Chapter 236: Meeting the Ice Emperor Again

Chapter 236: Meeting the Ice Emperor Again

At the meeting point between the desert and the field, a few green-colored leaves were occasionally decorated across the desert. The bits and pieces of the leaves may have been extremely rare, but compared to the monotonous golden-colored yellow sand within the desert, it was undoubtedly much more soothing to the eye.

As this place was close to the desert’s edge, one would occasionally see people coming and going, along with small groups of mercenary that had returned after hunting for Magic Beasts in the desert.

A black-clothed human figure walked at an even pace at the intersection between the desert and the land. The human figure was carrying a black ruler that was comparable to his height on his back. This somewhat strange combination of person and ruler caused the passerbys to throw him surprised glances.

However, the black-clothed young man simply ignored the surprised gazes shot from around him. His footsteps slowly fell on the firm road. Although his pace did not appear to be very fast, if one were to observe carefully, one would realize that each step that the young man took appeared to have been meticulously measured; the distance...

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