Chapter 237: Conversation

Chapter 237: Conversation

Just as the scroll was about to hit Hai Bo Dong’s body, it was frozen solid by a sudden surge of cold air. Immediately, it fell weakly to the old man’s side.

Eyeing the scroll that was suddenly frozen, the pretty eyes of the lady in the red dress glowed. This was another time that she had seen the old man’s lofty strength.

“This guy is really reckless. He actually dares to be so rude to Grandmaster Bing. He really is someone who has the short sight of a rat.” The gaze of the lady was somewhat mocking as she stared at Xiao Yan. Clearly, the red dressed woman did not think that the old man would easily let off this foolhardy guy who had offended him.

TL: Short sight of a rat = No foresight/planning

Naturally, all of these thoughts were the wishful thinking of the lady. The old man did indeed shift his focus up from the map as she had expected but when the ice like dry face swept across the black-dressed young man in front of him, his face revealed an extremely rare smile. This smile was something the red dressed lady, who had respectfully been a servant here for a long time, had never seen before.

“Ke ke, little brother, you are finally back. You really made me wait.” Hai Bo Dong placed the ink pen...

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