Chapter 239: Hiding One’s Ability (Teaser)

Chapter 239: Hiding One’s Ability

TL: Title: 深藏不露 - Hiding One’s Ability - idiom meaning that one usually hides one’s skill so that others are ignorant of their strength (only using one's strength when necessary for max impact)

Perhaps, it was because it was the first time Yao Lao refined the ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’, but Yao Lao, despite his outstanding alchemy skills, failed the first refining attempt due to an imbalance in the proportions of the prepared medicinal ingredients.

However, the first failed attempt did not cause Yao Lao to show a different expression. Failing during refining was so common in the alchemy world that it could be compared with eating and drinking. Even though Yao Lao was very adept at refining, he could not guarantee that he would maintain a hundred percent success for refining any medicinal pills.

Although the first attempt resulted in a failure, it was fortunate that only a small portion of the medicinal ingredients were lost and thus would not affect the refining that was to follow. As Yao Lao, who had a warm-up experience, once again raised the flames to refine the pill. He methodically, perfectly, and successfully completed all the remaining medicinal refining process.

In the neat and clean room, the black-colored medicinal cauldron slowly rotated in midair. The thick white flame...

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