Chapter 233: Evolving the Qi Method

Chapter 233: Evolving the Qi Method

Within the mountain cave, Yao Lao smiled slightly when he saw Xiao Yan who was so excited that he had forgot himself. He did not open his mouth to stop him. After searching with great pains for a few years, Xiao Yan had finally obtained what he wanted today. It would be good to let him express his feelings.

The high pitched unrestrained laughter continued for a long time in the mountain cave before it gradually died down.

With the corner of his mouth still carrying a smile, Xiao Yan lowered his head to watch the green-colored flame that was slowly writhing in his repeatedly opening and closing palm. Due to him having completely refined the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, the current flame did not cause Xiao Yan to feel unwell or extremely hot. Moreover, as long as he were to undergo a prolonged practice with the flame, Xiao Yan believed that he would sooner or later be able to reach Yao Lao’s level of perfect control over the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’.

The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ was like a naughty spirit that danced on the tip of Xiao Yan’s finger. Occasionally, the flame seedlings that managed to escape into the air would immediately display the terrifying power that belonged to them. The air half a foot from his palm was actually directly burnt by the hot temperature until it was distorted. Waves of hot air rose in the air, causing Xiao Yan’s vision to gradually turn blurry.

Xiao Yan tightly held his fist that was covered by the green-colored flame and sighed gently. His body was quiet for an instant before his feet suddenly stepped off the green lotus. Like an arrow that was released from a bow, his body swiftly shot toward the mountain wall. Accompanied by a hot breeze, his fist violently smashed the wall.


When his fist barely touched the tough mountain rock, the high temperature of the green-colored flame immediately melted the mountain rock until a hole appeared. His fist moved along the hole and violently smashed into the inside of the mountain rock. Instantly, a muffled noise sounded from within and strips of crack lines swiftly spread from that hole. In only a moment, it had spread all over the mountain wall.

“Hu…”Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a breath of air. He eyed this mountain wall that was about to be broken into pieces. A surprise surfaced on his face as he parted his mouth to laugh, withdrew his fist and stepped back.

The instant when Xiao Yan stepped back, that mountain wall which had already been completely covered by crack lines immediately collapsed with a banging sound and rock pieces were scattered everywhere.

Waving his hand carelessly to release a breeze, Xiao Yan blew away the dust that was headed toward him. He then eyed the mountain wall which had already become a pile of broken rocks, bent his neck and laughed with some surprise, “Not bad. My body’s strength and speed is much better than what it was before. If it was before, the strike I just released is comparable to my uses of the ‘Octane Blast’ from before.”

“The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ is indeed exceptional…” Xiao Yan let out a few praises as he randomly waved his hand. The green-colored flame covering it slowly began to withdraw. After he kept the green-colored flame on his hand, Xiao Yan briefly checked the inside of his body. He immediately frowned slightly and said in a soft and helpless voice, “As expected. This ‘Heavenly Flame’ also consumes a lot of Dou Qi quickly. After only using it for this short period of time, I have exhausted around ten percent of my Dou Qi. Had I not raise my strength by two stars just now, I’m afraid that the consumption might have been even greater.”

“Ha ha, your current strength is too weak and you don’t possess the ability to completely display the ‘Heavenly Flame’s’ strength. Moreover, the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method is currently only the Middle Huang Class. With the upper limit of Dou Qi from this kind of Qi Method, naturally you cannot allow the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to randomly squander Dou Qi.” Yao Lao said with a smile.

“Oh yes… the Qi Method!” Hearing Yao Lao’s words, Xiao Yan’s eyes immediately widened. This was the most important step, yet he had almost forgotten about it after letting himself revel in unrestrained joy from refining the ‘Heavenly Flame’.

“Don’t rush. Now that you have completely refined the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, swallowing it to evolve your Qi Method is only a matter of time. The amount of work you have done today is already large enough. Rest for a day first… Something like swallowing the ‘Heavenly Flame’ stresses on maintaining the equilibrium in your body. If you are in too much of a hurry, it might have a backlash.” Yao Lao shook his head and dissuaded him.

“Uh… alright.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was at a loss. When he saw Yao Lao’s serious expression, he could only helplessly nod his head despite the unwillingness in his heart.

“We will start late at night tomorrow. That is the time of day when the temperature is the lowest. Although this will only give you a tiny bit of help with your attempt of digesting the ‘Heavenly Flame’, we cannot abandon it. This tiny little increase in your chances of success may end up determining whether the evolution will succeed.” Yao Lao gravely pronounced.

“Ok, We will start late in the night tomorrow…” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had agreed, Yao Lao also let out a sigh of relief. His body shook slightly, transforming into a flowing light that entered into the ring. As he did so, he left a faint laughter that reverberated in the cave, “Since it’s like this, you’ll be responsible for yourself until then. I will come out again tomorrow.”

Nodding his head, Xiao Yan gently rubbed the black-colored ring on his finger. He laughed softly and waved his hand to store the green lotus into the storage ring. After which, his toes pressed on the rock wall and his body gently floated out of the mountain cave like a free floating dandylion.

One day slowly passed by with Xiao Yan’s mood being extremely eager. When the second day’s night sky gradually covered the land, Xiao Yan, who was seated cross legged on a protruding rock on the mountain peak, began to slowly open his eyes. He extended his hand and sensed the air between the sky and the land gradually turning cold. Immediately, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

Standing up, Xiao Yan raised his head to eye the dark sky. Perhaps it was because a storm was imminent but a pressing force was covering the space between the land and the sky.

After observing the weather, Xiao Yan’s toes pressed on the rock surface and his body briskly leapt toward a mountain cave below. He walked into the middle of the cave and slowly sat with his legs crossed.

Seeming to have sensed the weather outside, Yao Lao once again floated out from within the ring at this moment. He extended his hand and made a few imaginary grabs. He quickly nodded his head and softly said, “Not bad. Perhaps it is because of the weather but the heat in the air has now been suppressed to its lowest level. These are the most suitable climatic conditions to digest the ‘Heavenly Flame’ in.”

“Shall we start now?” Xiao Yan anxiously rubbed his hands together as he raised his head to ask.

“Wait a little longer. Midnight is the time within the day where the cold air is most dense. We will start then!” Yao Lao shook his head, floated to the cave entrance to look at the dark night sky as he said.

Xiao Yan nodded his head and did not open his mouth again. He sat cross-legged on the huge rock and his eyes gradually closed as he began to calm his excited heart which was beating continuously.

In the black sky, a gentle breeze carrying some cool air blew past, causing waves of ‘hua hua’ noises to sound in the mountain forest. Within the heavy black clouds, the muffled sound of thunder suddenly roared and reverberated throughout the mountain forest. Not long after the thunder roared, an enormous silver-colored bolt of lightning suddenly passed through the clouds. The bright silver-colored glow appeared to have split the sky and the land, instantly lighting up the dark black mountain forest.

Standing by the side of the mountain cave, Yao Lao eyed the sky where the lightning suddenly flashed and the thunder rumbled. He extended his hand and raindrops the size of beans came spilling down, emitting crackling sound as they fell. In an instant, the ‘pa pa’ sound of raindrops smashing against tree leaves resounded throughout the entire mountain forest.


A wave of cold wind blew toward Yao Lao. He slowly exhaled, tilted his head and faced the young man in the mountain cave before whispering.

Hearing this, the closed eyed Xiao Yan opened his eyes and swept his gaze toward the mountain forest outside that had become lit up from the glow of a lightning bolt flashing across the sky. He took in a deep breath and nodded his head seriously.

“I hope you will succeed. I cannot give you any help during the process of the digesting of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ and evolving the Qi Method. Therefore, you can only rely on yourself…” Yao Lao placed his hands on his back and lifted his head to watch the silver snake like lightning in the sky. He was quiet for a long while before his deep voice accompanied by waves of thunder drifted within the mountain cave, “Here, I want to say something… you may have swallowed the ‘Purple Flame’ and successfully evolved the Qi Method once but according to the scroll, only by repeatedly swallowing the ‘Heavenly Flame’ will it be possible to evolve the Qi Method to a really high class. However, whether a destructive object like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ can really be consumed by someone… There are not many people in this Dou Qi continent who can guide you, including me…”

“You are the only one who practices ‘Flame Mantra’. Thus, you must be the one who measures whether or not it possesses the potential and the qualifications to become a Tian Class Qi Method.” While he said what he said up to this point, Yao Lao’s eyebrows had been tightly pressed together. A long while later, he said blandly, “If the evolution were to fail, then this ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method may indeed really have some problems. When that time comes… Give up this Qi Method . The ‘Flame Mantra’ without it’s evolving ability is at most of similar worth to a scroll of a Xuan Class Qi Method.”

Xiao Yan lowered his head slightly. No one could clearly see his expression but the fists under his sleeves were tightly clenched.

“Bang!” A thunderbolt flashed across the skyline and its rumbling thunder reverberated through the mountain forest.

When the thunder roared, Xiao Yan’s body trembled slightly. He gradually lifted his head and eyed the old back standing by the entrance of the mountain cave. After a few years of accompanying him like a shadow, Yao Lao’s figure seemed to have become increasingly hunched.

Eyeing the old man whose body appeared extremely small and thin under the lightning, Xiao Yan suddenly laughed softly. The warm sound echoed within the interior of the cave.

“Ke ke, Teacher, we have already reached this step so why are you saying these disheartening words? Even if the evolution of the Qi Method were to fail this time around, I think that I may not give it up. You have said before that the Qi Method is the essential item for me to step to the peak of the strong. Moreover… teacher, your body requires the flame created from the evolution of ‘Flame Mantra’ to be created. If I were to give up practicing ‘Flame Mantra’, then it is equivalent to giving up your hope of reviving…”

The warm laughter behind him caused Yao Lao’s body to suddenly tense up. He inhaled a few deep breath and slowly turned his head. Under the reflection of the silver-colored lightning, his muddy old eyes were both vaguely touched and pleased.

“Since you are so persistent, then… My good disciple, set your mind at ease and practice. I believe that you will succeed…” Yao Lao’s palm wiped the corner of his eyes and smiled. After which, he lifted his hand and watched the endless dark black sky. He was quiet for a moment before he muttered softly, “Moreover, even if this Qi Method really cannot swallow the ‘Heavenly Flame’, Teacher will think of every possible method to let you become a strong person standing at the peak…”

A shrivelled hand lightly hit against the side of the entrance after Yao Lao had exited the cave. A crack line spread out from it and a huge rock suddenly and immediately smashed down. In an instant, it completely blocked the entrance to the cave.

After tilting his head to glance at the completely blocked cave entrance, Yao Lao’s body floated onto a mountain rock nearby. He allowed the raindrops to pass through his illusionary body and quietly stood under the silver snakes that filled the sky, waiting for the young man to succeed.

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