Chapter 232: Xiao Yan’s First Origin Heavenly Flame: Green Lotus Core Flame!

Chapter 232: Xiao Yan’s First Origin Heavenly Flame: Green Lotus Core Flame!

In the spacious mountain cave, Yao Lao was suspended in midair as he eyed the green-colored flame light cover. His finger gently tapped into space as he waited. A moment later, he pressed his eyebrows slightly together and softly asked, “Why does he need so much time? Don’t tell me a problem occurred?”

After waiting for a while longer, Yao Lao deepened his frowned when he saw that the green-colored flame light cover still did not possess any intention of disappearing. He mused for a moment before deciding to forcefully break the green-colored light cover.

Just as Yao Lao was about to act, wave after wave of energy ripples suddenly and swiftly surfaced from the surface of the green-colored light cover which had been quiet. Following closely behind it, a powerful Qi suddenly spread out from the interior of the flame light cover.

Sensing this breath, Yao Lao was slightly startled. He was a little stunned as he reasoned, “This Qi, why has it suddenly become much stronger than before? Although refining the ‘Heavenly Flame’ can raise one’s fighting strength, it does not possess the ability to raise one’s level…” Yao Lao was at a loss as he shook his head. He sighed gently and whispered, “Although it is a little strange, fortunately, the refining of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ seems to have succeeded.”

Smiling gently, Yao Lao shifted his gaze towards the green-colored flame cover where the waves of ripples had appeared on the surface. His hands were inserted into his sleeves as he waited quietly.

On the surface of the round light cover, threads of cracks were eventually and abruptly formed following the increasing intensity of the energy ripple oscillation. The crack lines slowly spread open. Finally, the entire light cover was covered within those lines. At a glance, it was like a green-colored chicken egg that was covered with cracks about to hatch.

“Ka Cha…” A clear noise quietly reverberated throughout the inside of the mountain cave. A piece of energy sheet on the green-colored light cover suddenly fell, landing on a rock. The high temperature that it possessed immediately melted a small indent into the rock.

“Ka… Ka…”

After the first energy fragment fell, the green-colored energy light cover suddenly began to tremble intensely. The trembling progressed for a moment and finally, the green-colored light cover blast opened with a ‘bang’.

Following this loud banging sound, countless amounts of tiny energy fragments shot out in all directions. Immediately, an uncountable number of small melted holes were formed on the surrounding mountain cave.

Suspended in midair, Yao Lao narrowed his old eyes. Any energy fragment that shot in his direction would be turned into a wisp of green smoke when it arrived anywhere within half a foot radius of his body and did not cause him any harm.

The bursting of the energy fragments in all directions within the cave continued for quite a while before they gradually began to completely disappear.

As the energy fragments that were shot out disappeared, a pale-green glow slowly rose from the spot where the fragments burst from. A perfect green-colored lotus seat gradually rose and finally stopped, suspended at a spot level to where Yao Lao was.

On the green-colored lotus seat, the completely naked young man was seated cross legged. His tight eyebrows shook slightly. A moment later, he slowly opened his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s black eyes that were like ink were shrouded by a faint green-colored flame. A while later, the flame suddenly surged and actually covered his entire eyes. In a moment, Xiao Yan’s eyes were of a green color, with a faint demon like feeling to them.

The green-colored flame in Xiao Yan’s eyes did not last for very long before it gradually retreated. When the green flame completely disappeared, his eyes once again returned to their dark color. However, his eyes appeared much clearer compared to before. Evidently, Xiao Yan’s eyes seemed to have obtained a secret benefit from being calcined by the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.

After opening his eyes, Xiao Yan stretched his neck slightly. An extremely smooth bone popping sound was instantly created from the rubbing of the bone. Hearing this clear sound, Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath and his face with filled with comfort and intoxication.

Lowering his head, a helpless expression appeared on XiaoYyan’s face as he eyed the white skin on his body. The healthy looking bronze skin that he took much effort in forming had once again returned to its original form.

“Little boy, do you think it is very interesting to be naked in front of me?” Eyeing Xiao Yan who was repeatedly weighing the changes all over his body, Yao Lao rolled his eyes and teasingly laughed.

“Uh…” Xiao Yan hurriedly recovered his mind after being reminded by Yao Lao. He looked at his totally naked body and smiled with embarrassment before he hurriedly took out a set of clothes from within the storage ring and scrambled to put it on.

“It looks like… you appear to have become much stronger? It feels as if you had been born again.” After circling Xiao Yan’s twice, Yao Lao saw that Xiao Yan did not have any scars on his body and involuntarily said in an astonished manner, “You have recovered from all your injuries?”

“Yes…” Xiao Yan put on his clothes properly and stood on the green lotus seat. He tightly gripped his hand and threw a few punches which were accompanied by a vigorous wind. He replied with a smile,“I have an incredibly good feeling that I have never felt before.”

“Use all your effort to release your Qi, Let me sense how many stars you have reached now.” Yao Lao voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Yan nodded his head. He tensed his body and a moment later, a Qi that was a few times stronger than before suddenly surged from his body.

“What…?” After narrowing his eyes and sensing the Qi that Xiao Yan had emitted, Yao Lao twitched his eyebrows in shock. He said in a surprised voice, “Strange… Sensing this Qi of yours, it seems like your body’s strength should have at least reached the level of a four star Dou Shi. What did you do?”

“Four star Dou Shi?” Hearing Yao Lao’s words, Xiao Yan was also at a loss. A joy immediately rushed up onto his face. It was really unexpected that refining the ‘Heavenly Flame’ would have such a benefit. With his training speed, jumping from a two star Dou Shi to a four star Dou Shi should require at least three to four months. But now, this ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ had given him this additional surprise.

Xiao Yan rubbed his hands together and parted his mouth to laugh. After which, he spoke in detail about his unconscious state and some of the actions of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.

“Tsk tsk… so it was like that. What a lucky guy…” After he heard what Xiao Yan had to say, Yao Lao’s face was completely dumbfounded. It was a long while later before he clicked his tongue and emitted his startled voice.

This kind of good fortune was something that was definitely very seldom seen. Forgetting about all the list of good things that were brought about by the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to the body, just the part where the foolish fellow ran to the side of the Acceptance Spirit and hung around had caused Yao Lao to sigh at Xiao Yan’s good luck.

This last step was originally the most important and difficult part of the refining process but actually completed without posing the slightest danger to Xiao Yan. All he did was merely use his mind to violently knock at the flame. Besides feeling an intense pain in his head as a result, he did not pay any other price. This kind of unequal comparison between the benefit he reaped and the price he paid was the part where Yao Lao felt unsure if he should laugh or cry.

Back then, in order to chase the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ into the Acceptance Spirit, he had paid an incomprehensible large price. Was it not for a little luck at the end, he might have been turned into ashes by the ‘Heavenly Flame’ at this last step.

“Doesn’t my level automatically rise because of the refining of the ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Seeing Yao Lao’s startled manner which was almost to the point of a somewhat disbelieving manner, Xiao Yan rubbed his head and asked in a stunned voice.

“Dream on…” Yao Lao gave Xiao Yan a look of disdain. When he saw the latter’s innocent expression, he could only sigh quietly, reminding himself that if people were to compare with each other, they would die of anger and jealousy. Yao Lao then curled his lips and said, “The benefits brought about by refining a ‘Heavenly Flame’ is a long term and tacit one. In the future, as one’s control over it become increasingly practiced, the benefit one would get would become greater… In other words, during the short period of time after you just refined it, your strength would not show any strange signs of suddenly rising sharply just because you swallowed the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Therefore, in the short term, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ would not directly raise your strength. A situation that is similar to yours would be considered extremely lucky. It’s a pity though. If your strength was now that of a Dou Ling or a Dou Wang and your strength was to fiercely increase by a few stars, you would have really hit the jackpot…”

“Hehe, this is enough. I am already very satisfied that I have soared to this extent. If it goes any higher, my body may not be able to adapt to the increase of strength. After all, if one did not gain step by step, the stairs later would not be too steady. It might be possible that one day I would suddenly fall from it. That kind of decline is something that would cause people to have difficulty accepting.” Xiao Yan said with a grin. The satisfaction on his face was not something that was faked.

“Hei, little boy actually knows when enough is enough. Not bad.” Hearing this, Yao Lao raised his eyebrows and laughed in a surprised voice. Clearly, he was a little surprise by Xiao Yan’s words. After all, raising one’s strength by a large degree was something that many people dreamed about.

“It is merely the truth.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and said with another smile.

“Ke ke, alright. Try using your Origin Flame Seed. This is your first ‘Heavenly Flame’...” Yao Lao also smiled and nodded. He was somewhat curious.

“Okay .” Hearing Yao Lao’s suggestion, an excitement and curiosity that was difficult to hide surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. He rubbed his hands together before slowly extending his right hand. After which, he gradually closed his eyes. His mind quickly flashed through the interior of his body and sent out an order.

After the order had been sent out, the interior of his body instantly had a response. From the middle of the Dou Qi vortex, the grey-colored tiny light spot shook. It was quiet for an instant before a wisp of green-colored flame suddenly surged out.

The green-colored flame passed through the vortex and flowed quickly along the Qi Paths inside his body. In the blink of an eye, it had entered into the Qi Paths in his arm.

Within the interior of the mountain cave, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them. A pale-green-colored flame once again flashed through his eyes. His fist was suddenly unclenched and his palm faced upwards. An excitement appeared on his face as he called softly, “‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, appear!”

As Xiao Yan’s cry fell, his right palm trembled slightly. Following closely, the raging green-colored flame instantly rose and swiftly wrapped around his palm.

In the mountain cave, the young man stood on the green lotus suspended in the air. A demonic like green-colored flame rose from his slightly opened hand. This scene faintly had a shocking visual feel to it.

A shallow angle surfaced on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as his eyes stared intently at the green-colored flame on his palm. A moment later, the angle gradually became wider. A soft chuckle was emitted from his throat. After a while longer, the soft laughter had finally and completely transformed into an unrestrained loud bawl.

“Ha ha. I, Xiao Yan, finally have a ‘Heavenly Flame’! Ha ha!”

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