Chapter 234: Tormenting Pain

Chapter 234: Tormenting Pain

In the dark stormy night, majestic heavy rain struck the mountain forest. The wild wind carried a howling sound that made ‘hua hua’ noises in the forest. Occasionally, thunder would roar in the sky. Its rumbling loud sound would ripple endlessly through the mountain where the rament sound lingered.

The silver snake flashed in the oppressive dark sky where the ‘chi la’ noises sounded repeatedly. Every once in awhile, a piercing silver light would illuminate the dark black mountain forest as though it was day time.

On the cliff of the steep mountain, an old human figure had his hands behind him as he stood on a sharp mountain rock. His old face was expressionless as he stared at the flashing lightning and rolling thunder. His slightly hunched body was like an old pine, standing steadily on top of the cliff. He had an indifferent and imposing manner that suggested he would not move regardless of the brutal weather around him.

However, if one were to observe carefully, one would be able to notice that each time the old man’s gaze drifted towards the entrance of a mountain cave that was covered by a pile of broken rocks, his eagle claw like hands would involuntarily and suddenly tighten. It was a long while later before they recovered recovered and once again relaxed.

The old man stood under the lightning without opening his mouth to speak. He merely watched the sky quietly. Occasionally, his gaze would sweep toward the mountain cave. However, he merely paused for a moment before he quietly shifted it away. That careful manner was as though he was afraid that by glancing at it for a long time, he would disturb the young man training within it.

The dark black night slowly passed under the dance of the lightning and thunder. The mountain forest was mercilessly ravaged by the storm for an entire night. When the black night gradually disappeared, a thread of bright sunlight slowly shot out from the eastern skyline: dawn. The entire mountain forest immediately revealed it’s wretched manner with plenty of gaps now visible within the treeline.

A round sun slowly rose from the eastern horizon. Its faint warm light spilled all over the land, bringing some vigor and vitality to the lightning ravaged mountain forest.

Standing on the mountain rock, Yao Lao tilted his head slightly to see the slowly raising round sun. The corner of his eye glanced at the mountain cave which was still quiet and without the slightest reaction. The pair of hands under his sleeves immediately and abruptly tightened.

The corner of his eye involuntarily twitched a couple of times gently. Yao Lao inhaled a deep breath of fresh early morning air. He tried his best to get himself to calm down. However, the lingering anxiety in his heart made it difficult for him to regain his usual indifference.

His somewhat dry and thin fingers tapped on his arms. Despite the elapse of time, there was still no movement within the mountain cave. Immediately, the tapping which had somewhat of a rhythm, became as messy as Yao Lao’s current state of mind.

The sun which had just risen slowly moved through nearly half the sky. The warm sunlight had at the moment become a little hot. Under this kind of environment, the anxiety in Yao Lao’s heart also quietly became much richer.

After quietly waiting once again for a while, the ten fingers Yao Lao used to tap his arm suddenly stopped. His muddy eyes gradually released a relentless aura. Clearly, the current him did not intend to continue waiting aimlessly after having waited for an entire night.

As Yao Lao’s fingers paused, a forceful and powerful Qi breath began to slowly rise from within his body. The pressure caused by the forceful Qi caused a few flying Magic Beasts that were circling high in the air to let out a terrified scream and flee this place that they were now extremely terrified of.

Just as Yao Lao was prepared to forcefully enter and explore what happened, an unusual movement finally appeared within the quiet mountain cave for the first time since last night.


A fierce energy ripple suddenly spread out from within the mountain cave which was quickly blocked by the mountain wall. Instantly, numerous huge crack lines swiftly extended all over the mountain wall.

Standing on the mountain rock, Yao Lao eyed the crack lines which had suddenly extended out. His cramped face relaxed slightly. Since there was still movement, the person within should at least be safe.

Not long after the energy ripple was released, another few even fiercer energy ripples were scattered. Under the impact of these energy ripples, the tough and firm mountain wall clearly became somewhat shaky.

“Just what has happened?” Seeing that mountain cave which was on the verge of collapsing, Yao Lao’s eyebrows once again knit together as he muttered uncertainly.


During the time that Yao Lao was at a loss, an explosion whose volume was comparable to that of the angry thunder last night suddenly sounded from within the mountain cave. Following the energy ripple attack this time around, the cave which had already entered a collapsing state began to suddenly bend inwards as waves of rumbling loud noises sounded. Piles of huge rocks violently smashed downwards. In the blink of an eye, they piled onto the mountain cave until nothing was left but a heap of rocks.

Seeing the sudden scene that occurred, Yao Lao’s face changed slightly. His toes pressed gently onto the mountain rock and his body hurriedly flew toward the collapsed cave entrance.

Just as Yao Lao was about to land on the heap of rocks, a green-colored flame suddenly burst out from below the disorderly rocks. Immediately, the piles of enormous rocks were swiftly turned into lava…

Yao Lao’s toes stepped gently in the air and forcefully stopped his descending body, dodging the green-colored flame that had fallen into a wild and violent state. He quickly stared at the black interior of the mountain cave with a lost and serious face.


From within the mountain cave, a shrill cry that was a little hoarse suddenly roared loudly, much like a wounded wild wolf.

As this roar sounded, a portion of green-colored flame that was even more frightening than before suddenly swept from within the cave. Anything in front of this overbearing green-colored flame was incinerated into liquid.

“Something has indeed gone wrong…” Hearing the roar that contained pain, Yao Lao’s face immediately became extremely ugly. He cursed softly as the thick white-colored ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ covered his body. After which, he forcefully passed through the green-colored flame and in a lightning like manner, rushed into the mountain cave which had already been destroyed until it was a complete mess.

After landing, Yao Lao’s gaze hurriedly swept across the inside of the mountain cave. His eyes finally shrunk as it stopped at the young man’s body whose legs were kneeling on the ground and his head lowered. His fist were being repeatedly used to smash against the rock surface.

Over half of the clothes on the current Xiao Yan was incinerated. Perhaps due to his skin being strengthened significantly but Xiao Yan had only received some small injuries despite having many blood scars all over him.

Seeming to have sensed Yao Lao entering, Xiao Yan lifted his head with much difficulty. His face which was originally filled with energy had almost completely turned pale. His twisted face appeared extremely terrifying. An eye-piercing bloodstain surfaced at the corner of his mouth. Between his clenched teeth, threads of fresh blood seeped out. The tough and hard rock under him already had spider web like crack lines that were formed from the smashing of his fists.

Yao Lao’s gaze swiftly swept across Xiao Yan’s face which was twisted because he was bearing an intense pain. The dry skin on Yao Lao’s face twitched slightly. It was difficult to imagine what kind of terrible and intense pain Xiao Yan was enduring was in order to turn Xiao Yan, who had outstanding self-control and endurance, into this state…

“Give up this damn thing!” Seeing Xiao Yan’s increasingly pale face, Yao Lao’s heart trembled as he quickly shouted. He did not expect that the digesting of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ using ‘Flame Mantra’ would cause this kind of torment that could make one crazy.

“No… no problem… I, I can still withstand it!” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared angrily while he clenched his teeth tightly. Those vague words that were emitted from the gaps between his clenched teeth. His fist once again violently smashed against the rock surface. Immediately, the enormous rock burst apart with a bang.

Xiao Yan’s blood covered fist was trembling as his palm tightly fastened onto the edge of a piece of rock. The slightly sharp edge of the rock cut a hole on Xiao Yan’s palm. Fresh blood flowed out from his hand and dyed the rock into an eye-piercingly bright red color.

“I said that it is enough!”

Eyeing Xiao Yan’s blood drenched palm, Yao Lao’s face was slightly angry. He shouted furiously and his feet stomped heavily onto the ground. Instantly, his body shot abruptly toward Xiao Yan.


Just as Yao Lao was rushing towards Xiao Yan, the latter's body, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly trembled. A green-colored flame from within his body surged out and was shot in all directions. After which, it spiraled towards Yao Lao, using its huge numbers to block Yao Lao.


When the green-colored flame surged out, those wisps of flames seemed to have charged its way out from all of Xiao Yan’s pores. The intense pain caused by his muscles, bone and cells being incinerated caused Xiao Yan to grab his head and violently knock it against the rock by his side. Luckily, the green-colored flame protected Xiao Yan’s body despite bringing him a pain that was unmatchable. Otherwise, Xiao Yan might have fainted and died from the impact on his head.

More and more green-colored flame spurt out from Xiao Yan’s pores. At the end, Xiao Yan actually became something like a living flame-thrower. At a glance, it would have caused others to be struck with terror.

“The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’s’ energy is really far too strong. With just Xiao Yan’s Dou Shi strength, it is impossible for him to successfully digest it. I must suppress it. Dammit. The only thing I can use now is my ‘Heavenly Flame’. But using it to save him is equivalent to adding fuel to the fire!” Yao Lao’s experienced gaze swept across Xiao Yan’s situation and immediately understood the source of the problem. However, even if he knew the crux of the problem, he did not have any means to solve it. At the moment, he could only circle around anxiously.

However, just as Yao Lao was somewhat helpless, a soft cry suddenly sounded from within the mountain cave.

As the cry fell, a seven-colored figure suddenly shot out of Xiao Yan’s sleeve. Its pale-purple eyes stared at the green-colored flame on Xiao Yan’s body. Instantly, an unknown glow in its eyes soared.

The Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python swiftly circled around Xiao Yan. After which, it could not wait any longer and opened its mouth. A terrifying suction force instantly surged in…

With the suction force, the green-colored flame that was shrouding Xiao Yan’s body was immediately and swiftly pulled into the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’s stomach…

As more and more green-colored flame was swallowed by the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, the green-colored flame on Xiao Yan’s body also gradually decreased. After a while, the last wisp of green-colored flame had finally and completely left his body…

After the last wisp of green-colored flame left his body, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly shook intensely. His entire body immediately collapsed weakly, lying on the ice-cold rock surface. Xiao Yan lifted his head to eye the extremely excited small seven-colored snake that was circling up and down. The corner of his mouth slowly overflowed with a shallow smile as his eyelids trembled slightly. After some time, his gaze finally became completely dark...

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