Chapter 245: Frighten

Chapter 245: Frighten

As that faint laughter floated in, the heart of everyone in the hall tensed slightly. They lifted their eyes and looked over. In the doorway, a young man in black clothes was carelessly standing there with a smile. A thread of inclined sunlight had just happened to shine into the hall. At one glance, it was as warm as the smile on the young man’s face.

Their gazes swept across the smiling delicate and handsome face before stopping on the pair of dark black eyes. There, his eyes did not hold the slightest smile in there. Instead, they were indifferent and icy.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s figure, everyone in the big hall hurriedly took a few steps back and swarmed to Luo Bu’s side. Even the few people of unknown origin by the side also acted in this manner.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept once around the interior of the hall before slowly walking in. Behind him, Xiao Ding and the rest also filed into the room and stared at the group of people opposite with ill intentions.

“Company Leader Luo Bu, your means are quite vicious.”

After sweeping his sight over the few people whose clothes were quite different from the members of the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and immediately shifted them toward Luo Bu who was seated on a chair. He smiled and said, “It seems that letting you live the last time was a mistake.”

Being stared at by Xiao Yan’s cold pair of eyes, Luo Bu’s body felt somewhat cold. He twisted his body uneasily, tilted his head and eyed his subordinates that had swarmed behind him. The corner of his eyes twitched slightly while the tea cup in his hand was molded into powder with a ‘bang’.

“Are you the one who is called Xiao Yan?” The tea mixed with the powder as it followed his hand and dripped down. However, Luo Bu did his best to make his expression a little more indifferent as he asked.

“I don’t know what exactly your background is and I don’t wish to know. However, shouldn’t you give me an explanation for swaggering and breaking into my ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ today?” Luo Bu said with a cold smile.

“Ke ke, I’m sorry. There isn’t an explanation!” Xiao Yan scratched his head and said with a brilliant smile, “If you insist on having one, then it is that I want to smash this mercenary company of yours.”

Luo Bu’s face twitched a couple of times. Xiao Yan’s impertinent expression always caused Luo Bu to be filled with anger. Moreover, under this anger, there was an internal struggle from Luo Bu of not being able to clearly see the actual power of the opponent. Luo Bu clenched his teeth and violently smashed his hand on the table in front of him. Immediately, the tough table surface was turned into broken pieces all over the floor with a ‘Ka Cha’ sound.

“Alright, today, I really want to see on what basis are you going to break the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ with!” With an angry cry, powerful Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated on the surface of Luo Bu’s body. An instant later, that thick Dou Qi Armor covered the top of his body.

“Since all of you have delivered yourself to my door, it saves me some trouble. Today, all of you can remain here!” The powerful Dou Qi that had begun surging within his body also caused Luo Bu’s confidence to gradually strengthen. When he waved his large hand, a Da Dou Shi level pressure immediately filled the interior of the hall.

Sensing this strong pressuring Qi, the expressions of Xiao Ding and the others changed. Their footsteps involuntarily took a step back.

Xiao Yan calmly watched the gradually thickening force on Luo Bu’s body. He then closed his eyes slowly. The Qi all over his body was completely kept into his body. If one did not sense carefully, one would really have treated the young man in front of them as an ordinary person who did not know Dou Qi.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s strange action, Xiao Ding and the others beside him were at a loss. However, they did not open their mouths to interrupt as they quietly stood behind Xiao Yan.

After Xiao Yan closed his eyes for a moment, a surprise suddenly flashed across the indifferent old face of Hai Bo Dong at the side. He tilted his head over and watched Xiao Yan intently. Under his senses, the Qi of the young man in front had suddenly become extremely foreign and terrifying. He frowned and muttered uncertainly in his heart, “It’s this Qi! What strength! Even the current me still cannot compare to it. This guy, what exactly is happening? One minute he has only the strength of a Dou Shi, the next he has become this terrifying monster. What a mysterious freak!”

Hai Bo Dong’s strength far exceeded everyone present, thus he could sense the Qi in Xiao Yan was gradually becoming more and more terrifying. However, the rest of the people did not have this kind of feeling. They could only see that the current Xiao Yan appeared to be closing his eyes and resting.

Luo Bu knitted his eyebrows as he eyed this strange action of Xiao Yan. An uneasiness gradually rose in his hear. Waving his hand, he said deeply, “Kill all of them!”

Hearing Luo Bu’s order, the ten plus ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ elite members behind him exchanged looks with one another. Immediately, they clenched their teeth and drew the sharp weapons from their waist. The few Dou Shis swiftly summoned their Dou Qi cloaks and in quite an imposing manner, charged toward Xiao Yan.

Seeing the other side’s action, Xiao Ding’s expression became cold. He waved his hand and was about to lead the people to rush forward when Hai Bo Dong at the side suddenly told them in a bland voice, “There is no need to act, all you need to do is observe!”

Hearing this, Xiao Ding stilled slightly. He turned his head around and exchanged glances with Xiao Li. Immediately he nodded his head. Although they were unfamiliar with Hai Bo Dong, someone who was able to be referred to as a strong person by Xiao Yan would definitely not be too weak. He could naturally see further and deeper compared to Xiao Ding and the rest.

After stopping the people behind him, Xiao Ding’s gaze stared intently at the members of the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ who were charging over. Some perspiration surfaced on his tightly clenched palm.

When the members of the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ were about to reach attacking range, the tightly closed-eyed Xiao Yan finally opened once again. The black eyes had less of the vitality of a young man and instead had a vicissitude from having experienced the world.

Xiao Yan’s gaze indifferently eyed these mercenaries whose ferocious face could almost be clearly seen. He slowly lifted his palm and a thick white colored flame flashed and disappeared at the tip of his long finger.

The moment the thick white flame flashed and disappeared, the bodies of the ten plus mercenaries charging over suddenly paused. After which, a clean white icy layer suddenly spread from their feets in front of numerous shocked gazes. In only a short two to three seconds, the ten plus human figures had completely turned into pure white smooth ice rod scupltures!

“Hiss!” Eyeing the mercenaries that had been solidified into ice rods, the skin on Hai Bo Dong’s face, suddenly and quickly twitched a couple of times. He violently inhaled a mouthful of cold air in his heart. Others might think that the ice layers were agglomerated from cold air but to a person who had played with ice for most of his life, the rods were not formed from a kind of cold icy energy.

In Hai Bo Dong’s senses, the moment that the ten plus mercenaries were covered by the ice layer, they were instantly turned into nothingness. That was a true kind of nothingness. Even the ashes were not left over!

Although this kind of white colored crystal forming body was extremely similar to cold ice, Hai Bo Dong was very certain that this was not cold ice. This was because within the crystal body, there was a high temperature that was close to being terrifyingly withering.

“This action of this fellow is really far too horrifying! Is this his true strength?” Hai Bo Dong’s throat rolled slightly. Once again, he rejoiced at not choosing to turn against Xiao Yan on the spot when he had once again recovered his strength back then.

The sudden appearance of the ten plus human ice rods in the hall caused the place to descend into a lifeless silence. Everyone’s faces were filled with fright as they stared at the human shaped ice sculptures that appeared without any warning. All over their bodies, they suddenly had an ice-cold feeling that was suddenly emitted from their hearts.

Beside Luo Bu, the few Dou Shis who did not belong to the ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ also eyed the ten plus ice sculptures with dull faces. An uneasiness gradually rose within their hearts. They currently had a slight feeling that Luo Bu’s perception back then seemed to be right.

“This time, it’s going to be troublesome.” The man who was the leader muttered in his heart.

Titling his head slightly, Xiao Yan indifferently eyed the stunned Luo Bu seated on a chair. His footsteps slowly passed between the ten plus ice sculptures. As he rubbed passed them, those human shaped ice sculptures emitted a ‘Ka Cha’ sound and burst apart. When the ice sculptures burst apart, there was not even the slightest trace of blood or flesh inside. This supernatural scene caused the skin on the heads of everyone to become numb.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps slowly walked into the hall. A moment later, under the clear view of numerous gazes, he stood in front of Luo Bu. He lowered his head slightly and pulled at the corner of his mouth, seemingly revealing a smile. In a soft voice, he said, “The last time I already gave you a warning. Why are you still so stupid?”

“Gu!” Luo Bu’s throat rolled as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. From his forehead, cold sweat moved along his face and dripped down. He raised his head and eyed the delicate and handsome face of the young man which carried a faint smile. A bone cutting chilliness that was difficult to control began permeate from his feet, causing him to feel as though he was in an icehouse.

At this moment, Luo Bu sensed the breath of death as well as the terror that swarmed over him just before facing death.

Luo Bu’s teeth clenched his teeth tightly together, seemingly unwilling to lose without a fight. He used all his might to push the Dou Qi in his body. Immediately, the layer of Dou Qi Armor on the surface of his body became even tougher.

Carrying some ridicule in his gaze, Xiao Yan stared at Luo Bu who was defiant even when he was about to die. He smiled gently and his long white hand was slowly lifted. After which it floated gently towards where Luo Bu’s neck was.

Luo Bu stared intently at the increasingly large hand. He wanted to dodge only to suddenly realised that at the moment, his own body completely did not listen to his orders. It was as though the owner of the body had changed.

The fair and long hand that was like a female’s gently landed on the thick layer of Dou Qi Armor on Luo Bu’s neck. Xiao Yan smiled slightly. Then that layer of Dou Qi Armor began to automatically melt.

With his eyes shrinking to the size of a pin-hole at the moment, Luo Bu could sense that the Dou Qi Armor was swiftly melting. After which, he did not even have the time to say a word when an icy cold palm was gently placed on his throat. At this moment, all the pores on Luo Bu had instantly and abruptly become vertical. A faint shadow of death was stubbornly entangled in his heart.

“S...Sir! Have mercy!”

During the exchange this time around, Luo Bu finally and precisely sensed the other party’s terrifying strength. His body sat stiffly on the seat, afraid that with any slight movement of his, that death god’s hand would suddenly nip... nip away his little life. His face was as pale as a zombie’s and cold sweat was seeping out all over his body. In only just a moment, it was as though his clothes had been soaked in water.

“Do you know of any news of Qing Lin?” Xiao Yan tilted his head slightly, smiled suddenly and asked in a gentle voice.

Hearing this, Luo Bu was slightly startled. During the instant when he was quiet, the palm on his neck suddenly became much icier. A bone piercing coldness caused him to instantly shiver from the cold. He raised his head and eyed that pair of eyes which were as black as ink and as indifferent as ice. He did not have the slightest doubt that if he hesitated for another moment, the other party would immediately freeze him into an ice rod. Immediately, his head hurriedly nodded. His voice was somewhat rushed and sharp because of his fear, “Sir, I know!”

“Congratulations, your life has temporarily returned to your hands.”

Xiao Yan laughed softly and slowly withdrew his hand. Although his smile filled face was as warm as the hot sun, it still caused Luo Bu and the others to feel a chill in their bodies.

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