Chapter 242: The Change in Rock Desert City

Chapter 242: The Change in Rock Desert City

As he did not want to continue to live in the Desert City as the owner of a shop selling maps, Hai Bo Dong followed Xiao Yan and left the city the next day after their discussion had been completed.

None of the things in the small shop where he had stayed were brought along by Hai Bo Dong. According to what he said, there might be a day in the future where the him who was tired of disputes would return back to this place and be at complete ease as he spent the remainder of his days.

Standing on a towering sand dune, Hai Bo Dong took one last glance at the huge city that stood connecting the edge of the desert and the edge of plain land. He sighed softly and his expression was slightly desolate. Having lived in seclusion for a few decades, some feelings toward this place grew in his heart despite his indifferent character.

Slowly turning around, Hai Bo Dong eyed the black clothed young man by his side and asked, “Where do we go next?”

“I wish to first make a trip to Rock Desert City. My two elder brothers are there.” Xiao Yan turned his gaze towards the north-western direction. That was where the Rock Desert City was located. He smiled and said, “The last time I left in a rush and had not settled some things properly. Now that I have two months of free time remaining, I wish to settle the things appropriately. What about you?”

“As you wish. I don’t have anywhere to go to during this period of time, so I will first wander around with you.” Hai Bo Dong thought quietly for a while before he immediately replied and smiled.

“Hehe, that is naturally good.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan grinned and nodded. He would naturally not reject to having a free Dou Huang level fighter by his side.

“Then let’s go. With our speed, I think that we should be able to rush to Rock Desert City within a day.” Hai Bo Dong smiled as a faint cold fog was emitted from his body. Finally, the fog agglomerated...

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