Chapter 230: Success

Chapter 230: Success

Xiao Yan’s mind dragged the wisp of green-colored flame and slowly circulated it. At the places where the flame passed through, the ice layer coagulated from the ‘Icy Spirit Cold Fountain’ continued to melt.

As he carefully dragged this tiny wisp of green-colored flame and circulated it through some of his Qi Paths, other green-colored flames were also gradually attracted to this companion of theirs. With the help from the attraction force between the green-colored flames, the divided wisps of green flame in his body began to slowly merge together as Xiao Yan continued to control this one wisp of ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ as he circulated it through his Qi Paths.

When the last wisp of green-colored flame was gathered together through Xiao Yan’s hard work, the green-colored flames gradually merged. A moment later, it coagulated into a tiny green-colored lava.

Eyeing this green-colored lava that had once again appeared, Xiao Yan forcefully withstood the twitching pain that was emitted from within his body. He clenched his teeth and dragged it to continue circulating through his Qi Paths.

The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ after being merged together had undoubtedly become more violent and terrifying. When the green-colored lava...

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