Chapter 229: Heavenly Flame Forging the Body

Chapter 229: Heavenly Flame Forging the Body

Following the withdrawal of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ flame seed, the enormous green-colored flame in front of Xiao Yan immediately began to gradually shrink. A while later, it turned into wisps of tiny green-colored flames and entered into the green-colored lava within Xiao Yan’s hand.

“This is the Origin Flame Seed of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. Don’t look down on its size. When it was initially formed, it would have been the massive size of half a mountain peak. However, after thousands of years of being honed by the earth, its size has become increasingly small. Only after its size has been compressed to the size of one’s palm would it be able to form a little flame spirit. Only at that moment can it truly be called a ‘Heavenly Flame!’.”

“This thumb-size strip of lava has absorbed terrifying energy for over the thousands of years it was being compressed... You can just imagine... if such a thing were to completely explode, how extreme of a destruction would released... Bluntly putting it, at such a time, even a Dou Zhong would only have one absolute end when faced with this spontaneously combusting energy…” Yao Lao stared at the green-colored lava in Xiao Yan’s palm that was like...

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