Chapter 238: Heavenly Cauldron Ranking

Chapter 238: Heavenly Cauldron Ranking

“Breaking Adversity Pill”, the three pale black-colored words were written on the quaint skin parchment that faintly gave off the scent of old age.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept across the skin parchment with a smile in his eyes, When his gaze was sweeping across the effect of the medicinal pill that was recorded on the skin parchment, the smile on his face grew even more dense.

“The pill is tier six. It possesses the unique ability of being able to break most seals. After using it, it can also form a resistance toward that particular seal within the body. In the future, if one were to meet such a seal again, one would gain some chance of nullifying the seal.”

“Tsk tsk, it is really quite a good thing…” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept up and down across the quaint skin parchment and could not help but click his tongue. He did not expect that this thing could not only break a seal, but also cause the human body that was struck by the seal, to have an increased resistance to that seal in the future. With just this particular point, it lived up to its reputation as a tier six medicinal pill.

“It is naturally quite good. Back then, in order to obtain this medicinal formula, I paid a price that still causes my heart to ache when I recall what I did... “ Hai Bo Dong smiled bitterly as he eagerly watched Xiao Yan.

“Haha, regardless of what the price is, it’s not worth mentioning compared to allowing you to recover your Dou Huang strength.” Xiao Yan comforted. Immediately, he unceremoniously stored this quaint medicinal formula into his storage ring in front of Hai Bo Dong’s face.

In the alchemist world, there was an unofficial rule. Anyone who wanted an alchemist to help them refine medicinal pills that used special formulas not only had to prepare the medicinal formula by oneself, but also had to prepare medicinal ingredients. Moreover, these medicinal formulas were to be handled as the alchemist pleased including the chance where the alchemist took possession of the formula; these actions from alchemists were also common occurrences.

In the alchemist world, the creation of medicinal formulas was not a simple thing. Nothing like picking up a pen and recording a recipe down as one would imagine. During the process of creating the medicinal formula, the alchemist must use his own Spiritual Strength as ink and then use a pen to draw with Spiritual Strength in order to successfully create a qualified medicinal formula…

When using the medicinal formula, the alchemist needed to use his Spiritual Strength and intrude into the medicinal formula in order to obtain the essential refining data hidden within the medicinal formula. For example, the quantity of the medicinal ingredients needed, the flame temperature, etc… These things were things that an alchemist had to pay extreme attention to when refining a medicinal pill. Regardless of how outstanding the refining ability of an alchemist was, if he did not have all this information, he would require quite a number of tests before it was possible to successfully refine the medicinal pill recorded in the medicinal formula. However… during the experimental process, he would likely destroy many rare medicinal ingredients, which would be an enormous loss.

Thus, Hai Bo Dong was unable to reproduce the medicinal formula despite having obtained it for quite some time. When he saw Xiao Yan’s action, the corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily. A long while later, he could only shake his head dispiritedly and allow Xiao Yan to seize this thing that he had obtained with great difficulty for free.

After storing the ‘Breaking Adversity Pill’ formula with a smile, Xiao Yan placed his gaze on the large pile of medicinal ingredients that were sitting on the table. These medicinal ingredients could all be considered rare items. A number among them may fetch at least five hundred thousand gold coins if they were placed on the auction block. Even though their price was extremely high, these items still were rarely seen. After all, as long as it was someone who knew a little about his goods, he would not take these rare medicinal herbs out to be auctioned. This was because he might one day meet an alchemist who needed these kinds of rare medicinal ingredients. If that were the case, he might be able to obtain an exchange that he would be extremely satisfied with.

Perhaps it was because he was afraid of failure, but most of the medicinal ingredients that Hai Bo Dong prepared, had two to three portions. They were filled the table in front of the two.

Xiao Yan checked all the many different medicinal ingredients once in great detail. When he did not discover anything missing, he nodded his head. He then raised it, eyed Hai Bo Dong who was watching him intently and said, “Old Sir, I think that you should know that there is some chances of failure when refining a medicinal pill. Before I refine the medicine, I will say something that isn’t nice to listen to, I have some confidence in refining a tier six medicinal pill but I dare not to guarantee. Therefore, if for some reason this results in a failure, this responsibility…”

“I know, you will not take responsibility… You alchemists are all like that. Don’t tell me that I can forcefully hold you here if you fail?” Hearing the words, Hai Bo Dong waved his hand and smiled bitterly.

“Haha, since Old Sir can understand, that is the best… I wonder if you can prepare a quiet room for me? During the time before I come out, you cannot let anyone disturb me, including yourself, Old Sir.” Xiao Yan stored all the ingredients into his storage ring and said with a smile.

“Follow me.” Hai Bo Dong nodded his head and headed for a side door. Xiao Yan followed closely behind him.

After entering the side door, a corridor which was slightly dark appeared. Xiao Yan followed behind Hai Bo Dong for some distance before stopping outside a door along the corridor.

The door was pushed open and a faint lamp light shined out. The interior of the room appeared extremely clean, perhaps as a result of frequent cleaning. It was quite a good place to temporarily stay while refining medicine.

Xiao Yan entered the room, glanced in all directions and nodded his head with a smile.

“Little Brother, is this place alright?” Hai Bo Dong asked with a smile. When he saw Xiao Yan nod, he continued, “Since it is alright, then please refine the medicinal pill here. I will guard the corridor outside. During this period of time, you will have the quiet atmosphere that you require. There will definitely be no one who will interrupt you.”

“Okay.” Xiao Yan, while smiling nodded his head. He eyed Hai Bo Dong as he took his leave and gently locked the room’s door with both his hands. He turned around and watched the room. Instead of rushing to start immediately, he slowly crossed his steps and walked once around the entire room. Every tiny corner was thoroughly examined by him. A long while later, he completed his examination and walked to the side of a table at the middle of the of the room. His finger tapped the storage ring and quietly asked in his heart, “Teacher, is there anything wrong here?”

“No, I have checked. It looks like that guy did not try anything funny here.” Yao Lao’s voice laughed in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan nodded his head and replied with a grin, “Since it is like this, Teacher, it is time to do it... “ As he was talking to Yao Lao, Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed his storage ring. Immediately, the pile of medicinal ingredients from before completely filled the table before him.

“Ugh… I knew that you would call these old bones of mine out to perform the hard work.” The ring trembled slightly and Yao Lao slowly floated out.. He eyed the many ingredients on the table and helplessly shook his head.

“Hehe, I want to do it myself but this is a tier six medicinal pill. Even though I currently possess a ‘Heavenly Flame’, it would still be impossible for me to refine it. Xiao Yan waved his hand and smiled innocently.

With regards to Xiao Yan’s words, Yao Lao simply rolled his eyes and lamented. He then descended beside the table and carelessly rearranged the medicinal ingredients on top of it. After which, he waved his palm at Xiao Yan. Instantly, the black-colored ancient looking ring on Xiao Yan’s finger landed in Yao Lao’s hand.

After Yao Lao carefully place the black-colored ring in his hand, he flicked his finger. A solid black-colored medicinal cauldron the size of the table surface suddenly appeared.

The black-colored medicinal cauldron had a sturdy body. Its entire body was faintly shrouded in a calm atmosphere. Life like flame pictures were drawn on the surface of the medicinal cauldron. These flame drawings even seemed to be physically real. Xiao Yan could even faintly sense flame energy starting to circle around the medicinal cauldron.

“Good Cauldron!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the black-colored medicinal cauldron with an extraordinarily imposing aura and could not help but let out a praise. The cauldron that he used was undoubtedly shabby compared to Yao Lao’s. Moreover, this black-colored medicinal cauldron clearly did not only have a gorgeous appearance. From the fire energy that agglomerated around it automatically, it was clear that it was a great help for the refining of medicine.

“A medicinal cauldron is the most important thing that an alchemist possesses. A good medicinal cauldron would be able to increase the chances of successfully refining a pill by a large amount… This medicinal cauldron of mine has an extremely domineering name. Others calls it ‘Black Demon’ ... Ke ke, back then, I paid a great price in order to obtain it.” Eyeing the black-colored cauldron that was suspended in midair, Yao Lao sighed with a smile somewhat emotionally.

“‘Black Demon’? It really is domineering…” Xiao Yan clicked his tongue as he praised and shook his head. Having not had much interaction with the alchemist world, he naturally did not know what kind of fanatic attraction this name possessed to an alchemist.

Just like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ Ranking, in the alchemist world, there was also a similar ‘Heavenly Cauldron’ Ranking. As the name suggest, the ‘Cauldron Ranking’ records the most perfect and outstanding medicinal cauldrons. There were a total of thirteen cauldrons on the ‘Cauldron Ranking’. Each of the medicinal cauldrons on it had a bewitchment that caused countless alchemists to pursue them with greed. The eighth rank on the ‘Cauldron Ranking’ was called, ‘Black Demon’...

Seeing Xiao Yan’s slightly shocked manner, Yao Lao simply smiled. However, he did not open his mouth to explain the origin of the black cauldron in front of him. His palm trembled slightly and a thick white-colored flame swiftly shrouded his palm. Yao Lao slowly placed his palm onto a diamond-shaped fire outlet on the black cauldron. He gently flicked his finger and the thick white flame shrouded the interior of the cauldron.

“Hehe, it looks like teacher has attached much importance to this medicinal refinement. Otherwise, he would not taken out his medicinal cauldron.” Xiao Yan said with a smile as he eyed the soaring flame within the black cauldron. When Yao Lao had refined medicinal pills in the past, he would directly refine it on his palm.

“The probability of failure of a tier six medicinal pill is quite high. Moreover, I am currently only in a spirit state and my strength is weaker than in the past. I naturally require the help of the medicinal cauldron in order to refine this kind of medicinal pill.” Yao Lao said blandly. His palm swiftly waved above the table and numerous medicinal ingredients were picked up by his hand. After which, he threw all of them into the medicinal cauldron all at once.

Yao Lao’s face was impassive as his palm left the medicinal cauldron. His dry palm suddenly and swiftly waved as though he was penetrating flowers and picking the leaves. Following the flicking of his finger, the hot thick white flames within the black cauldron had, with extreme obedience, turned into ten plus tiny flames, wrapping around the medicinal ingredients that had been thrown in.

Eyeing Yao Lao’s extremely smooth actions, Xiao Yan’s face was filled with envy. When would he be able to reach the stage where he could do such difficult things with ease?

Xiao Yan let out an emotional sigh as he quietly sat on a chair by the side. He meticulously observed Yao Lao’s refining. When one reached the stage Yao Lao was at, almost any tiny step r movement could allow Xiao Yan to feel suddenly enlightened.

In the quiet secret chamber, the thick white flame danced enchantingly. A faint medicinal fragrance permeated the air within...

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