you dominate the Rock Desert City, but it can also destroy all of you instantly!” Just as Luo Bu was preparing to reveal everything, the man who was the leader of the few people at the side suddenly warned.

Hearing this warning, Luo Bu’s expression changed. A moment later, he viciously turned around...

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