Chapter 234: Tormenting Pain (Teaser)

Chapter 234: Tormenting Pain

In the dark stormy night, majestic heavy rain struck the mountain forest. The wild wind carried a howling sound that made ‘hua hua’ noises in the forest. Occasionally, thunder would roar in the sky. Its rumbling loud sound would ripple endlessly through the mountain where the rament sound lingered.

The silver snake flashed in the oppressive dark sky where the ‘chi la’ noises sounded repeatedly. Every once in awhile, a piercing silver light would illuminate the dark black mountain forest as though it was day time.

On the cliff of the steep mountain, an old human figure had his hands behind him as he stood on a sharp mountain rock. His old face was expressionless as he stared at the flashing lightning and rolling thunder. His slightly hunched body was like an old pine, standing steadily on top of the cliff. He had an indifferent and imposing manner that suggested he would not move regardless of the brutal weather around him.

However, if one were to observe carefully, one would be able to notice that each time the old man’s gaze drifted towards the entrance of a mountain cave that was covered by a pile of broken rocks, his eagle claw like hands would involuntarily...

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