Chapter 235: Flame Mantra Evolved (Teaser)

Chapter 235: Flame Mantra Evolved

In the dark space of Xiao Yan’s conscience, a drowsy mind slowly floated. In this dark black environment, it appeared that there was no concept of time. The mind wandered around as though it was a homeless, lonely soul, appearing extremely desolate.

At a certain moment, an eye-catching green-colored flame suddenly curled upward and surfaced within the dark black space. The light emitted by the green-colored flame expelled all the pitch-black darkness around it. The flame moved slightly and a moment later, transformed into a green-colored lotus seat.

After the green-colored lotus seat was formed, it suddenly shot through the dark space. In the blink of an eye, it arrived beside the drowsy mind. A warm glow extended out and wrapped the mind within it…

Once the mind was completely wrapped, the green-colored lotus seat suddenly began to flash past at high speed and the darkness began to swiftly retreat and shrink. A while later, a little white light appeared at the end of the darkness. The lotus seat carried the groggy mind and charged out of this boundaryless space of one’s conscience.


Under a huge tree in the mountain forest, Xiao Yan leaned again the tree trunk with his eyes tightly closed. His slightly pale face appeared to be swiftly recovering its rosy color.

Beside him, Yao Lao, who...

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